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Trump Minimizing and Sugarcoating Coronavirus Perils; Bernie Must Continue Campaign

Be safe. I wish you well.

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Thanks, Ralph. As always, you are a voice of compassion and reason. All too often ignored to our peril.

First -time poster suzyku, your Democratic National Committee roots are showing.
Why are you referencing the easily de-bunkable meme that Ralph Nader cost “us” (The Democratic Party Leaders) an election?
Two things cost us the selection and it was NOT Ralph Nader.
(1) The Democratic Party Incompetence and
(2) None other than Joe Biden.

Joe Biden brutally attacked Anita Hill so that he and his Corporate Sponsors could get Clarence Thomas appointed to the Supreme Court so that then Clarence Thomas could go on to stop the counting and get Dubya appointed to the Presidency. If the votes had been counted, Dubya would not have been selected president. Joe Biden is then also responsible for getting us Citizens United which is one of the reasons that Donald Trump is now president.

Please thank Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for these actions - not the tireless hero Ralph Nader.


Yes, foreign aid is just another Government lie and an euphemism for foreign bribery.

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You’re scaring me.

Not that I give no credence to your radar . . . .

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We are in a very scary precarious situation with very little trustworthy information by which to navigate. Whether this is intentional or not is what I am researching to ascertain. For me, it makes a critical difference in what I do each day and how I plan each day, this week, this month. How much more than that I can trust in has rapidly eroded since the months-delayed coronavirus information was unleashed.

That I share what I find feels important and urgent in service of our collective public health, since so little resources have been devoted to it and so many have been robbed from it. The US has a massively mismanaged, competitive profit-making Wealth Care system which I have known since the early 1990’s when it was visibly imploding. The Obummer"care" response was to insure a wider pool of people at exorbitant rates to the Insurance Corporations, subsidized by the US government, but still holding individuals responsible for extreme pricing of their actual care that bankrupts at least a half-million people each year, and for which more than half of US citizens has less than $400 in savings to deal with, because of the plunder of the working class by the kleptomaniac CEO’s, boards and their investors.

Health “insurance” is NOT health CARE. I did not expect the US to collapse this fast and transfer the rest of our meager savings to a con-klan of kleptomaniac kakistocrats. Shame on me…


I completely agree with Ralph.

I said the same thing earlier. Americans need to keep hearing what America can be, two steps forward and NO walking back.

Keep Bernie FRONT & CENTER. Listen up Americans. Hear some things you probably never heard before, or if you did it was when Americans were at their best and we had a thriving middle-class aka: a democracy.

FDR 2.0. Donate. I did and I’m on a fixed income.


sanders has lost The voters by a great majority have said No to him to continue the campaign, to force continuation of the primaries puts more people at risk. It appears he may be making a decisison before thenext primary based on what he has said re he and his staff reevaluating but at end of day dems must unite and votebluenomatter who the evil is trump and McConnell

We don’t know about either turd, the northern or southern version. In Brazil there is a lot of speculation about Bolsonaro - two names were redacted from the infected list released. Many are speculating that these are the Tropical Turd and his wife.

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Denial is a river not just in Egypt, but Brazil too? Negative tests don’t mean much: the BBC and Chinese epidemiologists reported last week that people can show “negative” six times in a row and still be infected with the virus and come down with the “mild pneumonia” all the way into severe within three to six weeks. The tragedy of these leaders like the Bolsanaros, Pences, and #45 and family are that they have been propagating the virus among all the rest of their governments. That is, unless the Pentagon rushed #45 off to Walter Reed on 11/16/19 for its vaccination… Still waiting…