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Trump Looks Ready to Fire Mueller. There's No Guarantee This Ends Like Watergate

Trump Looks Ready to Fire Mueller. There's No Guarantee This Ends Like Watergate

Will Bunch

That’s because Trump has assets on his side that Nixon could not have dreamed of four decades ago.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller departs after a closed-door meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee about Russian meddling in the election at the Capitol in Washington last June. There are growing signs that President Trump will fire him. (Photo: J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

An all-too accurate assessment of the current situation and likely outcome. I have long predicted - on CD and elsewhere - that Trump WILL fire Mueller, and that he has been laying the groundwork for a long, long time, as so excellently outlined by Mr. Bunch here. I have also predicted that precisely nada will be done about it by the corrupt, Rethuglican Congress - as Mr. Bunch also believes is strongly possible.

Everyone must be absolutely aware of the fact that when - not if - it happens, as this article states, the U.S. will no longer be a democracy, even in name. The President will - quite literally - be above the law. A frightening number of Americans are quite OK with that. And THAT - more than anything else - is why the US is truly doomed: when a large percentage of its own citizens greet dictatorship and the destruction of their democracy with giddy applause, there is no hope for the future.


Present line of succession
No. Office Current officer
1 Vice President Mike Pence ®
2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan ®
3 President pro tempore of the Senate Orrin Hatch ®
4 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ®


I gave up on cable channels and TV more than a decade ago.

It is not conducive to clear thinking.

Something other than politics has been running things since JFK, perhaps from before Dallas - perhaps from the very beginning.

Tillerson and the state department he represents have now de-coupled completely from Trump.

From my perspective, the writing is again on the wall, as it was in Dallas.


Please see my post following yours.

Interesting, but perhaps you could be a bit clearer. I can read a lot into what you are saying…

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This is, I firmly believe, a true statement. Those who choose not to believe it are indeed “whistling while passing through the graveyard”.

I also believe that Fox News, Breitbart and their ilk are the worst thing that has ever been inflicted on this nation. They are a cancer, eating away the soul of what’s left of our democracy.


In my opinion, JFK was taken out by what is called the deep state, and to this day the cover up continues.

Smedley Butler before JFK came to see the deep state as the true power behind the throne.

It is possible to view the entire history of the United States, from its inception, as a transfer of power from one empire, the British, to a newer, larger and more powerful entity, the United States.

Jefferson and others at the time saw clearly - I think clearly - the great potential for usurpation of their ‘idea’ of democracy - and I think their fears were all too real and grounded in reality.

Lincoln thought exactly the same - he too was assassinated.

If one delves deeply into recorded history, in my case thru authors such as the British historian Arnold Toynbee and his “Study of History”, in Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, lately in Jack Weatherby’s “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World”, in Yanis Varoufakis “Adults in the Room”, in Mikhail Gorbachev’s recent “The New Russia”, Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, Galbraith’s “The Affluent Society”, and on and on… unto “The Apache Wars” by Paul Andrew Hutton, “Empire of the Summer Moon” by S.C Gwynne, “The Heart of Everything That Is” by Bob Drury & Tom Clavin, “Life Among the Apaches” by John C. Cremony, and many many others…

One comes to see the human being as he really is, and not as we wish him to be, although the wishing is at least revealing in that we appear to have a good side - the “better angels of our nature” as Lincoln put it.

From this perspective academically, from my own experience as a scientist, as a former businessman and even for a year, a stockbroker, from my seven years as a full time mountaineer, living at one embedded in the natural world of the hunter gatherer in modern guise…

from all these perspectives

it is not surprising in the least what is happening now - there is a pathetic inevitability about it all in fact.

But -

We are still individuals in the final analysis.

Nation states, corporations, stock markets, politics and bureaucracy, money itself - all of these are inventions.

My Christmas present may well be the new book “Churchill & Orwell”, by Ricks, which explores in depth these two men’s belief in the individual, and the muddy waters of politics and civilization.

This re-conceptualisation of how we came to be the way we are now is I think, a necessary pre-condition for real progress, perhaps a sufficient one as well.

Seven point four billion individuals, increasingly aware of each others’ plight via the Internet, going to ten billion on a finite planet that with present methods could possibly support five billion - if all this became known - part of any real education, as opposed to the readying for work nature of our present so called education system - if the individual once more recognized the true power and responsibility of the individual - this might be our salvation.

But - to put ones faith in ones self - this is anathema to every religion - to every nation state - to power and privilege.

‘Power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely’…

‘The object of power is power’

These are truths as solid as physics.

We need, absolutely need - to fight hubris to the death.

None of us knows, has ever known, and possibly never will know, why we are here, why this Universe is as it appears to be.

What we don’t know overpowers by orders of magnitude what we have so far laboriously and slowly come to learn of the wide world and our place in it.

Unless we rapidly move towards this secular view of reality - we will continue to smash our heads against the same hard wall, and we will continue to bleed out until we go extinct.


You think the see-eye-a is going to arrange a come-[go]-to-jebus-moment for the retarded dotard?

