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Trump Lies About 'Medicare for All' and He's Made Health Care Worse


Trump Lies About 'Medicare for All' and He's Made Health Care Worse

Bernie Sanders

The American people have a very clear choice in the upcoming elections. On one side is Donald Trump and the Republican leadership in Congress, who made throwing 32 million Americans off of health insurance their number one priority in Washington. On the other side is my "Medicare for All" plan supported by 16 senators and 122 House members.


Bernie, you need to add “Liquid Democracy” to your platform.


“Trump’s only defense is to lie about my bill” is no surprise considering that Trump’s track record from a defensive and offensive perspective on every issue is “to lie”…period.


Please provide the fact of the proposal. where does the money come from, where do the trained professionals come from, where do the facilities come from.

Every one would like to see everyone get the care, how do we provide the services?

If health care is free what will businesses us as an incentive for their workers. How will the free care impact the employment structure. (Large part of pay package).


Health care will no longer be tied to your employment or your employer. And why should it be?

Every major industrialized nation of earth has universal health care that is not dependent on employment. They generally outperform the US system, sometimes by a huge margin. And they’re all much cheaper.

Your argument really has no legs at all. Just more miserable insurance industry talking points.

Where will the money come from? The USA already spends over 17% of its GDP on health care—far more than any other nation on earth. The money just needs to be redirected away from lining the pockets of insurance industry pirates and pharmaceutical industry profiteers.


All you need to do is search S.1084 and H.R. 676 and you will have your answers. Here are some websites to contact too:

healthcare-now.org and http://healthoverprofit.org.

Also, ask yourself: Why does the US always find the money to pay for wars–and wars of choice, wars to interfere in the sovereignty of other nations which are motivated by coveting other peoples’ resources under the cover of spreading democracy? If this were true why does the US support so many dictators? And even were it true, and all we need to do is look around at home for that answer, by what right does the US interfere? Ask yourself too: Why is it ok to socialize the military where in fact it is the children of the lower income bracket that bear the brunt by way of the economic draft? Why is it ok to socialize the risks for the “Too big to fail” banks?

When it comes to Expanded, Improved Medicare For All this is achieved by a small increase in the tax we already pay and it is offset to very much advantage by eliminating all co-pays and deductibles and covers dental and eye care. By including everyone who pay according to their actual income and wealth we make a very large pool from which to draw to cover the medical expenses for anyone in need. The naysayers in both dominant parties don’t want this because of the ideology of everything being predicated upon making a profit and the health"care" system we have right now generates huge profits for them while we, the masses of people, are driven to bankruptcy or early death for not being able to afford the dysfunctional and expensive system we have at the moment. Question is: Are we in the US ever to actually function as a society?