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Trump Lies; Ethics Dies


Trump Lies; Ethics Dies

Adil E. Shamoo

In the White House, anti-science, alt-facts and frequent lying are commonplace, and it is taking a toll on our youngest generation.


Just imagine how humiliated and ashamed Trumps youngest son Barron feels. He is old enough to understand how evil his father is. Everybody, say a prayer for that kid.


If ethics had not died a long time ago, would Clinton and Trump gotten anywhere close to winning their respective party nominations ?


Why does Trump and his enablers lie? The answer to that question seems simple on the surface. A questionable sense of ethics at the very least provides us with a basic answer but perhaps that is not enough of an answer. Is it that Trump doesn't care about the truth?

Perhaps it is that Trump and his billionaire appointees don't care about the people that they glibly lie to. Perhaps they feel that they are 'above' the need to have to speak the truth to inferiors. That is... to 'the people'. In fact, their telling the truth instead of saying whatever the hell they feel like saying is basically unfamiliar to them. These are people used to being on top. Billionaires and CEOs - they are used to feeling 'royal' around regular people. They have a disdain for the truth because they have a disdain for people in general. They reject the need to show others the respect of speaking the truth because they consider most people unequal to themselves.

In this light, even democracy is experienced as an inconvenience not a goal, at least it is to a prince or a king... or an autocrat. Autocrats and dictators never try to impose democracy, do they? Now we are shocked to see a 'ruler' type of personality begin to dismantle and dismiss our representative democracy and instead impose something else according to his personal preferences. We and our democracy no longer matter like we did before. Trump simply rejects representing us and instead wants 'to run things' according to his will. Part of that is a rejection of the need to answer for what he wants to do to us!

Who do we think we are?

Secondly, Trump is looking into the 'media mirror on the wall' and asking - "who is the best one of us all?" Trump lies because it is a way of seeing whatever he wants to believe as being true and then he hears it echoed in the media. Trump lies because he is used to having whatever he says be treated as if it is true. Who tells the king that what he says isn't true?

America finds that it has elected an autocratic personality who looks in his magic mirror and watches his lies become 'truth'.

Thirdly... Americans don't know what they can do about it. That reality is fast losing us our representative democracy.

Maybe Trump has exposed our weaknesses ...ones that we have too long avoided facing. Will we do anything about Trump? Can we? Will we stand by and simply lose democracy through our inaction?

Why are the Dems not impeaching and failing that... explaining to us why we need lose our democracy?

The American people are starting to appear powerless.


What is left of our democracy to die? Most of the Bill of Rights was gutted during a previous administration, and his follower into the presidency made things even worse. Now we get to see a certified egomaniac and psychopath businessman unable to think on anything but affronts to himself. Right after 9/11 and the passage of the (Un)Patriot Act, a military veteran said, "how are we going to get back what we will loose over this." Democracy is only a memory now and once we don't remember how we made it work, it will be gone.


Democracy is not yet only a memory imo. However we are the last of the breed (both young and old) who will have memories of what it was like to be a free country if we don't watch out. I know how you feel about our democracy. So much has been taken from us that it almost appears that Americans are becoming afraid of their own freedoms.

As yet it isn't all that painful but it is getting there fast. This corporate coup is so damn shameful. They treat us as if we are fools. Soon I almost expect that dissent will be made illegal. They already are trying to make protest illegal.

The one thing that remains beyond their dominance and control is the rapidly changing climate. They mistakenly believe their denialism is truth perhaps but then maybe they are just early in setting up an undemocratic state to deal with the mess they are creating.

Silverbird, I am assuming that you are 'older' as am I. Our generation knew freedom as a given but that has changed. Now we fear the loss of freedoms and wonder why people are allowing it. I think though that the young will be too close to freedoms to easily forget them. The young will have books and films and interviews of past heroes of freedom to educate them. I hope so anyway.

I miss Bill Kunstler, the Berrigan brothers and MLK and Malcom, I miss those bra burning heroines who reminded us that women are half the population and will be heard. I miss the confrontational America who sat in, sat at the lunch counters, sat where she was on the bus. I miss the glorious zaniness of Abbie Hoffman and so, so many others.

They were part of America and I notice here at my ending that such freedom loving souls appear to be missing from our owned media.

That weakens us.


