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Trump Lied to Heartland Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/24/trump-lied-heartland-workers

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Let’s all do our part to part with Trump. I think the key is to make sure that the youth get to the polls. It is not a habit with them, so they need to be reminded that they have the most on the line. Apathy is poison at this point in time.


Sadly, we’ll never see such testimonials in corporate media.


Yeah Chuckie, Trump lied, who knew? Well anyone who had done a small amount homework before the 2016 election, that’s who. It’s not like Trump came out from under a rock at the start of his campaign, he’s been a liar and grifter his entire life, with many examples on public display.
I feel your financial pain Chuckie, I really do, and I hope moving forward you and your fellow ex-workers will consider joining a peoples party, to overcome our corporate party with two heads, that only serves the 1%, to restore some sanity to this country and start to fight the serious problems we face as a society.
Oh, one more thing, if Sanders is still around in 2024, don’t fall for his political BS either.

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A 3rd party is not going to get anywhere or achieve much without ranked choice voting (RCV), so RCV needs to come first. The absence of enough support to get primary candidates of one or both of the major parties to pledge support for RCV (as long as that remains the case) tells you there is not enough support for a third party to win. Until there is that support we’ll remain stuck. So, where the focus should lay is clear.

RCV (or some equivalent - when voting for a nascent 3rd party cannot be a wasted vote) offers the only escape from the oligarchic corporate control of the duopoly.

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There’s no reason for the defeatism thinking, the present “parties” will never allow RCV for the very reasons you bring up, they know it would be the death of them. But here’s the thing, each party holds about 30% of their voters as their “base”, that leaves about 40% of independents. That’s already a majority, then add the base voters who will leave their parties for a platform that includes, a GND, Legal weed, EIM4A, and a $15 min. wage. These issues will draw a large majority, because the citizens want them and neither party is offering any of them. Think about the first televised talk Sanders did this cycle, on a Fox network, in a conservative area in PA. When he asked who would vote for EIM4A, 3/4 of the studio threw their hands up, even though most identified as R’s.

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No doubt the establishment of both parties would oppose RCV. It would be necessary to primary those opposed. Maine has adopted RCV for all state and federal primary elections, and all general elections for Congress. It will first apply to the general election for president in 2020 and presidential primary elections in 2024.

I would like to think that a new party could get off the ground as you suggest, but I remain doubtful… Perhaps both routes (new party and RCV) could be pursued simultaneously. The duopoly holds so much power.


With a new party, perhaps it would be a good idea to focus initially on non-swing States, where voters would not have to fear that their vote for that new party could be what is called wasted, better allowing their least desired party to win.

When credibility had been established by a good showing in non-swing States, it may then be easier to make the case in the swing states.

I don’t think we have the time for that, we wasted 8 yrs. with Sanders’ BS, the clock is ticking. The party has already been formed, with many popular names in support, we just need to bring other 3rd parties in under the umbrella, and find a popular candidate for 2024, and start working on ballot access in all states as soon as this election is over. With a strong platform, I expect to see many new candidates come forward for down ballot races as well.

Biden supports a national $15 min wage (where I live it should be $20) and for many people in this country it would be life changing------in fact I can say that Calif now being $13 hr I can almost afford shit. And he supports gettting the undocumented to become legal------these two reasons alone is why Biden is the better pick----no matter who is elected this economy is in trouble-----Biden grew up in a house were they had a hard time paying the bills-----Trump was given 300 million when he was three yrs old-----what a hard life???

While Trump is busy handing out money to everybody to buy the election----do farmers in Iowa farm or just take government handouts???

people should check out Trump on the Andy Griffith show show-----

My post was about preparing a 3rd party for the 2024 election, not the current election. I will temper your praise for Biden with a reminder about how often he has lied in the past, including resent past, when he dropped almost every negotiated point agreed to, from the Sanders/Biden taskforce. He’s not on Trumps level of lying, but still lies on the important issues, I would not trust he will follow through on the points you’ve pointed out.
Also realize the “farmers” receiving bail-outs, are almost exclusively corporate farmers, not small family farmers. Many have never set foot on the land.

No worries, though; most of them will vote for him again. “Owning the liberals” is more important than anything else, even their economic self-interest.

I would support that. I’ve had it with the duopoly.

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