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Trump Medicare Chief Seema Verma's Attack on Medicare for All Full of Lies, Critics Say


Trump Medicare Chief Seema Verma's Attack on Medicare for All Full of Lies, Critics Say

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma launched a nonsensical broadside against Medicare for All on Wednesday in a speech in California—declaring that "Medicare for All would become Medicare for None"—Sen.


Seemsa Vermin.

Hand picked to destroy her agency from within, like DeVos, Pruitt and so any others.


Let the Trump Administration give up their insurance & join Tom Cruise, John Travolta & Kirstie Alley in Scientology.


Their argument is just a string of lies, manipulations and ideological nonsense. There is no actual critique of single payer to be found in any of their bullshit, no data or studies that show more efficiency in the present system than single payer, less overhead and lower social costs. As usual though, really crappy ideas have lots of staying power in a system dominated by money.


After viewing her record in Indiana, I wondered if she was human, or some kind of robot.
I hope she parents are proud, they’ve raised one hell of a piece of work.


Evidently, no matter a person’s ethnicity, garbage in, garbage out.


Sometime in the “Great Depression” … I’ve read that parents began to sue their children for support.

I think it’s time that Seniors began hiring lawyers – any LAWYERS on our side other than the ACLU?

How about children hiring LAWYERS?

How about ALL Americans coming together to sue our government for Medicare for ALL which all other nations have – and which they keep telling us they can’t afford???

What is war and tax cuts for the rich costing them?


We all know the deal about the US remaining the ONLY of the industrialized countries in the whole fucking world to not have a “universal” healthcare system. What a lot don’t realize is that MOST of the “other” countries have had this system since the late 40’s after WWII, and some even before. NONE have the national wealth we have AND ALL have better healthcare outcomes and less cost than us. And, we have most of the Dem pols saying either we can’t afford it or to wait and we EVENTUALLY will get it (yeah, maybe by 2075). This is something ALL the Dem pols should be behind in the mid-terms and from now on, the very LEAST they can do for us.


The people with money couldn’t give a shit about the rest of us. We all know that here.


I am 70. I am on Medicare and also am a 100% service connected disabled Vietnam Veteran who has been on AFDC, SSI and of course Medicaid. Let me be the first to tell you, if you do not already know that the entire Medical Cartel (MediCart) is a corrupt for-profit system that only delivers medical care within parameters that maximizes profits for the corporate interests that own our medical care systems both governmental and private, which is a distinction only meant to confuse the average consumer. Medicare is for all intents and purposes owned and operated by private insurance companies and is limited as to the categories of care it provides and as to who delivers such care. Now that they have a couple of decades of unconstitutionally operating the Medicare system MediCart is getting more brazen about denying care to seniors, especially at the end of life and shuffling those seniors onto state, and therefore federal, Medicaid roles to die with minimal care in hospices and off of their for-profit books. Medicare for all is an illusion. A simple political distraction. Here in the US the for profit system is so entrenched as the medical system that a simple bill gathering system where one entity, Medicare, pays the bills will only be a cosmetic change and not one that actually provides meaningful change in medicine as it is now practiced. One that allows seniors to live healthy years after retirement. One that allows children to be treated for simple ailments that interfere not only with physical but mental development as well. We have an artificially created shortage of doctors that is supplemented with International Medical Graduates who are used to keep the public from questioning these “experts” in short supply as they deliver MediCart’s for profit treatments and not all of the medicine we actually require.

Medical care has gone way past Profits Over People and has morphed into the final Parasitic Capitalist paradigm of People As Profits! Medicare for all is simply NOT ENOUGH! It will take destruction of virtually the entire system and rebuilding a system of medical care based upon the needs of We, The Rabble and not the profits of Wall Street! I have been a patient for over 32 years in the medical non delivery care system. Yes if I need emergency care it’s there. But if there is anything else wrong I am just another dollar sign that is part of a system that does not deliver cures to the human ills we all suffer from. American Medicine is not in the business of curing us. They simply cannot make the profits they are accustomed to by curing us. They must treat us with their ineffective drugs, keep us strung out on ineffective treatments and steal years of life from us all in the name of The God Almighty Dollar. I admit that this may seem shocking to most of you. After all the ubiquitous medical shows on the propaganda box present doctors as the quintessential American heroes and the vast majority of our doctors are selfless men and women dedicated to their art. But it is the system that is ignoble and reduces them to handing out pills and platitudes instead of relieving human suffering.

So let us not blindly cheer when the politicians shout Medicare For All - that is just a slogan that is meant to keep us from demanding real change and the destruction of a corrupt for-profit system of delivery of medical non care that serves none of us very well. We can do much better than this. We can have real medical care not dictated by profit formulas and dedicated to caring for us as human beings. As I said before it will take the complete destruction of the current system of the Medical Cartel and the rebuilding of a Medical Care system for us and not Wall Street.


