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Trump Might Be Leading the US to Another Meltdown


Trump Might Be Leading the US to Another Meltdown

Larry Beinhart

The US financial regulatory agencies have weakened banking rules.

Then in late May, Congress voted to weaken them even further.

They went after the Volcker Rule which prohibits banks from making risky investments with depositors' money.


Hello! Of course it’s going to crash again! That’s when they (the 1%) take down social security and the rest of the safety net we’ve been paying into all our lives and give each other more bonuses. And it’s not Trump “leading” us to this–it’s the bankers and neoliberal capitalism over the past 40 years, aided and abetted by both parties. Trump’s reality TV presidency is the smoke and mirrors distracting us from the ultimate coup. Stay tuned. It’s almost here. This will not be the shit hitting the fan; it will be the tornado hitting the hog farm waste pond.


Add to that there is surely a lot of Big Money shorting the markets at this point in time. Foreclosure foreplay for them will surely continue the last 40 years of suck-it-up economics (sold as an alternate Orwellian meme).




An excellent and timely warning from Mr. Beinhart! The soaring stock market is a red flag for most people, because they will not benefit from it. They will ultimately become more impoverished by this financial house of cards—this illusion of prosperity.

Make no mistake about it-----our greatest threats are not “Terrorists” or “Immigrants”. They are
the Foxes who now run the Henhouse. They and the Vulture Capitalists will devour us chickens and then suck the marrow out of our bones. “MAGA” indeed! The greatest con job in history!


Thank you! I needed that! All of this D.C. shitstorm makes me appreciate our great artists more than ever. I spendt a couple of hours last night watching 1970-71 videos of Leon Russell and The Allman Brothers. Helps me stay sane!


Whoops! (sic)


Although Cheney and his puppet Dubya were dispicable, Beinhart accusing Dubya of more bank deregulation is revisionist history. It was Bill Clinton’s wholesale dismantling of New Deal regulations that precipitated the 2008 crash and let banksters off the hook while Obama and the Dim Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for $16 plus trillion in bailout schemes.

The too big to fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 controlled 50% by the time Obama left office.


This is all very right on The financial sector is just waiting to cave again, there’s little incentive for it not to.
But there is the other half of all this-I think the economy WILL crash due to the tax heist Within two years of so the federal government may implode, literally, from lack of money. I can envision whole departments collapsing. Which is what the GOP has wanted for decades, only their immature members (along with the Libertarian wingnut infants) will not like what’s likely to happen, the federal sector grinding to a halt like Latin American military dictatorship.
If the Democrats can get in and get significant revisions to the tax act, some of this MIGHT be alleviated. But in any even its going to get grim based on hardly enough revenues . And borrowing money will only go so far to avert a crash that as close to the Great Depression as we have ever seen. Everything is aligning for it, people just don’t want to talk about it.


A couple of wonderful lines to quote here. The one above and fromWise Owl
“Foreclosure foreplay for them will surely continue the last 40 years of suck-it-up economics”

I’ve had a few chuckles, but I’m a little confused after all. What will happen after BigMoney has sucked all our marrow from the bones left out to dry ? No jobs, no income, no taxes collected. Oh well !


Then they will probably vacation to other countries and spread their toxic ideology there.


They leave us high and dry and move to the next country. This has actually played out through out the world. The actual history of North Korea in the 80’s is one such example - they opened up to the world and put their stock on the market and got fleeced by American traders through massive stock manipulation, and had to close again to the rest of the world to lick their wounds, financially in ruins and try to recover. They have been closed to the world since. There was a great story of that, I believe it was called The Electronic Ocean. Robert Kiosaki of all people, wrote it. It’s also what they’ve done to Greece(Hillary Clinton’s daughter is married to a guy who in conjunction with goldman sachs setup a great stock swindle that hurt that country badly.) I’s also what the global trade does to every country as it destroys the infrastructure of what was there when it creates new jobs, and then leaves immediately for the next country with cheaper labor. Cheaper labor so stocks go up for investor which is driving the moves. There’s massive economic devastation throughout the world because of monies being switched around by billionaire investor demand to increase the price of stock. What’s happening in the US and Europe - Europe is also getting Greeced, is unprecedented though because of the amount and the vast corruption in the first world with no authority for justice. We will all be Greeced. I’ll try to get your an article. I posted one a few weeks ago about Clinton’s daughter and her husband. WallstreetonParade.com is an excellent site to follow for this btw.

Here’s the link:


And to be clear, goldman sachs most certainly shorted the stock and took all the money that was lost. That’s how todays market is raided of money and that’s is who our 401K’s are going to go.


If you haven’t seen this or read the book, it’s worth a look. There are longer versions on youtube.



