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Trump, McCabe, and Our Permanent Constitutional Crisis


Trump, McCabe, and Our Permanent Constitutional Crisis

Juan Cole

Trump’s conviction that being president means never having to say you are sorry, and being able to do whatever the hell you please, is likely to cause him legal trouble sooner or later.

"If Mueller works up an obstruction case against Trump over the Comey firing, then it is possible that the McCabe firing could be seen as an action in furtherance of the original obstruction."


Orange (Julius) Caesar, being an out and out dolt regarding history, has no clue that by martyring McCabe he has redoubled the resolve of the opposition. I root for his removal by any means necessary, but especially if Pence and Ryan are removed from the line of succession. Time and political action are required to effect my vision. I shall try to do my part.


Pardon me, but there seems to be a reporting error in this article.
Cited is a James Mercer as head of Cambridge Analytical; Robert Mercer is the owner.


I rather liked this article, it connected the dots quite rightly so. Thanks Mr. Cole


I believe this morning your passion is too far out in front of your vision.

“I root for his removal by any means necessary, but especially if Pence and Ryan are removed from the line of succession.” What possible scenario are you looking for, an asteroid strike? You get rid of Trump and you will have Pence. You get rid of Pence and you will have Paul Ryan…they are just not going away.

Then there is " I root for his removal by any means necessary,"…You remove him through illegal or shady politics and you could start a civil war my friend. 100 million armed rednecks are not going to put up with that. If you somehow come out the other side still alive, you have forever weakened the presidency that the same maliciousness will be certain to be used on someone you approve of in the future. I believe the term is blowback…


Professor Cole is correct (as usual). This is serious business. It is not a game! Trump continues to diminish the Office of President by behaving as if everything is a pissing contest,
behaving like a schoolyard bully.

If the nation survives this embarrassing episode, we really need to take a lesson from this, and
make sure that we only elect a stable adult with a modicum of integrity to the Presidency in the future.


Yea - maybe - “a huge societal explosion”.

Right now I can’t think anything else will work.


Hmm, I didn’t detect any hint that by any means meant anything more than the various ways Trump could be “got”, none of which are illegal:

He’s admitted to firing Comey to quell the investigation, that’s obstruction of justice
He is in clear violation of the Emoluments Clause
Then there is the porn star hush money (illegal) thing.

Then there are the legion of shady business practices that everyone knows points to money laundering.

And indeed, a broke Trump organization could surely have a backroom deal with Putin in exchange for lifting sactions, and that deal had nothing to do with meddling in the election, and everything to do with payola for Trump. Allegedly. There may even be a pee tape, as it is satndard procedure for the Russian secret police to get “compromat”.

So, one doesn’t need any illegal or partisan means to get rid of him, only a functioning congress with principled patriotic people in it and a bit more time, if the nuclear hawks Trump is falling in love with now don’t blow up the planet.

It is true: There is a deep state, and God knows what their motives are, and the Democrats are severely distorting the Russia thing with their transparent tactic of diverting attention from their immoral, unprincipled behavior in rigging the primaries, so plenty of blame on many sides.

That said, among a den of self-serving people, there doesn’t look like a more obvious one to me than Donald Trump.


The “time” component is the key. If Pence can be snared in Mueller’s trap and Ryan (specifically the speakership) can be replaced by a D in the midterms it would be mission accomplished. There are of course sequencing issues that must be considered in this scenario.



“100 million armed rednecks are not going to put up with that.”

Who, may I ask are these “armed rednecks” going to seek out, our elected officials, our law enforcement, our intelligence agencies, our military?

100 million is 1/3 of this country.

Trump loyalists maybe total 30 to 40 million at best. The 63 million that voted for him included 10 to 20 million that would have voted for Bernie plus those that hated Hillary.

Sure, if the shit hits the fan, and Trump and many others are indicted for a multitude of legitimate crimes, there will be some who are upset. Without a doubt.

Both of my parents, lifelong Republicans, voted for Dick Nixon, but they didn’t go “postal” when he was proven a crook.

Chill out a bit, smoke a joint, drink a beer, watch something funny and have a few laughs.


Can we all come over to your house?


If they believe you forced him out of office illegally regardless of what the truth maybe, you will reap a whirlwind of hate and violence not seen since the Civil War PonyBoy. Believe it. I don’t believe you have enough respect for the forces at play.


That would be fun.


I absolutely recognize the forces at play here Dan. Respect them? Never.

I understand that these neanderthals in power believe that they can “buy” anything and anyone.
That’s not impressive, that’s elitist entitled egotistical Evil. At best.

If We as a People do not stand up to Evil when it threatens us right to our face, we don’t deserve any better.


You can come to my house … I have a Governor and 2 judges in my pocket; not to mention, a ranch hand :hugs::sunglasses:


Can you site anything supporting the claim that 10-20 million Bernie Bros voted Dolt .45?


Sorry Ron, pulled that one right outta me arse.


This thread reminded me of an excellent article, posted here a few weeks ago, asking if we need a presidency at all? Considering this moment and all that brought us here, it’s a question that deserves consideration. The US Constitution is the underpinning to Trump’s ascendency. It is a demonstrably flawed document that still protects property and profits over people and has failed to keep up with the times.

Eisenhower was the President when I was born. I can’t really recall one really great president since then, with the maybe exception of JFK, who didn’t get the chance to finish a term, but his prospects looked good. Each one is worse than the one before and that includes Obama, because he did nothing to reverse neoliberalism, further exacerbated the surveillance state, and expanded fronts of war. Yep, I’m beginning to think we would better off without a president, at least in the way the office is perceived in the Constitution.


Thanks I will take a look. Personally I see no reason for anything other then direct democracy. The technology is available today to make it happen.

But the Corporate Fascists worked hard to steal our government and our lives…and they have no intention of giving it back. The first step toward any better future is: "First we overthrow the fascists:…We are a long long way from that goal, if it is even possible. I don’t believe we will ever get the chance to find out if we could do better. Not without rivers of blood…