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'Trump Lied to Wisconsin Workers': Sanders Targets President With Front-Page Ad Ahead of Weekend Rally


'Trump Lied to Wisconsin Workers': Sanders Targets President With Front-Page Ad Ahead of Weekend Rally

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With Donald Trump set to hold a campaign rally in Wisconsin this weekend, Sen. Bernie Sanders took out a front-page ad in a local newspaper to send the state's workers a simple message: The president's promises were hollow.

"Trump lied to Wisconsin workers," reads the ad, which will run Friday in the Green Bay Press-Gazette. The ad was financed by Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign.


There is something fundamental missing from Bernie Sanders’ new ad


The man is doing what he can against a “Goliath of Greed”!


And here:


I will be going to Green Bay tomorrow, absolutely UNARMED. I wouldn’t want to see the biggest, fattest liar I’ve ever even heard of. What a sad sack.


Is calling out “the liar” considered an attack? Or just stating the facts?


Just stating facts. But it is made a lot easier if everyone who hears a lie calls out the liar on the spot. No need to argue about it. Facts are facts. The only way to deny that, is with yet another lie.
We are getting way too used to hearing those lies. Another two years and we may not be able to tell truth from UNtruth.

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Perhaps Bernie could get more support in Wisconsin if he stated that Trump lied to Wisconsin voters AND Obama lied to Wisconsin teachers.

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Sorry. I meant Wisconsin workers, rather than voters, although candidates of both parties in recent elections have been telling lies to voters.


Now if only Sanders had the benefit of a $35 Million dollar hi-tech Russian social media scheme to influence Wisconsin’s voters as Trump had in 2016, then maybe this would work. God bless Bernie.
“Mueller’s investigation also found that Russia was backing a $35 million operation to meddle with US politics through social media.”


When are the facts going to speak for themselves, so we can stop pouring millions into MSM off donations from people in, or approaching, poverty? Adverts speak, but facts shout.


Sanders would do well to not get too sucked into the ‘evil Trump’ choir. Yes, Trump lied repeatedly throughout his campaign. But Trump’s lies are not premeditated. He is simply a supreme narcissist who has a knack for spewing whatever wind that bows between his ears out of his mouth. Trump is not an aberration. And he was elected because people are sick and tired of presidents who have lied. Sanders would do better if he would not place Trump on the liar pedestal. Obama lied. Furthermore, I would suggest that he lied by willfully ignoring the ‘hope and change’ that he promised. Bush II lied. Clinton lied. They all served at the beckon call of corporate dons. I fear that Sanders is losing his truly progressive roots. While he still has more than other Dem. contenders, that’s not saying much- especially in relation to Uncle Joe. There’s an elephant in the middle of the room, and it’s American foreign policy. And all candidates are afraid of it, lest they be perceived as unpatriotic and soft. If all they do is rail against Trump, he will win in 2020. He loves the attention and is brilliant in using it to his advantage.

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