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Trump Nominates William Barr, a 'Fanatic Who Believes in Dictatorship of Executive Power,' for Attorney General


Yes advocate22, you’re right. Once again… Trump trumps Trump.


Well, here we go–another part of the natural cost of the imagined “Russian interference” tale.

There’s nothing to be gained in the probe itself because it is designed to go around the neoliberal-neoconservative faction that runs most of both major parties without causing any special damage. But here it provides motive and foil for the next advance of the “unitary executive.”

Hopefully there are enough Democrats far enough from this particular bolus of power to oppose the nomination. But the long-term effect cannot be unpalatable to the power centers of either party, so there’s not a lot of reason for optimism.


No, in my view, the death of the democratic republic began on 11/22/63 when the fascists that assassinated JFK were never brought to justice and the same criminal element with different fascists are still hiding in the shadows, although one of them is not hiding anymore!


Ah, the splitting of hairs. How far back can we go? Bible?


What does he do when he chooses someone? Try to find the worst person imaginable who has no clue about civil or human rights. Also, we have to have someone who really has no clue of how to work with other people to improve things. In some ways I don’t think this is even Trump making these selections. I think he gets a call from the Koch Brothers or Robert Mercer and voila…there is the nominee. Too bad Roy Cohn died. He might have been someone Trump himself would have chosen. He had such impeccable credentials - that is if honor and decency mean absolutely nothing. Will he ever run out of deplorable people to choose and actually have nobody left…except for a decent, honest person?


Obviously, we will continue to be presented with neo-fascists as long as Congre$$ sits back and watches as The Don does his destructive thing. So fascinating.


Right FF-it stands to reason that the longer The Don stays in office, the more havoc he will wreak.
Congress is in no hurry to remove him. That’s super.


…These Fascist fucks deserve to fall HARD…


Obviously, most of the Trump Appointees have studied Mein Kampf.


In the election of recent memory, the Democrats led in the total vote for Senate by 58% to 40%, amassing some 15.5 million more votes than the Republicans. Yet the Senate with its Republican majority will confirm Barr easily.

There’s a reason why this country thinks of itself as a democracy. I just can’t recall it at the moment.


Hi. There were many outspoken people and corporations in USA that were pro fascism before and during early stages of WW2, and groups of fascists brought into this country’s government after the war.
The apparent love for fascism has some basis in its abhorrence and fear of communism. And as you must remember it was ‘better dead than red’. Taking from the well to do and spreading the wealth is not high on ‘the agenda’ at this time. The 1% have stealthily taken more and more. And not so stealthily —Occupy Wall Street was crushed violently by the fascists. The political voices that make sense are demonized and marginalized.
Most likely any form of progressive socialist program in next election cycle will again be labeled communistic and consequently attempts to seed fear in the hearts of true blooded indoctrinated Americans. The ultra right has been marching to destroy the socially inclined FDR programs and to cement the reins of power in the hands of wealthy private interests. Maybe it will take another civil war to attempt change, but time is running out with global warming and still the threat of nuclear war.


The incoming Congress is coalescing around a 1.5 Trillion Transportation & Infrastructure Bill.
One way to immediately fix about 1000 miles of bad road: don’t let this cringe worthy kooky bastard Barr anywhere near the DOJ. He’s been around since Reagan & Bushytail One and he knows where the dead bodies are; in fact, his job is to cover them up after his political patrons have done their dirty tricks and dirty work.
Barr is a truly scary and dangerous political ops master.


I think what Amy Bach in her book “Ordinary Injustice How America Holds Court” is suggesting is there is no prosecutors management information system that can track and keep data to be used to make decisions. But PROMIS is a prosecutors management information system that did just that until it was stolen by the Department of Justice from Nancy and Bill Hamilton of INSLAW. A system that could have, would have solved the problems of human trafficking in the United States. PROMIS could track pedophiles. I am suggesting that William Barr was instrumental in crippling PROMIS. Combined William Barr, Jenkins, and the Meese Commission on Pornography (took the focus off child pornography and put the focus on adult pornography) and made PROMIS into a bargaining tool for Iran-Contra Affair. Smoke and mirrors. Look who was on the Meese Commission on Pornography: Father Bruce Ritter, Dr. James Dobson, Henry Hudson, a Keating. Danny was on his way home from Pennsylvania ??? when he got suicided. Did Danny put the missing links on Pedophile rings in the United States? Follow the Attorney Generals from William French Smith, to Meese, to William Barr. And don’t forget Jenkin’s involvement. Ask yourself why, with all our data mining, we can not solve human trafficking in the United States. Who is the Man Boy Love Association? William Barr is dirty. Look into it.


When is too much too much… I can’t get that image out of my head of Putin glad handing the Saudi Prince like some wagging puppy. Trump has been had big time and doesn’t seem to know it. That assassination of Khashoggi in broad day light should have been enough. These people are two faced and ugly to the core.