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Trump Named Climate Villain Number One in Landmark Youth Suit


Trump Named Climate Villain Number One in Landmark Youth Suit

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Youth plaintiffs suing the federal government for failing to act on climate change have a new villain in their cross-hairs: U.S. President Donald Trump.


So proud of the commitment, creativity and energy of these folks -- both the plaintiffs and their lawyers. They've been working on this litigation at the federal level and at the state level around the country for years now, and their arguments have gotten more and more refined. The magistrate and district judge in the federal case in Oregon have both issued preliminary opinions very sympathetic to their constitutional claims.


Any bets on how soon Trump's reply will be to chastise the plaintiffs and judges for working against his efforts to "make America great again" ?


Why has he started this war on clean air and clean water. When he said he was giving America back to the people he didn't say after making the air and water worse.


Best of luck to these brave souls The future seems a little less bleak knowing that these young people are paying attention and taking action.


This is a willful and dark act, they have every right to sue. Our Secretary of State has known for many years he was killing their future and didn't give a damn. Their case is strong and just, if they can find good judges that still have empathy they may succeed. I sure hope so.


They want to be free of all laws and regulations. Free to exploit and plunder. They are a dark and greedy force in this society.


It is because all he and his minions understand or appreciate are money and power.


I hear Republicans are considering a carbon tax.
Tillerson supported a carbon tax while at Exxon.


Because they have found that polluted air causes Alzheimer's. That way you get to forget everything. That's how we make America great again. America is great if you forget.


She has the look of family. Her look made me think of a comment my uncles used to make.

She has spit in her eye, or she has more spit and vinegar than most.

References says it's an old idiom which suggests that the person has a spirited personality and is not apt to be passive and silent when an affront is sensed.

Yeah that sounds like family.


They are the enemy of all life on this planet. All our deepest life instincts will soon be called into play to defeat them & it will mean a bitter fight to the death.


You will note article stated they replaced Obama with Trump. "Started" is not an accurate representation. The American fascist duopoly is the problem.


Credixit. It is the only avenue we have left. They out gun us, by far. Collectively they can finance our military for 900 years and still be the wealthiest people on the planet. Effectively, we have no money, except for whatever is digitally ascribed to us on some bank balance sheet. Plus whatever you currently have in your wallet. Voting for a selection of THEIR candidates like not voting at all. Cash is our weapon. Our only weapon. Cut up your credit cards! Pay off all your debt. DO NOT incurr any unnecessary debt going forward. Pester retailers to give you a discount for using cash. Do your banking at a credit UNION. Anyone still doing business with any TBTF bank is working against the American people. And remember; Every time you use cash, a capitalist goes to Hell.


" New villain in their cross hairs."
Good luck on this law suit.

I would love to see the court destroy Trumps bogus claim that climate devastation is a " CHINESE HOAX".


With a narcissist, anyone and anything is an enemy.


Yes, the whole debt thing has become an industry. Thank you for your post. I grew up in an era when there were no credit cards, and the only loans were mortgages.


I am more concerned with the plaintiffs than with an old man with dementia.


Even this DeVos wants to dismantle public ed which is a right to every American- she even wants to divest tax dollars from public schools and give them to religious schools especially for her investments. Do not buy into her "caring about kids" act. Why can't these rich people just enjoy their lives , and leave others to theirs? Perhaps it's the false "guilt" or that bow to authority or even to their "bible" which is irrational.


He has not started it- he is just making it more obvious.