Except in this system in most case we as the garbage are missing a few parts when it is garbage out to the grave!


We do not cheer for this but Expanded, Improved Medicare For All–H.R.676.


She is proof positive we need to earn our humanity.


Elites don’t like to shut down any pathways for private profit –

In fact, they want to open tons more of them by privatizing everything and anything.



Why can’t we impeach every one of them –

We need Constitutional lawyers we can hire to challenge them.


How many lawyers does Trump have now working on his various private businesses and the business of his various and multiple adulterous affairs? And on his defense against the Justice Department investigations of his administration?


There is no question Medicare for All is being oversold but the present system has such serious flaws that something should be done. The most serious problem of the present system is millions of Americans have no health coverage. Also, people who get their health coverage through their employer will lose it they are are let go or decide to quit. Probably many people are hanging on to jobs just to maintain their heath insurance. All over the world countries with single payer systems are dealing with skyrocketing costs. Healthcare has gotten very expensive nearly everywhere. Politicians seem to be reluctant to take on these problems. However, better use of computers to integrate health care systems to improve efficiency is one solution that has worked. Other things are paying for outcomes rather than fee for service. Getting a handle on this problems seems like a big job that will take decades but you have to start somewhere.


Perhaps Vermin considers the 99% to be in the untouchable caste ?


People like you are shameless. How is single payer being oversold? It is a slam dunk case. And saying that healthcare costs have been rising in every system says nothing about the systems. For example, the British NHS is dealing with an aging population. That is an objective problem that exists regardless of the system. That will cause costs in any system to rise. However, in every single situation you can imagine, this system will cost much more than a single payer system because of how inefficient this system is. It is inefficient because there are inefficiencies at the institutional level not found in public systems (profits, massive executive pay, lobbyists costs, etc.), and in any multi-payer system at the system level (more than anything, the complexity requires a large administrative, financial and legal overhead to manage the complexity of the system). So, you have any objective issue you can imagine, and you see which system will deal with that problem with less waste/overhead, with less social costs and with lower overall costs, single payer wins every time. There is no “overselling” it, it is a fact. People like you know that 40,000 people die each year from this system, see the massive financial costs of this system, the job lock, and you really don’t care. Single payer will not happen within a year or anything, but thinking it will be decades is absurd. No reason it has to take that long. We just need to defeat people like you.

I also wish that people, when discussing Medicare, would take into account the fact that neoliberals like you have marketized the system. Traditional Medicare is different than the privatized portions of Medicare, so Medicare on the whole is far more capitalist than it has to be. You might notice that the ACA allowed states to “experiment” with Medicaid in their states. So, my home state (Illinois) allowed private insurance companies to butt their inefficient noses in and played a major role in regards to Medicaid. The far right wing governor was interviewed a few years ago about how to improve efficiency with Medicaid in the state (which is still far more efficient than private insurance companies). You know what he said? He, a far right (and horrible) Republican, said that the system needed LESS choice and complexity. Bingo. Take that to its logical conclusion. Even assholes like Rauner seem to get some of the basic underlying logic of this all, if by accident and without realizing the implications of what they are saying.


I hear you, and similar dynamics have occurred with Medicaid, which I mentioned to a wonderful poster above. The ACA allowed states to “experiment” with Medicaid, which essentially was a green light to allow private insurance companies to come in and basically make everything worse, from the system level. Single payer is far more efficient than this system, in any context we can realistically imagine, but to the extent that systems that should be single payer systems have been turned over to private insurance companies, those systems will increasingly start to see the types of inefficiencies we find in our system. The types of inefficiencies we find in private insurance companies and in decentralized multi-payer systems, those things start to emerge. And this government is largely barred from using its economies of scale to bargain down the price of drugs, which single payer would do. So, those that are fighting for single payer realize the things you are mentioning and want to remove profits, inefficient institutions and chaotic and inefficient systems like ours. And unlike Medicare in Canada, we want dental too.


In general I agree with your sentiments, but the one thing to price in is the Supreme Court. If it can strip Congress’s power to enforce the 14th amendment, which the Fuller Court did in the 1890s and the Roberts Court is doing now, I suspect it won’t be shy about wrecking a national healthcare plan too. Just look how Roberts rewrote the Medicaid expansion basically whole-cloth, leaving Chevron deference in its wake. This is why, if Kavanaugh isn’t seated prior to the election, it’s critical to vote in 2018. If you live in a state where the difference is a guy like Rick Scott or Bill Nelson, think long and hard before doing anything that would allow McConnell to set the floor schedule in the Senate.