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Trump Must Be Impeached. Here’s Why


Trump Must Be Impeached. Here’s Why.

Laurence Tribe

The time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump for obstruction of justice.

The remedy of impeachment was designed to create a last-resort mechanism for preserving our constitutional system. It operates by removing executive-branch officials who have so abused power through what the framers called “high crimes and misdemeanors” that they cannot be trusted to continue in office.


What is most frightening of all to think about is that Trump may not be impeached!

What would that tell us about the state of things in this country?


Impeaching Trump will propel born again Evangelical Mike Pence into the White House. Less chaos will result, and a more well oiled far right Republican machine will have a far easier time pushing through its destructive agenda.
We should be careful what we wish for.


Why should we expect a party that seems to not care if civilization is destroyed by increasing the burning of fossil fuels to go along with impeachment? There is no hint the Republicans care about national interest. The party seems to be narrowed to only two concerns, getting re-elected and corporate profits. We have already seen that millions are willing to cast votes for people who appear to have an agenda that will destroy their lives. The voters do not seem to be voting to make their own lives better but to make the lives worse of those they fear and hate. Impeachment appears to be a goal that is out of reach. I think we are going to have do put up with Trump no matter how many things he does that should lead to impeachment.


"prevent foreign powers from pressuring U.S. officials to stray from undivided loyalty to the United States".
Sounds like AIPAC.


So rumor has it that Trump is ready to fire a lot of people. He trusts his daughter and Jared. Will the PTB finally get the war with Iran that they want? Scary thought!


Trump is a piece of crap who will do whatever comes to his little mind and that usually will benefit him directly or indirectly. On the other hand, it is almost worth it to see the Democrats squirm and cry and point their finger at anything other than themselves for getting us into this particular predicament. If you want to get rid of Trump then recommend programs that people want otherwise you are simply the other side of the self-interest Trump coin and every bit as worthless as he is. Impeach him? Sure, go right ahead and then, assuming Trump is convicted in the Senate, watch Pence bring about the "Handmaid's Tail" in all its glory.


With all the sycophants and fawning parasites in the Republican controlled congress, I do not see much chance of an impeachment of (not my president)..Trump. But even though Pence is not any better, the sweetest words to me would be:" MR. TRUMP; YOU'RE FIRED! "


Nixon's major crime occurred prior to his being elected, treason. That was prolonging the war in Vietnam by making an agreement with the N. Vietnamese government not to go to the peace table until Nixon was in office; same with LBJ; same with Ronnie boy Reagan; same with pappy Bush. From my memory, all those mentioned and those not, up to the current President, are guilty of unpunished war crimes. Our three branch system of government is irreparably broken. For years Congress has been a rubber stamping proletariat and the Courts are merely a tool of the Deep State plutocrats. There you have it. A decades long system of unchallenged abuses which only get worse with time.


Oh yeah, let's just bow down and let the deep state run things as much as they want. Why even bother with elections from now on?

By the way the hypocrisy of those who non-stop denounced Comey and demanded he be fired by Obama and/or resign and now scream for Trump to be impeached is such a stink it boggle the mind.

How dare a president fire a part of his own administration? Or do we think the FBI is beyond the power of elected officials- which is the definition of the deep state?

By the way, I'm not defending Trump. I'm attacking those who are abandoning any sense of fairness in their attacks on him.


yeah like there is any thing "fair' in trumps attacks on anyone or anything he does for that matter. he dosent understand the concept of fair, to him it would be a weakness...he is morally and spirtually bankrupt.....


Non sequitur. You act as if my saying those who are attacking Trump have give up a sense of fairness is actually saying that Trump's attacks on others are fair. I did not say that and have never said that. That's beside the point.

Basically it is like the whining pre-schooler saying, "But he did it too!"


Impeaching Trump is the political equivalent of tossing a deckchair overboard the Titanic.