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Trump Mulling 'Uniquely Dystopian' Proposal to Use AI to Identify Mental Health Issues as Risk Factors for Gun Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/trump-mulling-uniquely-dystopian-proposal-use-ai-identify-mental-health-issues-risk

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If Trump had any of these devices on his wrist or his home they would be white hot with alarms before ultimately exploding.


Because Trump is not widely renowned as a consumer of any literature, he can’t be reading science fiction/fantasy novels on acid. Someone in his coterie of maniacs is, however; and passing along the fantasies as it they’re 8th grade book reports.This corrupt cabal, posing as an administration, has got to be taken as a serious threat to the Republic. The current Democratic Party is to chicken, and the current Republican Part is too dangerous. With the United States being viewed as a dangerous joke, worldwide, the voters had better get their asses in gear come November, if, indeed, an election will be “allowed” at all by the Trump regime.



These nitwits spend most of their limited IQ points creating cutesy acronyms, and then they don’t have enough left to understand that their proposals are impractical and evil.


For at least the past half century the GOP has used select sci-fi and Orwell’s 1984 as how-to manuals for creating neofeudalism. Trump just elevates that process to the next level.


Gosh. Well, I don’t own any gun and am too old to use one anyway. I’ll have to do my best not to get any mental health history. My daughter says my need of a haircut makes me look like a “crazy person”, but she doesn’t understand. I just can’t let go of the 60’s


You can bet that almost every dystopian, fascist, horrific thing we’ve seen in science fiction will or already has come true as the human race kills the biosphere and itself.
Weaponized AI robots, mind scans, chip implantation, mass biometric surveillance, robocop kill teams, chemical lobotomies, vast open air prisons (such as where the Palestinians live right now), monopoly corporate control of food/water/seeds/medical supplies, and on and on.
Movies like Minority Report, Gattaca, Idiocracy, They Live, Gattaca, Elysium and many others will seem like documentaries as the horror show advances.
The Pentagon and their sinister corporate allies are building a worldwide gulag and most people are sheep.
Only V for Vendetta style tactics will save us, but from what I can tell, 99% of the population won’t bother. They’ll gladly be herded, doped, chemically castrated, and otherwise rendered as useless as the Jack Nicholson character at the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Simplicity simplicity simplicity. Donald Trump just needs to look at himself in the mirror but actually to see himself for the first time.

We’ve seen this movie
Minority Report and probably a couple episodes of the Twilight Zone


"In keeping with his insistence that people with mental illnesses, and not the wide availability of guns, are to blame for the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings "

Firearm murders have been steadily decreasing since the 90s. Firearm murder rate was about 6.2/100k in 1994 and 3.4/100k in 2017. While the percentage of households owning guns has stayed around 43% the number of guns has increased. So it don’t look like the the number of firearms has anything to do with the “epidemic of gun violence” which had been decreasing.

If your a hammer everything is a nail. Can we take a moment to imagine what or who a conservative controlled device to detect mental illness would detect?


Yeah let’s throw the mentally ill under the bus. Nevermind that they are far more likely to be the victims of violence than its perp or that none of the shooters would have been flagged.

All I see, from both parties, are nothing but ineffective approaches: mental illness, background checks, banning some type of assault weapons. All useless. All wastes of time.


I often cite that reduction in firearm murders here myself, lamonte.

Nonetheless, suicide by gun way up, lamonte:

19% higher in a decade
1/2 of all suicides
2/3 of all gun deaths

Mass shootings (4 or more dead, shooter possibly included) way up, lamonte:

16 out of 25 of the deadliest mass shootings by body count – all using semi-automatic weapons – have occurred in the last ten years.

But perhaps, after reading this, you’ll explain how the number of firearms has nothing to do with something or other…


This coming from the Prince of Pathologies is the very definition of irony, isn’t it?


These computer tech companies are just as scummy as Wall Street banks. They don’t care who or how many people their products damage or kill, as long as they get rich doing it. Lowlifes one and all.


This will pass with the support of both the RNC and the DNC. It will be turned against progressives who challenge the neoliberal beatdown. It will be turned against environmentalists trying to save the planet from the capitalist apocalypse. This is the endgame of the psychotic elite–the Homo Deus. Homo Deus–gods in the form of demented teenage boys wielding incredible power with no understanding or empathy.


Thank you for this. So few understand the stigma and what it does to someone. Often times it isn’t the condition that has to be fought over and over again, it is the stigma that ruins lives.

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The suggestion that the U.S. should institutionalize mentally ill people en masse to prevent violence is crazy. On the other hand, keeping guns out of the hands of people whose mental inclination is toward mass shootings is sane. But Trump and almost everyone on any side of this issue ignore the fact that mass shootings aren’t mental illness, but a result of addiction to guns. Addiction is a form of mental disorder. The cause is use of the addicting things. Using guns is essential to overdosing on gun addiction by going on a shooting spree.

Some of the symptoms of gun addition: possession of gun(s) in violation of existing laws; possession of assault weapons; possession of enough guns and ammunition to perform mass shootings; frequently firing guns for pleasure or practice by people who aren’t hunters or in target shooting events; and expressing love for guns more often and more emphatically than love for people. Experts should identify gun addiction and publicize the signs of it so that people can report potential gun addicts to law enforcement. Red flag laws should allow investigating people reasonably suspected of being gun addicts – before they approach their targets armed with large amounts of ammunition.

So the HARPA idea misses the point, but is headed in the right direction. The first thing to investigate isn’t a person’s mental illness, but whether they have amassed guns and ammunition useful for only one thing: mass murder. That’s the best way to determine if they’re addicted so that they might someday overdose, like the dozens of recent mass shooters. Keeping guns out of the hands of gun addicts would also solve the problem. But gun addiction can best be identified by the symptoms mentioned above, and the vast amount of guns in our society makes identifying gun addiction the best alternative.


Phat Boy is right that mental illness is in play at a lot of these shooting events. And preventing them is no problem at all. If a person walks into a gun store wearing a red MAGA hat, then he doesn’t get service. If someone walks around with a red MAGA hat, then he is taken to the police station and relieved of all his firearms. If someone posts supporting Phat Boy, the same, loses his right to even touch a firearm. Treat being a MAGAt the same as you would any violent felon, forbidden from ever touching a firearm. While that might not totally eliminate mass killings, it would certainly reduce them substantially.

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Actually, the only thing that has kept the firearm death rate as low as it is has been are advances in trauma medicine. Although the Republican Party cut all resources to the FBI and CDC so that they couldn’t count victims of gun violence, it has been estimate that some 130-150 thousand Americans are shot every year, wounds that, as the CDC estimated, cost our medical system some 150 billion dollars per year.