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Trump Mocks Biden Mask-Wearing Just as New Research Shows Stricter Compliance Could Save 120,000 Lives in US Over Next 4 Months

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/04/trump-mocks-biden-mask-wearing-just-new-research-shows-stricter-compliance-could

“It’s hard to respond to something so idiotic.”

That, in a nutshell, is the story of Trump’s “narratives” during the 2016 Republican “debates”.


"anywhere from 100,000 to 430,000 additional U.S. residents are likely to die from Covid-19 in the next four months. "

additional should be assigned responsibility to Trump alone.
He does not care about grandmother in assisted living or at the local rest home.
He does not care if certain cities having democrats elected to offices suffer the
valuable lives lost.
He does not care because he is inside an insulated cacoon, slinging lies via tweet
and at rallies.
He does not care because the most vulnerable to die are diabetic, older, and not his
wealthy hanger ons.
We began March and April using the casualty evaluations from University of Washington. But
then DC went to CDC which has slower case and death reporting. The CDC software
will be updated and faster this coming December.

No one I know can understand how Trump maintains 42% favorable with C19 disaster
alone having his hand print directly for over 100,000 of the deaths so far and way too
many thru Christmas.

We cannot gain 95% mask compliance when the president discards this remedy.


This from a man who has only one outlook on life-what’s in it for me? Anyone who shows common sense or empathy is called a loser or a sucker.
I wouldn’t believe him if he told me my shoe was untied. And I wear loafers!
Just wear the mask!!!If you’re worried about how it might affect your manly image, also wear a codpiece.


DT doesn’t seem to care about saving lives, even those who would vote for him.


Maybe it would be wisest simply to NOT respond…

Personal attacks are Trump’s forte. Seems best to me for Biden to ignore a personal attack and find someone else scientifically qualified to call out his comments in no uncertain terms.


Indeed which is an excellent reason why Trump should be arrested and tried for criminal negligence as his actions have resulted in the needless deaths of close to 200,000 Americans. But allowing the powerful to literally get away with murder is par for the course in the allegedly greatest country in the world.


Call it what it really is, “CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE.”

Just like drunk driving.


While we certainly can make a case that it is true that we suffer because we lack knowledge, my question is: How do we fight stupid?


High time the media got on a real offensive regardless of any right wing media owners.


Why doesn’t that monster ()der trump) drop dead already?


This latest shallow diversionary and childish comment from Commander Bone-Spur, who lied himself out of serving his nation shows his utter lack of character - the person that considered serving against fascism as being “for suckers and/or loosers”,a comment that clearly shows himself to be a person of the lowest moral character, lacking honesty and any integrity whatsoever - if not already crystal clear!
A person that has existed all his life by victimizing and robbing others, and our republic to serve himself and his malignant greed-driven narcissism; a racist like his father, that cares about nothing except himself and that is a violation of his now laughable “oath of office”, ignored by the hour with every breath he takes and made a mockery, while his slavish supporters lap-up his lies, treason, and contempt for our people, society, republic, and perhaps most importantly, truth!

Four more years? Given the destruction from that hideous creature and his corrupt minions, there will be little or nothing left to reform, protect, love, or grow if his view of life is given any more time!

~https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/09/trump-americans-who-died-at-war-are-losers-and-suckers/615997/ - The Atlantic expose’ of this blight on humanity!


In an ideal world that would be a most germane question to ask. Unfortunately I have found, while living in a rural part of the Pacific Northwest, that it is simply impossible to talk rationally to Trump’s loyal band of followers as they appear to believe that their messiah practically walks on water. And there is also the concern that if I were to press the issue some, if not many, of these people, would reach into their pick up truck, get out a gun, and start blazing away because I dared to point out the fallacies of Trump’s beliefs.


To string two cliches together which may be quite relevant here, it would seem that the good die young while there is no rest for the wicked.

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The University of Washington projections are really close to my own forecast that I issued on August 9. Those numbers plus my daily updates are at


I’m sorry, but I’m going to discontinue my daily updates (March 22 - September 4, 2020) due to the relatively high quality (at least now they are) of the University of Washington forecasts. When I started there were no such forecasts at all and I filled a huge hole. Then there were forecasts but they were incompetent. Now they’re good. They’re just kind of late.


DJT is the Head of a Death Cult…and he needs prosecuted for Criminal Negligent Homicide: willful and accountable of every single death (whether it is COVID, guns, Police, violence to name a few). AND I will hold all of his & the GOP cult followers culpable too!!


I agree, because in my view, Trump will eviscerate Biden in the coming debates. I am no fan of Biden but if he takes the Trump bait he will be DOA! My advice to Biden is he would be better off canceling the debates because Biden in my view has absolutely no chance against Trump. Biden could opt out by saying: " it is impossible to debate with a pathological liar" and not many could refute that claim!

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The CDC recently spruced up its website – providing a 7-day moving average for the new-cases trend of each state, which stands as a very handy benchmark for evaluating various outbreaks – without it the day-by-day chart can look too rough and hairy to discern the trend (see Kansas, for instance):


Kansas is among twelve states which have been hitting or verging on new highs in their outbreak trajectories, since the Republican convention: Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In the last few days, eight more states have joined this roster: Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin. New highs are presenting in twenty states then, some of them Republican strongholds with relatively sparse populations.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 stats (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/07/2020          11          11
>  10.  03/13/2020       1,885       1,896
>  15.  04/17/2020     688,818     690,714
>  20.  05/22/2020     905,171   1,595,885
>  25.  06/26/2020     863,587   2,459,472
>  30.  07/31/2020   2,083,107   4,542,579
>  35.  09/04/2020   1,638,895   6,181,474

For USA as a whole, Sept. 4’s nearly 50K new cases is the highest since Aug. 15.

Laughing in trump’s face still seems to be the only recourse when he continuously and blatantly lies.

Seems to be using the playbook that brought the Nazis to power in Germany, back in 1933.