The meltdown will be worse still because of so many countries dumping the petro-dollar as trading currency, devaluing the US dollar. That coupled with the FED printing money like it’s toilet paper for all of the banks, your paper money may become worthless.


The elites are amazingly good at keeping their ponzi schemes afloat for as long as possible. So determining exactly when the system is going to collapse next is a very difficult to do. But collapse it will and when it does it will be much worse then last time. Even with them printing money at a feverish pace, mathematically the system is doomed to failure. When it does…the elites will dump it all on the people and fly away on golden parachutes.It will be the end for this country as we know it. It is inevitable and it is coming…


“The meltdown will be worse still because of so many countries dumping the petro-dollar as trading currency, devaluing the US dollar. That coupled with the FED printing money like it’s toilet paper for all of the banks, your paper money may become worthless”

Ridiculous. Every major central bank has been creating money since the crash. The ECB, the central bank in China, Japan has been doing so for decades now. Bond yields are a fraction of what they were in the early 1980’s and when the next crash happens, which isn’t that far off, most of the world will flee to US bonds. Bonds are 100% certain to be re-paid and represent no risk at all. What would make the US dollar completely worthless anyway? It would have to collapse in value relative to all other currencies, which is absurd. When the British Pound went from being THE currency to what it is now, it didn’t result in economic collapse or a collapse in the value of its currency. It helped to facilitate them slowly selling off its empire, and it did require some changes, but it didn’t freaking collapse. If the US dollar lost some of its value relative to other currencies, it would force some changes, and if the left has its shit together, it could use the situation to push through things that might have otherwise been more difficult.

Besides, printing money itself doesn’t necessarily do anything to the value of the currency. Milton Friedman believed stuff like that and was proven wrong, and we can see, despite how much the Fed has created, that it hasn’t resulted in high inflation or much higher bond yields, and this is doubly true when an economy isn’t at full utilization, which we clearly are.

The problem is where that money is going, and the fact that it is being used to prop up a parasitic financial system. We need to socialize money creation (since banks create most money, not the Fed or Treasury), and to push for public banks.


The British Pound is worth about 1/6 of what it was in 1970.


I don’t know what you mean by that. Are you claiming that it is worth a sixth of what it was relative to other currencies, relative to the US dollar or are you talking about inflation? And the Dollar took over as the dominant currency decades before 1970, so I don’t know why you would pick 1970 to make that argument. My point is that the Pound was the dominant currency, its dominance allowed it to maintain its empire, and when it lost its dominant position, it had to reform, but the reform didn’t result in the Pound becoming worthless, nor did it result in the UK becoming Guatemala. If the US dollar ever stops being THE dominant currency (which is entirely possible), there is no chance the dollar will completely collapse relative to other currencies. You might see the IMF’s SDRs take the place of the dollar, where the dollar would join other major currencies in a bundle of some kind. It will call for internal changes, but nothing we couldn’t deal with. Now, if you are talking about the environmental crisis, if you are talking about the broke economic model both parties have bought into and the Democrats offer no alternative to, if you are talking about the implications of a financialized economy, or the emphasis on the supply side while neglecting demand (government spending, increasing the incomes of people with high propensities to spend), among many other things, well, then you are talking about economic collapse. De-dollarization itself is small potatoes relative to lots of other things.


I really wish the left would focus more on money creation and the financial/banking system. Some economists do (Costas Lapavitsas, Mary Mellor, Michael Hudson, Steve Keen are a few). It is literally impossible for the US government to “run out of money”. The US government is the only institution in the world that can create our physical currency. It creates dollars through the Fed, and coins through the Treasury. It can create money whenever it wants, with no limits. What you are saying is that the only institution that can create our currency can run out of the currency it only can create. Does that make sense? It is true that there are many ways for the government to inject money into the economy, but it can directly do so (especially through the Treasury) without any limit at all. Read the discussion on the “trillion dollar platinum coin” that appeared around the time of the last debt ceiling debate, and look over the arguments from the MMT economists. The big difference between creating money through the Treasury and the Fed is ultimately the creating money through the Fed results in an increase in public debt, which itself isn’t a big thing. It essentially is a subsidy to the private economy, whereas creating money through the Treasury doesn’t involve that. We could inject money to people directly, like a universal basic income, that could entirely bypass the banks. Or would could inject money through the Treasury, which would likely result in an increase in private debt, but it isn’t possible for the federal government to run out of money. That is different though for state, county and municipal governments. They cannot create the US, and they can run into financial positions that the federal government cannot run into.

The US economy will collapse again, it will be horrible, and we will once again use the power of the state to bail out private financial capital. We need public banking and we need to socialize money creation, period. Anything less (including more regulations) is a half measure that will eventually be undone.