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Trump Leads the Religious Right to the Promised Land


Trump Leads the Religious Right to the Promised Land

Adele Stan

It’s been a heady two weeks for right-wing Christian evangelicals. Never before has a president of the United States — not Reagan or either of the Bushes — delivered so much of their agenda in such short order as Donald Trump has just done. He capped off his string of early valentines to the religious right with the announcement of a Supreme Court nominee who is poised to revoke the rights of women, further tear down the “wall” between church and state and open wider the doors for big monied interests to buy the political system they want.


Trump is praying he gets some good real estate deals when Ben Carson throws the poor and disabled out of the HUD housing and Betsy DeVos steals the public schools.



"After the election, commentators puzzled over the 81 percent of white evangelical voters who cast their ballots for Trump, despite ample evidence of his questionable, decidedly unchristian business practices and cheating of workers and contractors. Not even the scandal of his Trump University grift kept them away from him.

The attraction is now apparent: power."


81 % - stunning !

Noam Chomsky has contemplated the distinct possibility of a return to the Dark Ages.

The picture at the top of this article fills me with dread.

I have never found one tenet in any religion, anywhere, which is not obvious to a well-rounded individual who can actually think for himself.

This looks bad.

On the other hand - the line in the sand is becoming ever more clearly visible.

                     "Man will not be free until the last King is strangled
                      with the entrails of the last Priest."



Thanks for the Diderot quote.

Most organized religions prioritize power over morality.

The GOP and their religious affiliates couldn't care less about immigrants, abortion, or any of the other wedge issues that give their base the daily ration of raw meat they need to stay loyal.

The wealthy have always been able to do all the immigrating they want and get all the abortions they want, irresepctive of what the laws dictate. The laws they make are power grabs to control people.


And that is the silver lining (no pun intended). Now, will the U.S. public realize this and act before it is too late? The clock is ticking.


Although he frequently chastised "lying Ted (Cruz) and crooked Hillary" during the primaries, Trump has turned out to be at least ten times the liar Cruz ever was and many times more crooked than the entire Clinton family.

Many pundits expressed concern that Cruz would likely be a theocratic POTUS with Trump less likely to pose that risk. Trump's early actions and appointees confirm that he is no less a theocrat than Cruz, and by taking on Pence assures that if there is a need for Pence to take over as POTUS, those appointees will be led by a radical Christian ayatollah, more extreme than Cruz would have been.


Trump is also backing off his anti-NATO promises:


So the safety of the world is rapidly spinning out of control. Obama/Clinton as SOS, got the war machine rolling thousands of German Tanks headed for Moscow, and now the momentum can't be stopped. Obama's One Trillion dollar nuke bomb order cannot be undone; the nuke mob won't allow it.

The whole Mid East will likely be uninhabitable in ten years; massive heat waves now in Austrailia and Chile and Florida mean deserts are going to fry if the runaway thermal situation continues.




So how does these "safe zones" fit into Trump wanting to calm ties with Russia or is he back tracking on that as well?



It sounds really bad to me; more Global-Cop crap. We had "Green Zones", in Bagdad, "Free-Fire Zones" in Vietnam, and 2 "No Fly Zones" over Iraq. It really means everyone is staring at helicopters and machine guns, and no one is safe. It usually ends in Genocidal 19-year-old storm-troopers and PTSD and one-legged veterans and bankrupt citizens who have to pay for it all.

I think Trump is caving to his War-Hawk Generals he put in the Cabinet. His insane ambassador to the UN sounded more crazy and bloodthirsty than even John "Hothead" Bolton used to be; demonizing Russia and demanding world action against Putin.

Maybe it's all a way to cope with bad press against Trump, saying he and Putin are too chummy?

I don't know, but I don't like the sound of it.


Prepare for "The Inquisition 2.0: Made in America"


Yep. And here's another for the man of peace (https://apnews.com/9a5a5fbbb2ba45b2b9316e1734ec22eb):

"According to one U.S. official, national security aides have sought information about Polish incursions in Belarus, an eyebrow-raising request because little evidence of such activities appears to exist. Poland is among the Eastern European nations worried about Trump's friendlier tone on Russia."

Just part of the increase-the-peace with good-guy Putin mojo.


March for Life leader Jeanne Mancini served up this nugget: “Did you know that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was adopted? Can you imagine how different our lives would be if we didn’t have our iPhones?

Damn right, I would have to switch to an Android.

If Jesus were born again today, he would likely be hoping someone would adopt him, just so he could have a different last name.



Yes, it is pretty bad when the 'silver lining' is a line in the sand.

I think though that the situation must - absolutely must - be brought to a head more or less immediately. Time is not on our side, as climate change & the natural world threaten all of us with 'runaway', point of no return destabilisation.

As for the US public - indeed - for the wider world public - here is an article (long), which I just read a few minutes ago.

It is very thoughtful - and touches on many topics, mostly the human psyche:


Right evangelical voters supporting Trump - an unrecognizable claim of Christianity for both.
Jesus had so much to say about abortion, evolution, climate change, . . . didn't he?
What he did say makes it very clear Trump would not be his pick for a Christian leader.


I think Neil Gorsuch, President Trumps nominee for the Supreme Court, is in favor of SINGLE PAYER HEALTH coverage. Corporations like Hobby Lobby would not have to worry about birth control or other issue that conflict with their religious beliefs. I too, am in favor of SINGLE PAYER HEALTH coverage. Why should a business be responsible for health coverage? The United States would be much more creative if people did not stay at a job for health coverage reason.


Not helped by how the democrats pretty much set a situation for failure of his plans of getting more chummy with Putin. With the Dems blaming Russia for "hacking" the election for Trump, him being not as war-hawkish with Putin equates with some as that Trump is a Russian spy or plant. And yes maybe a world leader shouldn't be too chummy with another but basically this forces the thin skinned Trump to resume the calls of war against Russia to save his orange skin.


Thanks for sharing.


It makes me wonder if the Founding Fathers had nothing to do with founding the USA.

Rather, the foundation that the USA truly seems to rest on is the Salem Witch Trials. Never forget that the Pilgrim Fathers left England for the north American colonies because they were not permitted to impose their miserable puritannical church on the English.


Trump is a so-called president in a Monty Python comedy, but whenever I look around and think, I stop laughing; what a horrible reality show.