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Trump: Making America Dread Again


Trump: Making America Dread Again

Ralph Nader

Donald Trump is a well-known, self-described germaphobe. Unfortunately, he is not concerned about other Americans’ exposure to germs and disease. With leading infectious disease scientists from the Centers for Disease Control to the University of Minnesota warning about a global influenza pandemic (“not if, when”), Trump’s warmongering madman, John Bolton, has closed down a seasoned two-man global health security team.


As soon as the GOP finishes stacking all levels of federal courts with young, right wing judges (many of whom will still be on the bench in 2060) Congresscritters will be able to “take rampaging Pruitt, Mulvaney, or Devious to Federal Court”.


Bravo Ralph! Don’t let Trump finish his stolen term of office.


For the exploitocracy, Killer Clown is a man after their own missing heart.


As bad as Pruitt and Mulveney are…and make no mistake they are total freaking psychopaths…their masters are even worse. They are merely tools being used to shatter all consumer protections and rights. The fascists are having a field day with their destruction.

My only comfort is knowing greed has no boundaries. With every regulation they dismantle, with every citizen they victimize, they sow the seeds of their own destruction. Eventually when enough are dead, diseased, starved, or beaten…even the sheep will eventually rise up in anger…then it will be payback time.


thank you Ralph Nader for continuing to be ever vigilant as our consumer protector in chief for which to my knowledge, he is not paid 1 cent! More than we can say for most of our so-called senators and representatives on every level of government. They are mostly busy making phone calls to contributors to their never ending election ampaigns, whereas Ralph has spent most of his life in providing aid to his fellow citizens by being watchdog in chief of corporate thieves! Never been appreciated enuf by his countrywomen and men imho.


I totally agree!!!


Furthermore, I would say that Ralph Nader is the only man that I feel EARNED and DESERVED to be our President…


I really don’t think Americans fully grasp how malevolent Mulvaney is. Look at his CV and it that of a a total coward. I don’t mind if his ass is shipped from his plantation straight to hell. God, why was he not stopped years ago?


A third party might commit itself to working to implement a change requiring that Federal Court judges periodically face a vote of confidence from the people, and subsequently be dismissed if they do not attain a suitably low bar of, say 20 to 30% of the people who voted. This bar needs to be set low enough that the judges have the independence of thought and action needed to do their job without fear and concern of dismissal, yet the bar needs to be high enough that an overwhelming majority of votes would be enough to dismiss an obviously unsuitable judge. We need some way to protect ourselves from politically placed lifetime incumbents on the bench, but we need our Federal Judges to have independence, it is a balancing act to achieve this and currently the balance is far far too much against us.

Traditionally third parties get absorbed by the big two, which creates some small danger to the absorbing party that they will have to absorb some of the ideas and planks of the absorbed party. Also, occasionally before being seduced by the least objectionable choice arguments voters may toy with looking at a third party, and this small exposure of many of the people to some of the “politically impractical ideas” can be useful in the longer run to making them sound less impractical and possibly eventually even desirable.


You’re damn right stubones49!! God here’s someone who isn’t just looking out for himself like most self-serving politicians. He actually is interested in improving the lives of everyday Americans. Why, if he ran for president, there would be a landslide of votes for this guy like you wouldn’t believe!! … Oh wait, he DID run for president and he got … 2.74%. WTF!??


If a flu pandemic hits the world there will be few left to rise up.


The lack of Nader’s votes isn’t an indication of his unpopularity. Rather its an indication of how unfair ballot access is. Basically, if you’re not a D or an R, you don’t get on the ballot. Instead, voters have to write him in. 2.74% is an indicator of the numbers of voters who were aware of that. Its just like how people had to write in Jill Stein’s name on the ballot in order to vote for her. Very few people new to do that. Both the Ds and Rs are unwilling to open up ballot access because that would mean real competition. So the current strict rules governing ballot access receives bipartisan support like nothing else.


I was hoping someone else would do this, but no Mossonarock, the reason Ralph Nader got only 2.74% of the votes was not because he wasn’t on the ballot. You are in error. You do not pass go and you do not collect $200 . Ralph Nader was on the ballot in 43 states in the 2000 presidential election (which is when he got that 2.74% vote (actual count was 2,882,955 votes)). It was also possible to write him in in 4 more states. There were only 3 states where he wasn’t even allowed to be a write-in candidate. So it is very doubtful that that is the reason for his poor showing. As far as Jill Stein goes, in the 2012 presidential election, she was on the ballot in 37 states, and in 2016 she was on the ballot in 44 states. So do you really think that is why she had such a poor vote count? She received 1.07% of votes (1,457,216) for 2016 and only 0.36% of popular votes (469,501) for 2012.