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Unfortunately, they are different people, but the same cabal of criminals that assassinated JFK,MLK and RFK still wield political power because of using patsies in order to cover their egregious acts.

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Trump will do as he is told - he is not really stupid you know.

John’s mistake was underestimating the lengths that would be gone to to prevent any real threat to the establishment.

In contrast, if historian Weatherby is correct, never in his long career did Temudgin, akak Genghis Khan, ever punish even one of his generals.

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Don’t share the author’s pessimism. If trump fires Mueller the wildfires in California will look like backyard barbecues, which will burn until the cancer is excised. People who don’t remember the sixties riots are clueless about the ire and potential for limitless violence against the government. Then when the hammer drops the revolution will be televised.


“They include an unofficial “state-run media” that goes by the name of Fox News and reliably parrots the latest line from Trump while lambasting his political opponents, a GOP-led Congress that has been largely cowed into submissive lapdogs, and a core base of voters now well-trained to believe the mainstream outlets that report accurately on Mueller and the Trump-Russia scandal are, in fact, ‘fake news.’”

Report “accurately,” surely you jest. This piece, and the MSM, time and time again, hand Trump ammuntion for his fake news claims. I could go on and on about this piece, best described as delusional. I wish Tump gone as much as the next person, but not at the expense of critical thought and democratic process. For those interested Prof. Stephen Cohen, on the John Barchelor show last night, addresssed these issues and more, a truly civilized discussion of Russia today, by a Russian expert, unfairly smeared by the neo McCarthyites. I won’t post the discussion but recommed it.

Here’s one of those “accurate” reports from last Friday, the breathless commentary after this non story broke, was shameful.

There is still not a shred of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to “hack” the DNC to throw the election to Clinton. When the evidence is produced, then impeach.

Added note: MSNBC brought on their National Security Reporter who verified the authenticity of the bogus account. Turns out he was disowned by the Los Angeles Times for getting CIA approval for stories he wrote for them.


Good analysis, Will.

As I commented in the NYT on Roger Cohen’s column today [12/13], “In Trump World, the Need for Disobedience”:

Alan MacDonald Wells, Maine 29 minutes ago

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday all were a twitter; tweeting, Op-Eding, TVing, and editorializing about; Trumpism, Moore, Jones, Democrats, Republicans, Alabama, election fraud, “issues”, taxes, Tribalism, “Radicalism”, et al.

Yet today at 10AM as the curtain rose on the House Judiciary Committee Hearing at 10AM, providing Republicans and Democrats to go on stage and defend their party’s role in representing Americans through ‘our’ government a cloud lifted and revealed the real nature of this government.

While Michael Glennon called it a “National Security and Double Government”, and detailed that “President Harry Truman, more than any other President, is responsible for creating the nation’s “efficient” national security apparatus, including the National Security Act of 1947, the CIA, the National Security Council (NSC), the National Security Agency, which was intended at the time to monitor communications abroad.” — this current 21st century government wandered a bit, as Ike noted in 1961 of the MIC, and has ‘grown’ (or more accurately, ‘metastasized’) into more of a multi-sectored Empire, where dual-Vichy Parties; vie off-stage for financial support from corporations and UHNWIs, demonstrate their skills at delivering voting ‘subjects’ through media/propaganda channels, and loudly debate which extra-legal procedures are more believably viewed as being Constitutional.

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into … a better Empire?

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I do remember the sixties riots! However, 2017 is a very different place than 1967. The “security state” will be prepared and willing to come down hard, very hard.


Unless the Republicans can come up with some truly astounding cheating (gerrymandering, voter suppression, voting machine hacking…) they’re very likely to lose the House next year, maybe the Senate. They’ll still have the courts, unless massive protests can force many federal and state judges to resign, but with that they can mainly block actions putting things right, not execute the kind of takeover they can with Congress and the White House.

So expect them to do what they can before then. The left has constantly been outmaneuvered by a right wing willing to do every time what most people thought impossible. Over and over, most on the left have been surprised by how low the right was willing to sink. So now what? Even more massive cheating, especially machine hacking, is a given. Canceling the election is something we should be ready for, though it seems unlikely even for the new right. As are actions involving security thug firms like Blackwater–or whatever its name is this week. A coup? Do we really think they’re going to follow the same patient plan they’ve been following, letting the Lesser Evil Gambit ratchet down freedom in society while getting rid of rights and getting organized to take over the US and establish a dictatorship?

The left has to make sure voters are registered and have the IDs needed in places where that’s the new poll tax. Rides to polling places, coordination for anti-intimidation measures, making sure minority neighborhoods have enough voting booths and poll watchers… We have to treat this like an at-risk election in a dictatorial third world country, because it is.


I’m not advocating riotous violence, I’m predicting it. Boycotts of oligarchical products and services and general strikes and only these will bring the bastards down.


Thanks for the clarification. I concur.

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There are so many of these breathless stories that had to be retracted, you can’t count them any more.

The real story with Trump is his long connection to money laundering and organized crime. Regardless of who does the investigation, somehow I don’t think anyone wants this to come out, because there is so much corrupt financial dealings among our government officials. So instead, we get screaming about interfering with the election.

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