For Trump to be successful in his effort to become a dictator of a white nationalist country his word has become the truth. All sources of information contradicting him must be discredited. Probably the most glaring example of how this works is in climate science. People who have examined the facts published in numerous peer review journals have pretty much all come the conclusion that global warming is real and is mainly caused by humans. Yet Trump disputes this, calling it a hoax created by the Chinese. So who is right? While it seems obvious that most people would believe the scientists when it comes to climate science rather than a real estate developer there many people who think scientists are fabricating the data in order to make global warming look like a threatening situation in order to obtain more funding in the form of grants. A well read student should be able to tell who is searching for the truth and who is making up lies. In this instance, the scientists are clearly searching for the truth and Trump is clearly lying. That is the most reasonable conclusion.


Jobs number, inflation ratings all a conjured up set of numbers to make parties in office look good. Not including energy, gas, food and medical expense in inflation numbers are a slap in the face to the middle class. Same with the distorted jobs numbers.

These numbers have been inaccurate since they were changed in 80's or 90's?


"I miss Bill Kunstler, the Berrigan brothers and MLK and Malcom, I miss those bra burning heroines who reminded us that women are half the population and will be heard. I miss the confrontational America who sat in, sat at the lunch counters, sat where she was on the bus. I miss the glorious zaniness of Abbie Hoffman and so, so many others.

They were part of America and I notice here at my ending that such freedom loving souls appear to be missing from our owned media."

Huh? Have you not been paying attention? or only listening and watching lamestreet media who gives just a marginal coverage of the marches the world over. Ten of thousands of women, men, younger generation are out there.


Tens of thousands were there back then too. I wasn't talking about protesters and marches, I was talking about individuals who were media presences. Our owned media is bland by comparison although a few notable exceptions have managed to become a media presence and stand out. Nevertheless, I don't see many Abbie Hoffmanns out there anymore. Bill Kunstler was more than just a lawyer. The Berrigans were more than just priests. Bella Abzug was more than just a flamboyant hat.

It is almost as if our faith in our political freedoms is starting to fade. Our spirit weakens. I have great hope for the Women's March personality type. However it yet remains to be seen whether the 'pink hats' will be able to pack a political punch this summer. We need them to do that. My fear is like when there was a huge 'march' against the Iraq war yet that was the end of it.

Americans are as yet, afraid to do more than just make some noise and move their feet. Trump is in a rush to set in place an opposition government. It is scary and I hope America (especially its women) chooses to battle in the courts and in sit ins and marches and whatever it takes to change this coup in motion.

I think Trump and the republicans are getting ready to become draconian in their methods. It really is an elitist corporate coup.


Came here to say the same thing, essentially. This lying and lack of ethics isn't new to Trump. We'd be much further along if only this type of criticism wasn't limited to only the opponent's, er, leader.

At least for the time being, Trump hasn't started any wars based on lies...yet. Almost all of the previous presidents have. It seems to be a requirement for the job.


Wereflea, I believe many in this country are just Zombies listening to MSM and corrupt political parties that pit one against the other. They have bought into that mentality and they're on cruise control. Their interest in politics is mostly reserved for the few months before the election and then it's back to whatever boring little life they had before.

Sure, there are some of us who helped bring about an earlier end to the Vietnam War than would have if we hadn't put our bodies on the line, but most just read the papers and watched the tube.

Most people our age had careers, worked hard, have retired or are close, and are comfortable off.

Are our spirits fading? Absolutely. Many have fear looking towards the future. I haven't bought into that. I refuse to be fearful of the Orange Meanie s madness. I'm pissed. I'm not young anymore but I'm ready to put my body on the line again.

There will be actions to come my friend, and they will be driven by those with the most to lose if they don't start soon. That would be our Youth, those 18 to 35 with their whole lives to live. I am energized by many things, one of which is the Draft Bernie movement.

It's becoming clearer by the day, that a true representative government for all of us and not just the 1%, will never come from the Democrat or Republican parties. Never.

A new party, a 'People Party' must be formed and soon. And there will be work for everyone to do to prepare to remove the 'cancerous' party that now infects our entire country.

This country will survive the surgical procedures we must perform in order to regain and promote the health and wealth of our nation.

Laws will need to be created that never allows the corrupting influence of 'money' to bring about another Trump.

My wife read me a line from one of Ralph Naders books,'Breaking Through Power', and it went something like this, 'How often do police accidentally shoot and kill Bankers who are committing financial crimes, stealing homes, and plunging the nation into economic instability and recession?'

If we ever trust another Democrat or Republican in the offices of Congress or the White House, we are supporting the continued destruction of our Democracy.


