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Trump Nominates Non-Scientist to the Top Science Position at the Department of Agriculture


Trump Nominates Non-Scientist to the Top Science Position at the Department of Agriculture

Evan Popp

Donald Trump’s nomination of his former campaign aide, Sam Clovis, a man with no formal science training, as undersecretary of research, education, and economics at the U.S. Department of Agriculture has drawn criticism. The top science position at the agency, the undersecretary is charged with administering $3 billion worth of funds, two-thirds of which are dedicated to research.


Considering what’s at stake, appointments like this are Treasonous.


I guess none of those research dollars will go to developing crops that can withstand drought and heatwaves.

On the menu at Mar a Lago, circa 2065: A salad composed of local weeds. Classy.


Shut Down Enbridge Line 5!


This is yet another nomination based on rewarding political/corporate sycophants and intentionally destroying the ostensible intent/charge of the various agencies - Zinke, DeVos, Perry Pruitt, et al.

As far as the USDA, they have been compromised for a very long time, like more than a few “regulatory” agencies, in this case to serve non-sustainable purposes - chemical/pesticide use, Monsanto poison Ag, and the extermination of wild and domestic animals.

The USDA “Wildlife Services”, a secretive, brutal sub-agency dedicated to killing wildlife by the millions annually! A perfect fit with the ignorance and arrogance of the trump regime!

https://www.predatordefense.org/USDA.htm See the numbers of wild and domestic animals slaughtered by Wildlife Services annually!


A Presidency of Idiocy. The history books will not be kind.

I know I sound like a broken record, but, this country cannot survive much longer if it’s People keep supporting the Duopoly which has brought us to this moment in time.

We must support a party separate from all of these Ethically and Morally challenged “public serpents.”

Not in 2020, now!


Doesn’t Bannon want to destroy the administrative state or something like that. Well one way it to put incompetent people at the head of agencies. Then the critical people needed to run the agency are fired. Important positions aren’t filled. And budgets are severely cut. It also re-enforces the popular Republican belief that government doesn’t work. Without the administrate state who is going to regulate private corporations. Nobody. This frees up private enterprise to make profits without troublesome concerns such as the environment and public health.


You are so correct! Putting ideologues in positions requiring real knowledge will inevitably hasten our country’s downhill slide into a lower quality of life.


They should just change their name to "U. S. Department of Agribusiness.


Hopefully, they might mix in some oleander leaves!


King Trump and his royal court, making America great for monopoly capitalists again.

Direct Democracy



Why Clovis? Follow the money! Corporate America chose Clovis and this is why Trump is so popular with the sycophants of industry.


Not only is the republican way to appoint unqualified people, they also work to reduce funding to the point where an agency can no longer adequately fulfill its responsibilities. Then, as you said, they will say that government just does not work.


s m d h

I’ve just read an article in the latest issue of Vanity Fair by Michael Lewis; its about the DoE and it will raise your eyebrows and shiver yer timbers at the staggering, yes, staggering arrogance and ignorance of the Trumpteam…Clovis is yet another dooche from hell.


Hey! Let’s do away with science completely, buy candles, build a bonfire and go tribal with whoops a hollers as Earth is being murdered. These anti-science attacks are certainly disheartening as they keep coming out of corporate controllers, through Trump is what is certain destruction of civilization. I may stop reading news for a few days to reset and get out of my despair of things as they seem to going down the tubes.


I read the original Club of Rome Report “Limits to Growth” back in the early seventies - and watched it come true.

Now I’m watching, in real time, the predictions of climate science come true, with a vengeance, i.e., in almost all cases, model predictions have underestimated the severity of the changes, and underestimated the time it would take to get there - which unfortunately - is actually here, i.e., now.

In Europe - it is sweltering - again.

I’ll post the report, and then two others, one from peer reviewed science and one from 2009 by Gaia Vince in New Scientist - still the best single article on the likely outcome of climate change worldwide - for anyone who missed it:

First - Europe today:

Next - a recent article from The Guardian (August 2, 2017). Please note that there is an embedded link to the full scientific article, which I just printed off - pdf - and it is “OPEN ACCESS” - so it’s free for the downloading:

Third, that 2009 article from Gaia Vince. Unfortunately - this one doesn’t appear to be available for free. If you can get an old copy of the magazine from a library - you can photocopy it in color - the maps of what may be coming are superb - or you may be able to print it off from a public service university on their library computers:

Please note the agricultural impacts on world regions - they are non-trivial - catastrophic would not be hyperbole.

It is estimated that food production will have to increase some seventy percent by mid-century, as the population is swelling to 9.7 billion.

Is there really anyone who cannot connect the dots ?

In Calgary.