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Trump Names Anti-Worker Billionaire Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary


Trump Names Anti-Worker Billionaire Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

And the swamp keeps filling.

President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly appointed anti-worker billionaire Wilbur Ross to serve as his commerce secretary, giving more evidence that his vow to rid his cabinet of establishment figures and corporate interests was little more than lip service.


I can't wait to see who will replace my current boss at MSHA, Joe Main - who was a Pennsylvania union miner, then climbed up through the safety division of the UMWA - a Union Man through-and-through.

Don Blankenship, perhaps?


Well he is putting people to work, million and billionaires.


This latest addition of plutocrat, Wilbur Ross to Trumps cabinet, is not any surprise as Trump keeps building his cabinet from hell.

Trump's cabinet appointees, are the ideal combination of plutocrats, oligarchs and fascists that the leader of the Fourth Reich needs to build his full fledged, fascist state.

It can't happen here? We are seeing it happen here... right now!


I don't think the working class was fooled by Trump. They know he is not for the average working person. But they could care less. They got what they wanted, a candidate who will try to deport undocumented Hispanics, prevent non-whites from legally immigrating to the US, track all American Muslims to reduce the threat of terrorism, and reduce black crime with more police (law and order).


These Cabinet Positions are sure filling up fast.


I think you are completely wrong. In fact I believe just the opposite. The working class was willing to accept the racism and bigotry in return for the promise of good paying low skill jobs.


I am beginning to think that populating the Trump cabinet with these toxic outgrowths of humanity may actually have been necessary to finally stimulate some critical thinking in the public and to end the sluggish acceptance of anything the establishment politicians are doing to us. .


Ross, a 78-year-old New York ..., is referred to in some circles as "the king of bankruptcy." He made his fortune restructuring struggling industrial operations like steel mills and coal mines, but his methods have been slammed for costing workers their jobs—and, in one notorious case in West Virginia, their lives.
[my bold]

There's that word again. Everywhere I look.

I find this very scary. He's going to restructure stuff. The US & world economies may not survive it. We don't need a nuclear war to bring about the end of the world. Just incompetence.


They won't get the jobs either.


So Trump ran as anti-populist?


Clinton and the DNC made damn sure an actual REAL populist message was snuffed. Clinton/DNC got their Trump.


So you deserved the Patriot Act? I mean, it's almost impossible to have not voted for a lawmaker not supporting that. Did any of them run on a platform of passing such a blatant assault on our Constitution?

I could go on.


It is time for Unions to resurge!


I don't think either of us are very happy with what we are getting. It will affect us as much as the trump voters.


Trump will just cut off their legs if they act up. I mean, the Establishment Democrats for years have helped cull the numbers, the fascist is ready to just finish them off, when he starts offering incentives for corporations to move operations to low wage paying states.

The "little people" that Trump and corporate servicing Democrats and Republicans have always despised will at long last get their jobs back, work longer hours no overtime, and remain in poverty.

The joys of corporate governance, with a dose of fascism to boot. pun intended


Ross, another patriot who never leaves home without a flag pin affixed.


Please don't gloat over what's coming to the 81% of the population who DIDN'T vote for him. Yes, 19% voted for Trump, and if the recount goes through, it might be a lot less. It's never been fair or truthful to refer to Americans, saying they do this, they do that. We are a divided nation with a tiny class of wealthy and very wealthy pulling our strings, and some of us know that and some don't. Say a prayer for us, uscitizen - are you one of us? Do you feel guilty?


Yes, you make a good point! Thanks.


The people didn't elect Trump. The Electoral College did. Regardless, a vote for Trump was a vote against the Democrat establishment. A big fuck you from the people tired of getting screwed by it.

Direct Democracy