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Trump Move to Bring White Nationalist Sebastian Gorka Back to White House Blasted as 'Sanctioning Discrimination'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/trump-move-bring-white-nationalist-sebastian-gorka-back-white-house-blasted

It always mystifies me as to how these people can proclaim that the Muslim religion “Inherently violent” when the largest wars in world History and those leading to 10s of millions of deaths were waged by “Christian Nations”.

To guys like Gorka when the USA is killing “Godless Communists” in Vietnam it was an act of love and on the behalf of a God who wanted the “Commies” dead but when Muslims cite Allah when they kill US soldiers in Afghanistan it shows how violent the Muslim religion is.


As CNN reported, Gorka’s credentials are at best questionable:

Yeah, but we have to admit that Gorka’s credentials are perfect to qualify for a position in Trump’s fascist, white supremacy… Administration!

Let’s face it, trump is going to keep being a bigger and bigger asshole until EVERYBODY commits to loving him, and complying with everything he dictates. Angry democrats, judges and courts all have to bow before the king.
And we can’t get this sick bastard out of the White House???
Do we really have to go all the way and physically drag his sorry ass out of White House.

This is similar to the pain Wisconsinites went through with Walker.

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His days are numbered as acting president and hopefully as a free man. The exit door awaits him and I can hear the prison gate opening ready to accept him for a long stay with no power over anything. The United States is in need of massive reform of its government so that we can prevent individuals from being able to do anything they want when they assume an office. The checks and balances don’t work when principles and intregity are aside as personal and political agendas are pursued.

He’s certainly getting worried:



" ‘Gangster capitalist’ Trump is running a ‘mafia state’ — and things are about to get worse: Pulitzer-winning journalist "


From your link:
“As Aristotle said, once you have oligarchic rule, there are only two choices. It is revolution or tyranny, and that’s it.”

It’s time for the people to come to terms with this.
Nice link by the way, you can almost never go wrong with Hedges.

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Sorry @wingsofadove, I’m sure your link is good, but my above response was for @F_DN.
My mistake.

I did wonder where all that came from. No damage done. But i learned something. Thanx.

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