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Trump "Not Fully Briefed" on Order Elevating Bannon to Security Council


Trump "Not Fully Briefed" on Order Elevating Bannon to Security Council

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump reportedly did not realize he was promoting chief strategist Steve Bannon to the National Security Council (NSC) Principals Committee when he signed the executive order dropping intelligence and defense officials from the top government panel and elevating the former Breitbart News chair in their place.


Who's running things? Can anyone get Trump off Twitter or to stop watching TV long enough to give something a complete thought? Is Bannon running the show?


Trump is completely clueless, with the one exception being that he knows whom he hates. Bannon, on the other hand, is shrewdly maneuvering himself into a position of maximum power. We might as well start referring to him as "President Bannon," which would have the added benefit of irritating Trump out of his mind.


There needs to be someone at these meetings who can understand what's being said. Maybe send Ivanka? Ah, the Bannonality of evil.


Dictionary.com definition of "coup d'etat": "a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force".Is that what the Times thinks is going on? Have they ever heard of rumor-mongering?

Not that anything can be definitively ruled out these days, but still........


One more example that rump is incompetent and did not seriously think he would win. And that the people he has brought in, whether at Cabinet or advisory roles, haven't a clue about running anything, let alone a government serving over 300 million people. Between incompetence and the outright sabotaging/destroying of various agencies set up to serve the people, it will only get worse.


Surprise! surprise! he is signing things w/o reading.


There's a youtube clip of someone speaking on CNN constantly speaking of trump but referring to "president Bannon...err I mean president trump". And the hosts just acting clueless. It is hilarious.


Link please?


I figured it out... democrats voted for trump so he would fall flat on his face!


President Bannon it is :sweat_smile:


If Trump signs a suicide pack next we should give him a medal.
(and hold him to it)


https://youtu.be/bw25q9JmmcY starts at about the 5 minute mark, but a bit before he refers to trump as Bannon's poodle.


what are those in the congress and senate waiting for before they begin to think about doing something about removing this farce of a leader from office? are they going to let him run amok and go nuclear on some nation?... you know deep down that he wants to, and with the constant stroking his gigantic ego needs, the dropping of a nuke might just be the message he will use to show the world who is boss in his obviously flawed brain.

This shouldnt be about party politics anymore , its about removing someone from office who is not fit to govern on so many levels. And who is putting the country and the world at risk from increased terror.

I wonder what else he has signed that he has no clue about?


Don't you love the picture of Bannon? He looks like he just swallowed a canary.


Ya think? Maybe it's a coup? Of course it is and my question is, is there anyone/thing that can stop this charade? The Repugs are using him to take over and when that's done they will most likely get rid of him.
He's convinced he's so smart, he should have seen this one coming.
Our government isn't just corrupt it's a joke.


I think he looks like an old drunk. Red nose and all.


We had a coup d'tat when congress ignored the constitution and refused to hold hearings for a supreme court justice. We had a coup when the government ignored the constitution's ban on a standing army. And more. We haven't been under the constitution for decades now.


If our president is truly upset about Bannon's promotion he needs to revoke it with another order. If he doesn't we know who actually wears the pants here.


Mr. Priebus has also created a 10-point checklist for the release of any new initiatives that includes signoff from the communications department and the White House staff secretary, Robert Porter, according to several aides familiar with the process.

You have got to be kidding...these execution orders are crafted by Bannon and passed on to their hand-picked attorneys to look over (sometimes) without consulting anyone in the relevant agencies or pertinent committees in Congress, which is beyond belief. It is a slam-dunk that the impending appointment of Sessions as AG will simply add a rubber stamp to any and all mandates these crooks and demons cook up. The only time the emperor sees the execution orders is when the cameras are on and he is affixing his signature (that looks like that of a serial killer). And he sure as hell will not read any "10-point checklist" beforehand.

The Trump-Bannon-Pence (or Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs) troika must be stopped or our nation and the people will pay dearly for their power-grab, unbridled hubris, and criminal intent to undermine all that has been accomplished over the last 50 years...socially, globally, environmentally, diplomatically, etc. All who are party to this calumny must be held responsible for the disastrous consequences of their actions.

(The term "execution" I feel is much more descriptive of these reckless, juvenile, criminal orders.)