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Trump Lies; Ethics Dies


Lol. Back in the day (cough cough ... a bit dusty that) I don't remember any of us knowing all that much...lol! We opposed the draft and therefore we opposed the war. Even now we could still ask, why did we go to Vietnam anyway? If you notice, there are no books justifying the need to make a war in Vietnam. So were we right to oppose it? If so then why don't we teach that lesson in schools?

We were lucky our generation. Our heroes were always clear cut and in the right... or so we thought.

I still have faith in that decency and goodness. Maybe this generation doesn't know about it all?

It knows enough and it will have to live through it in days to come. I think the young know more than they tell us about. They won't get fooled by climate change deniers anyway.


Keep the faith... in the young! They deserve it...we don't.

The young will have to face a scientifically different 'ordinariness' to reality that we never had to. I think they know what they must do. I hope the powerful and the selfishly greedy do not bring them untold misery.

The future is science fiction and there will be no escaping that for anyone in any case.


The science fiction future is upon us and engulfing us faster than most of us want to admit.


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"
"I remember landing under sniper fire."
“More young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across America”
and, for dessert,
"Well, some of the 9/11 hijackers did come through Canada, as you know"
G'head, google any of those quotes.

While I'm at it:
President Bill Clinton's administration knew Rwanda was being engulfed by genocide in April 1994 but buried the information to justify its inaction, according to classified documents made available for the first time.


What most seem to ignore about Trump is he is a bully in real life and always has been. He cares nothing about the common man, worker bee, blue collar laborer, women's rights/health issues, the environment, arts and sciences, culture, etc. None of that has ever mattered and he sure as hell doesn't care about them VA or veterans. His increase in military spending, free rein cops, a planet free fire zone is him taking his personal bullying statewide, nationally, and globally.

Ethics? What's that? He possess none and is a pathological liar. He has failed at everything he has attempted and touched This will be no different. The tragedy is he is taking this country with him.


Why does Trump lie? Because lying works. Humans have no born-in method for telling truth from lie -- and a reading a history shows first that recognition and then its fruition as the powerful made lying that standard for "truth telling."


I was unable to edit my post earlier to add this:

Trump is taking credit for those 200K jobs created which are now real but were fake under Obama. He didn't create them as that was a carryover from Obama. Jobs are still leaving and being lost. Those numbers are meaningless as they really are fake numbers just like the unemployed numbers. Millions of jobs are gone and not coming back. 200K is nothing in comparison and who knows what they are: part-time, full-time, contract, short duration, etc. The real number for unemployed is over 40% and that is very real


Yes, the PA. But we began giving away our rights much earlier. We began giving up sovereignty of our own bodies with Nixon's War on Drugs in '71 (a war that began circa 1900).

After all, I cannot say I have complete control over my body, if the State can imprison me, or kill me for whatever substance I choose to put into my body, doing no harm to anyone else, while maybe even providing life saving medicine to myself (i.e.--many alcoholics have found escape through medical marijuana)

Then Reagan began the golden shower of UA's in the 80's with the introduction of UA's for fed jobs.

The first one I took was in 2006--for a desk job! Seriously? But we can legally drink ourselves to death. (Even in 1984, they were allowed gin and beer). In fact, we are driven to drink. The chosen method of suicide endorsed/subsidized by the State.


Lies. Just like his impeachable offenses. So many that we lose count, or don't know where to start. It's like gas-lighting. He is trying to get the masses to question everything, except for that which he deems as true (which is likely false as well).


If one can swallow the Garden of Eden, the Ark of Noah, the Parting of the Red Sea etc, then what is the problem with swallowing tRumpian "alternative facts"?
Being indoctrinated with religious myths in one's childhood is already an impediment to being able to develop a scientific temperament, IMO.



Give us all a break okay? Try to remember that despite Trump that we believe in freedom of religion in this country.

Here you come insulting people's beliefs without cause and then you play the hypocrite and use the word peace.

If you can't develop further than some simplistic childhood Sunday School instruction then you can't. Spare those of us who see beyond the childhood simplicities and recognize that science has not supplanted religion with facts.

Do you believe in magic too? My understanding of science explains that the principle of cause and effect holds no matter what. Something (like the physical universe) cannot come from nothing. There had to be a first cause that created physical matter - the universe.

Perhaps your superstitious magical thinking allows you to accept the idea that physical matter can suddenly come to exist from nothing and without a cause... but I am too scientific to believe in such magical reasoning.

Your Old Timey Athesism is little changed from that of a century ago when modern science had yet to develop the miracles that await us.

My advice is to meditate on a quantum universe where something can be in two places at once and moreover can exist and not exist both at the same time.

Yours is a primitive understanding of science that at best ends up being much determined by ancient religions. You need to catch up to modern thought a bit.



Great Nader quote, putting events into a perspective long hidden from the American Public.

Everyday, our attention is consistently drawn, by the Captured Media, to the Public Shaming of Low Level Criminals, all the while IGNORING White Collar Crime, with the exception of scraps that we are periodically tossed, usually as a Salacious Distraction.