Ralph Nader presidential campaign, 2000

Jill Stein presidential campaign, 2016

So I’d like to hear someone state the real reason he only got 2.74% of the popular vote.


I like Mr. Nader’s idea of using Heckler v. Chaney as a model to attack the wrecking crews now helming the boats of the various agencies. Nader’s knowledge of the law and it’s applicability is amazing. Almost makes me want me to study law!

The SCOTUS left the door open for lawsuits against them, but it’s hard to imagine that actually happening in any timely manner. But damn if it ain’t a fine idea!


Ralph only got 2.74% because he was not selected to be POTUS. The main reason it seems to me, because Ralph would have refused to be a stooge for the 1% and tried to help the 99%.


This happens mostly because Americans imagine that people from outside the 2 major parties cannot win–a product of a uniquely overwhelming propaganda system we call “the major media.”

It is a self-fulfilling prophesy. The bad news is that self-fulfilling prophesies do get fulfilled. The good news is that they stop being fulfilled when they get ignored or when people recognize that they are not inevitable nor usually desirable.

One part of this that seems a particular issue in the United States is that people imagine that when they stay away from the polls they are “protesting” in some sense. They imagine that they are somehow taking the democratic veneer away from the oligarchy. The trouble with that is that the oligarchy really has nothing, nothing whatever against simply ruling with less democratic veneer. Unless they somehow prefer just an oligarchy, ignoring elections makes a lousy protest.

Voting for Democrats or Republicans has for some time been mostly a dead loss, not only because most of the candidates are worse than worthless to start with, but because they show signs of having made horrid deals to have some conditional access to party approval, even when that approval was mostly just show, as in the case of Bernie Sanders.

What you’re looking at in the Stein and Nader campaigns is partial victory. We’re not going away before the poor do. And we stand with the majority, who stay away from both parties and the polls as much through knowledge as through ignorance: they know the front runners lie to them and the game is rigged; they just work in other venues to resolve that for themselves and their loved ones.

I don’t mean that all those people think the way I do. They don’t, especially. But you know, I’d have voted for Gary "What’s a leppo? Johnson before I voted for Clinton or Trump, and I will now persistently vote third parties in state and local elections because none of the elected Democrats across the nation came out against the rigging of the nomination, Bernie Sanders included.

We are out here, and most of us used to vote Democrat. I voted for compromise candidates most of my life. But the whole regime-change, foreign bribes, election-rigging, drug-and-gun-running mafiosi thing does not constitute a compromise. When you look at the assembled few percent of third party votes cast against the various difficulties of getting onto the system, getting the actual vote counted correctly, getting people to the polls over the propaganda of broadcast and print review systems, you are seeing less than the tip of the iceberg.

In theory, the Democrats could just cave and run an actual candidate. In practice, too many of the most highly placed apparently fear prosecution.


little pigs get fed, but eventually, big pigs get eaten.
there is a pathology here, a mental illness afoot of “i can never have enough”. i wish the psychiatric leadership would start discussing this pathology publically


people are told that these candidates “cannot win” and believe it when told that voting for them is “wasting your vote”. they are stupid enough to fall for this, time after time. the media, of course, treats any but the corporate chosen as whackos and clowns, even when they are such intelligent and honest candidates as nader or kuchinich. the system is very rigged against any decent candidate for the people.
we are told over and over that only a republican or democrat can win, so it has become a self fulfilling prophecy. the only thing i find hopeful is that the percentage of voters identifying as “independent” is now about 43%… so maybe people are finally catching on. however, computerized voting invites massive fraud. we need INSTANT RUNOFF VOTING and paper ballots to correct these flaws. when we get them, the dominance of the 2 “major” corporate parties will end.


You are in error. You do not pass go and you do not collect $200!!! Right back at you.
Now go and feel like an ignorant self-righteous lump your own self while you are completely avoiding the reality of ballot access that I pointed out. If Stein and Nader were not on 100% of the ballots across the nation then we have a problem with BALLOT ACCESS!!! sheez… Thank you for proving my point even when you thought you were making a fool of me.

Now, I’ll be passing go and collecting my $200. How’s jail sound to you? You’re one fartsmeller there.