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Trump Lit the Match for an Attempted Coup, But Decades of Misinformation Supplied Fuel

this is the salient point. the point of the capitol assault was to “back up” the efforts of the politicians inside that were trying to get the election vote invalidated.

these were coordinated efforts, and I think that does meet the definition. of a coup. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that it was an especially competent attempt, however, but even a Keystone Coup (my term) is still a coup.


I would call it a failed coup; unlike the successful coup on 11/22/63.

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The most important truth the USA must come to terms with is that we have become a rogue terrorist State imposing our will on all small non-nuclear nations in violation of international law, of which we were the primary authors of during the Nuremberg Trials.
By making dramatic cuts in defense spending we can reinvigorate our domestic economy.

The second important truth is to realize that free unregulated markets do not promote the general welfare. They promote the .001% and monopoly practices. The Nobel prize winning economist Milton Friedman was either a liar or did not know what he was talking about.

The most influential foreign policy advisor in the USA has been Henry Kissinger. His motto is: “Control food and you control people. Control oil and you control nations”. This policy is behind the US persistent failed attempts to dominate the planet by force.


Mind control-------I went to a private school my last two years in HS----they talked about reading between the lines------never got this in public school-----I remember getting chewed out in public school for having a smile on my face???

Just like sports----root for your team----why? --just because they are your hometeam.

This mind control can be hijacked .


I agree that Assange should be free------but please we knew how bad the military was before this reporting-----how many innocents were killed with the first bombing of Iraq by American bombers-----a country that did nothing against the US??? Get your popcorn everybody another mass murder in the name of “freedom”. How many children dead in Yemen from US bombs???

And just understand the American people elect these bloodthirsty killers-so it really is the fault of the American people.

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the lies of the right wing have been allowed to penetrate and subvert our democracy for decades–time for there to be consequences when the politicians purposefully lie–how about a truth telling time out–that is if they are caught in lying to the people-- their privileges ( salaries, benefits , and perks) will be revoked for a set period of time–if they continue the practice of lying --kick them out of their jobs without any benefits–we should not be paying the lying traitors for their treachery

The real insurrection is yet to come.

“Bam” yes.

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Yes. One can’t have it both ways.