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Trump-Linked Christian Fundamentalists Are Pouring Dark Money Into Europe, Boosting the Far Right

Trump-Linked Christian Fundamentalists Are Pouring Dark Money Into Europe, Boosting the Far Right

Claire Provost, Mary Fitzgerald

According to a new analysis released by openDemocracy, Christian-right fundamentalists linked to the Trump administration and Steve Bannon are among a dozen American groups that have poured at least $50 million of dark money into Europe over the last decade.

Christians like these have been shitting on Jesus Christ’s grave at least since the First Council of Nicea, when they sold out the teachings of the Nazarene in exchange for Imperial patronage (and, ultimately, for secular power). Human extinction would be preferable to theocratic tyranny.


Liberals since Trump has been in office have focusing on a fake story (Russiagate) and could have been focusing on how Trump has invigorated the fascist right - a real and very dangerous story.


“Liberals”??? Come now. Many people even on this site live in the ivory tower, and have nothing better to do than “debate” on this site. When it comes time to participate- they cut and run, and oh yeah- many are retired just fine, and just like the college students of yore during the Viet Nam War protests- they hate the working class.

That is what these “liberals” wanted all along from the MSM.

So, it was liberals in college wearing hard hats and tee shirts saying, " My country, love it or leave it ". I didn’t know that. I also didn’t know it was liberals who were catcalling, whistling and using loud gutter-speak language when women would walk by a jobsite on their lunch breaks.
Are you familiar with the song, Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother? How about Truck-Driving Man? How about Okie From Muskogee?
Do you drink corn liguor from an old tin cup?
Just a lucky guess.

Yes, I am familiar with all of that. You missed the point. I happen to be progressive, but many so called liberals or progressives as well as elites from the other side live in the ivory tower and hate the working class . And there are people right on this site who claim to be progressive, but hate the working class. So, are you implying that all people who are not professionals or elitists are bigots? Far from it- I know many who wanted Bernie for instance. And what about unions. You missed the point. Maybe this is your form of “entertainment?”

PS- Many college students even today look down upon anyone who works with his or her hands including farmers. Guess they do not want to eat.

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You mentioned Viet Nam. I just put it in the historical context with some music, drink and a saying.Those things make a certain type of person unhappy/uncomfortable I guess.
And, I was working in the fields before you were out of short pants, most likely. I worked in construction for 20 years, as well. I think Nixon Democrats were real dumb redneck jerks in '68 & '72. So were some of their wives. Same with Reagan.
History proved me right.


so-called family values campaigns against LGBTQ rights, sex education and abortion—and a number appear to have increasing links with Europe’s far right.

As they say, the true victims of wars are women and children –
and far right doesn’t seem to care about that much.

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mrs –
Right … !
Actually, Nixon was paying people to dress up as “Hard Hats” and threaten those
against the war.
Remember, Nixon also had armed troops in the basement of the White House
because he was so frightened. Nixon was drugging himself, as well.
Nixon also had volunteers writing fake telegrams and letters in support of the war.
Like 10,000 telegrams!
A lot to be questioned about US – like Moon Landing which was Nazi propaganda.

Out of short pants? I was in high school in the sixties as well as college. Yes, Noxon dems were the silent majority as well of course the backwards right wing rethugs. How old are ya anyway? At any rate, the point I was making is that elites of both parties tend to look down on the working class including workers in construction. Never understood that type of mentality. Some people right on this site look down on the so called working class.

Nixon and the governor of Ohio ordered that real bullets be used at Kent State. So, you think the moon landing was Nazi propaganda? Wow, that is really out there. Take a chill pill.

meal –
Yes, the government’s “alleged” story of Kent State was
challenged but much of the press has stuck with the cover up story.
There’s a much more credible story out there of collusion between Nixon and Gov.
Didn’t Reagan also kind of encourage harsh action against youth/protesters
from when Gov. of CA?
Moon Landing is something you have to devote some time to reading about.
But it was so boring that all history says that viewers wanted “I Love Lucy” back.
Very likely the videos were made at one of NASA’s training areas and “ghosted.”
There are people who have also seen the Coke bottle roll out.
Russians of course were unable to reveal anything of this as wouldn’t have been believed.
But – no one has gone back – and we still don’t have the technology to do it.
But certainly not the first nor the last of succeeding Nazi-propaganda efforts here.
One of the lawyers representing Palestine just referred to Charlottesville as “Kristallnacht.”
See: Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip and Gladio
Paperclip brought in 200,000 ex-Nazis used to found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and
other government agencies and to “hot” spots around the world.
Also look into VP Sprio Agnew’s supporters. Some think he was forced to resign as more
became aware of that and then used “finances” to remove him from office.
Nixon was also very involved with the Dark side – and of course the coup on JFK.

If you can catch C-span this weekend, with discussions of the Pro-Israel Lobby and its
influence over US policy there are many interesting speakers/comments connecting
Netanyahu to the far right, as well. I don’t see Netanyahu as anything but a fascist.

Further on Israel –

Comments by Susan Abulhawa –
The Blue Between Sky and Water by Susan Abulhawa

Israel uses extreme violence – warmongering and arming far right nations and dictatorships.
Israel is forming friendships and alliances where they are NOT protecting Jews everywhere,
but importing anti-Semitists - Nazi sympathizers - Ultra Nationalists/Brazil spoke favorably
of Torture, arming and training neo-Nazis. In fact, Netanyahu at one point made excuses
for Hitler which went FOUL. Was also talking to Soros about opening a Revisionist
Holocaust Museum (with Soros) … “not the evil we’ve always thought.”

"Palestine holds a history that belongs to all people –
Churches and Mosques are particular irritants to Israel and have been turned into nightclubs,
brothels, etc. Churches and Mosques vandalized and burned down. Jewish settlers burning
Mosques. Law had no interest.

Israel was at the time cooperating in apartheid with South Africa - with intelligence and tactics.
Looking the other way from crimes -
Israel had offered to supply the Apartheid government with nuclear weapons!
Also been involved with Nicaraguan brutal dictatorship - Guatemala death squads
Israel and Portugal and former colonies - Ivory Coast – to divide Africa.
There’s a long history of these right wing connections.
And also of US and “special training” of police by Israel –

Israel leads the world of arms production - except in 2011 when Sweden ran neck
and neck with them – and all of their weapons “combat tested.”
Israel is testing their weapons in Palestine."

This is from some of my notes from “Pro-Israel Lobby and its influence on US Policy”
aired this Friday and the panel discussions and guest speakers/C-span.

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