Yep--replying to my own post because we cannot edit. If interested in how we are 'driven to drink', this is a good book on the topic. All researched, supported with citations, written by 3 experts in the field.

Reading it is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle: you could see most all the pieces before you picked up the book, but then upon reading all the pieces slide together perfectly. (BTW--this is not some marijuana conspiracy book--just the facts mam--nothing earth shattering)
Mason Tvert (co-author) headed the Amendment #64 movement that legalized in Colorado (California named a bill after it too). A good reference for those people who have friends that believe alcohol is less harmful than marijuana is. (Caffeine is more toxic too of course--as you can overdose on it and die).



Does that apply to the one who "created" the universe 6000 years ago?

I did not mean to offend you, please feel free to believe whatever you want.



Why you chose to post this stuff to me in this section is a mystery to me. Perhaps you wanted to chat? Pass an idle moment?

No matter the why but the ensuing wherefores have gotten to me. First off, you harken back to that Old Timey Atheism that has remained unchanged since Gibbon's time. However science has progressed over those centuries even if old fashioned atheism hasn't. Secondly, I took the time to respond with a bit of my beliefs which incorporate modern science and the revelations of history btw.

You then ignore my beliefs and went right back to a simplistic almost childlike referral to That Old Timey Atheism where some believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old for some obscure reason. One too many begats I guess?

You want to argue religion with a fundamentalist. I am not a fundamentalist just because I believe in God.

God created evolution. <<< Please reread this sentence.

The Earth is 4.5 Billion years old ( some insist that number is wrong and assert that the correct figure should be 4.5 billion years and two weeks... but I am not part of that cult).

I mention a quantum universe because ( for some ) 'to be and not to be' should be a single question... ( that cult I agree with). Btw though I may be one of the very few to express such a thought but the Trinity (three beings in one) definitely seems more logical in a quantum universe and less so in a Newtonian one.

Oral history explains the seeming separation of humanity (mammals that we are) from the rest of the animal kingdom. By this I mean that we developed abstract thought which kicked us out of the 'unconsciousness of instinct' garden. Moreover we noticed that we are the only animals to wear clothes and figured we'd bring up that fact at the next meeting for a few thousand years.

Oral history uses metaphor. You want to define things with a simplistic rigidity so as to be able to dismiss belief more easily. It isn't valid unless you are discussing religion with someone who rejects science.

In all honesty, it was my pursuit of science and knowledge that brought me back to faith.

The Big Bang - '...and God spoke...' - odd how they managed to get that right huh?


I was in a way responding to this question from you:

to say that if one can used to religious myths then one can get used to "kingly" myths from tRump as well.

I do apologize for causing any mental anguish to you, that was not my intention.

Can you perhaps explain how the progress of Science has established existence of God?

What scientific observations can be used to support or refute this hypothesis? If this is not a refutable hypothesis, then it has no value. Darwin/Wallace did not need the God hypothesis to describe evolution.

Please forgive me for not being supportive of your faith through science pathway, but please carry on.



Well, Well, I did not know that statistic. No wonder though. At least they know where to get pretty accurate information.

What I once noticed about people only four years younger than me was as a Junior Red Cross Volunteer (how badly does that date me -- I am 74). My same-age peers would ask for more scotch tape or other supplies as we ran out and needed more (we were stuffing gift boxes for handing out at disasters). What I thought was peculiar was the youngsters only four years younger no longer asked if they ran out of something -- they sat and waited until someone noticed they needed more stuff. Also, they no longer talked or mixed with other youngsters there, only with the friends they came with and already knew. Both of those behaviors were starkly difference from people just four years older. The only difference I attributed it to was they grew up watching TV from infanthood and none of us older ones had a TV in the home until we were already in elementary school. But it may not have been that at all.

Nice to hear from you./Silverbird


I have been paying attention to politics since I was a young teen and was taken to John Birch Society Meetings by my Dad. It turned my into a life-long Democrat, noticing that all the Republicans ever did was give the taxes to the military and want more tax cuts but never fix any of the issues they claimed let the communists use a 'lever' to get into American politics and undermine us (quoting them, not me). Now I am no longer even a Democrat as they have become equal sell-out on behalf of the oligarchs. Now they are cooperating with the Republicans in destroying our health care, such as it was.


Accurate history of the U.S.A. is not taught in our schools. Check out a couple of books: Killing Hope by William Blum and the March of Folly (specifically one section is about the Vietnam War) by Barbara Tuchman (an historian who writes histories that read like page-turner novels). The March of Folly says that our leaders know the truth but choose to ignore it to do what they want to do./Carol


Unfamiliar with Blum but I've read a couple of Tuchmans. I preferred her's 'A Distant Mirror' and commend its treatment of impetuous and ever rash young leaders who hurried off to start wars as soon as they assumed the throne. Trump is of course far older than they in comparison but nevertheless there is a familiar tone to descriptions of Trump's own impetuous rashness and reliance on his own ego rather than experience and training.