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Trump: Letting Big Corporations Get Away with Whatever They Want

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/16/trump-letting-big-corporations-get-away-whatever-they-want

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“Why won’t more voters realize that Trump has contempt for them ?”

At some point in time those voters joined the GOP cult. Trump leading the birther movement from 2009 on recruited millions to the cult. Joining a cult and ongoing cult membership is motivated by emotions, not logic, hence few cult members ever leave a cult.

The GOP knows that in the present circumstance they will not be able to recruit many additional cult members. They will therefore need to apply as many voter suppression and other system gaming tactics as possible to solidify Trump’s dictatorship.


Karma will take these assholes down to where they came from. All of their smirks and insidious grins will forever be wiped off their faces when Karma strikes it’s mighty blow! Just ask Earl ( My name is Earl), better start making that list. Vote 'em out! Peace

Don is hardly the first Oval Office occupant to do this. It is, in fact, a textbook example of Congressional “business as usual.” We could remove the corporation itself from the political equation - just like that.
But we’d rather not.


Good summary. I’d just point out that about 2/3rds of white males ( who bothered ) and about 1/2 of white females ( who bothered ) voted for Trump’s in-your-face agenda. They weren’t tricked, they were self-actualizing.
Also, the cult has a strong foundation to lend it support and to encourage more cult growing. The foundation is older than the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, too. Hence, the above the law basis, for its righteousness.
And no, it’s not The Royal Family of Great Britain.


On the other hand, they may think they’re sitting pretty:


Trump Job Approval:

Approve 49%
Disapprove 48%

Gallup 5/1-13

Daily reconfirmation that Trump’s 2016 campaign mantra “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and not lose a single vote” is the understatement of the century.

Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate Senate have blood on their hands for tens of thousands of needless COVID-19 deaths and Trump’s approval rating has not dropped.

I concur that for at least four decades a majority of the GOP cult has never believed GOP lies, a dynamic that has not changed under Trump. GOP cult members simply take great pride that with each passing year their cult has been able to get away with ever more egregious lies, a formula that has never failed them.


Looking at the picture in this story, when it comes to what trump thinks of the 99%, he’s holding out the wrong finger.

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Beyond “Take whatever you can …” there is little thinking on the part of Donny. That thought has gotten him to wherever he wanted in this life. It leads by nature to inequality, violence, and death. Hiding it under the mantle of “the Christian Ethic” is a massive, masterful and magical deception.

It is hardly a principle to have any community or nation to live by.


Cult is correct. A deep dive into the Mother Cult of crooked banking is in War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank

It’s simple - human beings are fallible and at times, incredibly stupid. We also have no opposition party to the Republicans at this time.

It will probably take a revolution, unless we can convince enough Americans to participate in a general strike and stop lazily shopping at the corrupting corporations like Amazon.


Ray (and Ralph), it’s not just the GOP (nor only the Corporations Ralph)!

Unfortunately, our seminal and meta-causal metastasizing cancer is not limited to the GOP, nor only to the Corporations — in the vain of a phrase used by Slick Willie Clinton; “It’s the EMPIRE, stupid”.

The Democrats could win in a landslide if they just ran on a campaign platform of simply “Democracy Over Empire”, but that’s not what they want — they want to dominate as the controlling party of the Empire — rather than a people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social(ist) Revolution Against Empire”.

Sure the GOP is awful — and so is voting 10 times for a “least worst candidate” of either corrupt Vichy party.

Likewise, the crony capitalist Corporations are awful — but so is the whole underLYING Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE, within which Empire the corporations can rape and pillage.

Let’s getr serious, ‘folks’, the GOP and Corporations are both awful, but they are all just segments of a Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE which is the hidden and undiagnosed cancerous tumor of this effin EMPIRE.

No sane and informed American voter should ever vote for any politician of either party who doesn’t have the courage to come-out overtly as being “Against Empire” — and while Emperor Trump can and did brag that he could “shot someone in the head on 5th Avenue without losing any voters” — if this effin Emperor Trump ever said, “I can could admit to being an Emperor, and running America as an EMPIRE” he would be politically stone-cold dead in a ‘New York minute’.

Americans simply Calling Trump out as “acting like an Emperor” would END this arse-hole faster than shooting himself in the head on 5th Ave.!