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Trump Mulling Streaming Online Channel to Challenge Fox News: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/12/trump-mulling-streaming-online-channel-challenge-fox-news-report

Faux Noise is likely posturing to avoid being named in all the post POTUS law suits that will hit Trump and his family.

One America News is likely welcoming Trump in to provide him an ongoing platform.


Hi raydelcamino:
sigh-------if Trump is mad at Fox news now, maybe that will distract him for a while. The media should just stop covering Trump unless he actually does something useful. or says something sane.

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It will be bankrupt inside a year, that’s if he can even get any money to fund it. I mean this is a guy who bankrupted a casino…a CASINO for gods sake!


That’s rich, a “loser” attacking a fake news, opinion show that spreads political propaganda for weak minded people.


This doesn’t surprise me. Almost all news media actively CAMPAIGNED for Biden offering almost no criticism while every day, biased against Trump and 100% criticism.

Same thing regarding Bernie.

The pro-globalism candidate won.

If trump has no interest in running again in 2024 I can see him wrecking a lot of stuff.
The catch is that he could be in jail or litigating for the next four years. If stalls as the way he is now he will miss DC train as it squeals by.

Evidently, he’s sufficiently intimidated Fox News because there is a report
posted somewhere on CD here that Fox today reported news that’s just the
opposite of what they reported yesterday in regard to the election.

By the way, looks like Arizona is close to being called for Trump –


So never then…

Hi Mr.Salty:
YES! Perhaps if he keeps shoveling hamburgers into his face----he will find himself with a giant myocardial infarction-----------and this lying Grinch of the world will be gone by Christmas.

There’s a part of me that wonders if his complaining about Governor Cuomo at his press conference today—obviously, Cuomo was mean to him—is about getting a pardon. He stalls a vaccine until the president agrees to help him.