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Trump Nominates William Barr, a 'Fanatic Who Believes in Dictatorship of Executive Power,' for Attorney General


Trump Nominates William Barr, a 'Fanatic Who Believes in Dictatorship of Executive Power,' for Attorney General

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After spending much of his morning hysterically attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation, President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he will nominate William Barr—a frequent critic of the Mueller probe who holds an expansive view of executive power—to be the next U.S. attorney general.


Every time you think Trump can’t get any worse, he surprises you.


The perfect choice! That is if you are a fascist!


Why does a country that fought the fascists in WWII turn out so many people who support fascism? The US was originally set up to limit executive power. However, presidents have gained more and more power over the years. And now Trump wants to reach the final stage of this trend by putting himself above the law and there appear to numerous Americans willing to go along.


Isn’t that the honest to gawd truth…and two more years to go:( I just wonder how low this snake can go.


Six years to go if the DNC runs Hillary again or Biden.


Trump never surprises me with his excesses, What surprises me is how 95% of Americans accept them without any sign of concern and apparently no clue as to how negative the effect will be on themselves and the world. It also surprises me how he becomes more popular with women and with Christians - although its my own naivete at fault where Christians are concerned. I am also surprised that it isn’t already a lot, lot worse, but i expect that many of the negative repercussions will have a somewhat delayed after effect.


Let me shorten the head line a bit: William Barr is a well-seasoned fascist…


I never think that. As long as he’s in office, it can always get worse.


Or 90% of those expected to run.


All right where the h* do they find these people?

This has got to take work.


Don’t worry the DNC will take care of this…


By the rate unadulterated fascist ideology is being implemented in the US there is a real chance Trump may be in office for life…


How can anyone be surprised that Dotard nominated an @$$h*le???
He’s running out of people scummy enough to work for him.
C’mon, it was this guy or fucking Ted Nugent!


Another “Yes Man” imagine that.

What do you suppose that brown stuff is on his nose?


Barr, a New York elitist, began his “public service” with the CIA. Should he somehow fail to get approved he can go back to his corporate law practice – or better yet, change parties and run as a Dim (since they actively recruit CIA heroes to win suburban districts).


The tightening of the noose begins the hanging death of democratic republic.


Fascist excrement…??


Hell, I expect it. It’s the one thing he’s good at, a race to the bottom.


Make no bones about it; we now live in a corporate controlled quasi-fascist state. The Trump administration along with the feckless democrat lapdogs have destroyed a country that could have been so much better if after the cold war a peaceful existence could prosper. But as species are inclined to do, much against their better interests, they continue to expand and conquer at the own demise. It’s high time humankind grew up and stopped acting like children as a collective whole led by psychopaths.