Thank you for your thoughtful remarks. You are right, I am older. However what I fail to see in younger people (50s and below) is any somewhat complete understanding of what is happening to us. They tell me they are to busy to read and find out our actual history, so their views are based on the media. There are exceptions, but those are few. None of my friends is a far to the left and I am, and I am not that far left myself. (Bernie supporter -- had some questions re him , but he was basically a descent guy with the right ideas.) Thanks again. Silverbird


Trump has only been in office for less than two months which is pretty early to give him credit for not starting a war. What president ever started war during their first two months in office? But his lies about bugging Trump Tower have recently have started a problem between the US and Britain. He has pretty much ruined relationships between the US and Mexico. He has also caused problems in relations between the US and Australia and the US and Germany. He has created problems between the US and China as well although he backed off some statements. Since he took office a raid in Yemen resulted in a large number of civilian deaths and the US recently bombed a mosque in Syria which also resulted in a large number of civilians dying. He is allowing the CIA to get back into using drones. He is asking for over $50 billion more for the military. In other words when it comes to conducting wars Trump is just getting started.


You are right in so many ways and I am from 60's and remember some of those and hoping the young get more fired up and come to the rescue of our political and personal freedom. We cannot count on our politicians as they are not free we pay them and so do there corporate masters.

I do have faith but it might not come without a cost.


Here in Trump country, there is a frightening tendency to believe in a religious way anything Trump says - like he is a prophet or something...


Unfortunately, sad to say, but this notion of scientific "truth" being essentially subjective and a tool of this or that political ideology - which being utilized with such success by the lunatic right, has its origins in "Postmodernist Theory" which was all the rage for a goodly number of years through the 1990s and 00's in university literature studies departments - later called "critical studies" and was criticized, ironically enough as a fringe left-wing idea at the time.


I don't judge those who will have to live through the changes ahead of us. I do look at us and remember how we weren't all that we would like to think we were either. Take a survey now and you'll be told that five million people were at Woodstock and that everybody burned their draft cards and so forth. Nevertheless, some of were better than we thought we were and lived to tell the tale years later. Most of us exaggerate a little bit more and more as the years go by.

We were lucky then and less lucky later. People opposed the draft but mostly only because they had no other choice. Vietnam was a draftee's war whereas now we have an all volunteer military. We saw ourselves differently too. The Soviets weren't free but we were. It helped to have others be worse off than we were. Technology expanded our world and wasn't it grand. Color TV! Transitor radios and veggies out of season! America was on an upswing every which way you looked or so it seemed. We cheered freedom but busted up civil rights demonstrations too. America developed a split personality where the young (who turned out to be us these decades later) expected to be free and their parents expected to get richer.

We saw a decline ... maybe we just became spiteful and petty? The word worker became a commodity in the corporate world. Labor was separated from the capitalist definition we chose for ourselves. America developed a well defined upper class and a much larger lower class. At that point... we no longer shared definitions of who we were. Our money or lack thereof defined us.

Now we don't know who we are anymore. American corporations battle American labor, fight unions and chip away at benefits etc. somewhere America's rich stopped being loyal to America and its people and became an oligarchy. Now that oligarchy is subverting the America we all grew up in. They excuse it all for the sake of money and there will be hell to pay.

I am becoming convinced that the Trump administration is preparing an elitist corporate class of oligarchy enablers to 'take over' as the doomsday climate begins to wreak havoc. I don't pretend to know what the young will do then but I do know that they will be facing a difficult road. I wish them all luck. Other than that, I do not think that much of the older generation. We think too highly of ourselves sometimes. Our activist days are over ...all except our talking about them. Maybe you will do what you say you are ready to do. Maybe you never really did as much as you think you remember too.

Our day was a different day. The future belongs to the young. I wish them luck. I like many historians am afraid of the lessons of the past and I doubt that the younger generations will escape learning some of them.

For example >>> Baby Boomers were aware of the holocaust and yet we saw Pol Pot and later still we saw Rwanda.

To my mind... the past is dangerous and grim indeed. My generation escaped the worst but to paraphrase a line from TV >>> the Worst is out there!


LOL! Only in this forum are people in their 50's called "young people"... A survey CD did a a few months ago indicated that the average CD reader was 70!.


Sorry to say, but neither Obama, or the Clinton's - while engaging in the waffling and omissions all politicians do, never uttered flat-out contradictions of objective reality that the Trump White House is doing.