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Trump "Not Fully Briefed" on Order Elevating Bannon to Security Council

There’s no such ban in the Constitution. The Constitution talks about the length of time that appropriations for the army can be for - but is quite clear about the presumption that there would be an army even in peacetime (otherwise the third amendment of the Bill of Rights wouldn’t make sense).

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I wasn’t around then, but I will bet the N.Y. Times never reported on the real coup in 1963 and went with the lone nut Oswald canard. And in my view, what we now have with the Bannon White House, is the result of the same criminal,covert, deep state, cabal that assassinated JFK,MLK,RFK and probably Paul Wellstone and others.


The so-called president wants to run government the way he ran his business.
No wonder he has had so many lawsuits filed against him.


Good one.

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Bannon is whacko! He’s a threat to anyone that doesn’t have his particular world view – even his own wife and children. Does Bannon represent your world view and/or moral principles?

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Not Fully Briefed? Somebody buy this constipated a$$hole some briefs for gawd’s sake.


Who’s in charge? Maybe his Kids? And none of them have ever been in government, so it’s a steep learning curve.

Donald’s never been in government. Makes me wonder who’s carrying “the football.”

Donald: “Who’s got the football?”
Priebus: “Well, normally it’s the Secret Service, but we didn’t trust them, so…your private security made up of retired FBI guys…???”
Bannon: “You know, those Russian hookers last night were carrying a case home to Moscow that looked just like it!”

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NYT: Trump “not fully briefed…did not realize he was promoting…Bannon to the NSC Principals Committee Council”

Hard to discern if there’s a coup d’etat method to the madness, or if it’s just chaos…

…Would Trump actually care if he’d ‘accidentally’ empowered Bannon?

…Given Trump’s autocratic, over-reaching Executive Order style, would he not simply reverse it if he did care?

…Does released ‘he wasn’t briefed’ report form grounds for Executive ‘deniability’ for any ‘independent’ acts by Bannon?

Unclear if there’s a method to the madness…


Walter Concrite reported on the Warren Commission later, saying with glassed-overed eyes: “Well, then that’s it. The government’s Single-Bullet-Theory is what they are saying happened.” (paraphrasing.)

The Single-Bullet Theory is this insane idea by Warren Commission Chairman Allen Dulles (a bush lawyer who JFK earlier fired from running See-Eye-Aye into Bay of Pigs) that a bullet ricocheted several times and did u-turns in mid air in an open-air convertible to wound both Texas gov Connelly and penetrate JFK over and over again from different directions.

The old lone-gunman story.

Except that we now know that Ozwald worked for See-Eye-Aye in a whole bunch of operations under poppy bush and Nixon like Operation Northwoods and Operation Zapata with Hunt as an assassin. He was their fall guy.

Then there’s the little connection of John Bircher
Society (founded by Fred Koch his Uncle) General Edwin Anderson Walker who got sent to a mental institute by JFK for opposing his civil rights act. General Edwin Anderson Walker (who I suspect is also a relative of George Walker Bush, since these oil barons are all related) later claimed Oswald shot him in his kitchen right before he killed JFK.

I know, I know.

Conspiracy Theory!
Conspiracy Theory!
Let me just get my hat and coat.

But here it is none-the-less:


The real coup coup d’etat happened on November 22, 1963, followed by several other key assassinations.

  • Since then, it has just been a slow and careful concentration of power and wealth.
  • What’s happening now seems to be a plugging of leaks and consolidation of power. I’m sure that, when the “right” people are in the right places, der fuehrer will probably have apoplexy or a fatal backup of bile and the transition will be complete. The Oilagarchy doesn’t seem far from being able to step into power. It is just “Testing, testing, 1,2,3”.

Maybe he can’t read?

It’s on the record that he doesn’t read. He stares at T.V. all day. When he reviews his video speech performance, the rumor is that he mutes the sound. He’s strictly visual.

New Rule: The President must be under 50 and pass an SAT test before he is sworn it!


Think this through for a minute.

That gives us certifiable Fundy President Pence, which is unthinkable. Pence voted to kill Social Security as unconstitutional and passed laws directing the state of Indiana to imprison and re-train gays to act like Pence.

Trump is impulsive and erratic, but Pence is a guaranteed Theocracy.

Keep Trump.


You’re right in all respects; the Times still pushes the Krazy Kid Oswald lone nut myth to this day, as all MSM does. My point, which I should have articulated better, is just that I’m not sure the 1% want to jettison the “democracy” model just now. A coup in whatever form might just radicalize an already enraged public to where they might be receptive to a radical left politics, i.e. socialism. Bernie already brought the “S” word into mainstream political discourse, the the MSM is studiously ignoring it.

I expect the Dems will be allowed to hang on as a token minority party, but their days in the WH and as the maj party are over. I also think the righties will work out their problems at least for now. After all, Trump is pretty hostile toward China and Iran; that can’t displease the neocons even if they would have preferred Hillary.

The future is anybody’s guess.


What an interesting thought! It never occurred to me that Gen. Walker might be related to the Bush family.

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I think KyleGo may be refering to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 amended in 1956.

The act stated: “Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”

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It gets pretty creepy when you start digging. It isn’t just by one relation. For example, his Uncle Fred Koch’s offspring married with the bushes. Dorothy Walker Bush Koch.

Here’s the presidential photo of the Bush Family with four Koches in it (including “Doro” Bush who married Robert P. Koch.)

click here, for some reason they won’t let it load.


Interesting bit of history!
I wonder how Pence and the other Theocrats, who HATE all LGBT people on principle (the Baybul sez…), would reconcile their beliefs with Gen Walker’s apparently being a ‘queer’, probably one reason among many for his being sent to a loony bin for assessment.
Also worth noting, given the 20th C history of the US military, this man was the one and only US general who actually resigned. Why only one??? Plus he later managed to get his pension back, WHY???


Good Questions. I don’t know. Walker was the highest-ranking officer in the Army at the time. He was never married, and got arrested later for running around wacking naked in a rain coat in public. He was a flasher, apparently!

But the big connection is that, according to geneology and grave records which have now been altered (including a missing common ancestor George Pickney Walker,) The Koch Brothers are directly related to the Walkers. They lived in the Same “Walker Ranches” and others in Texas, and were buried in the same massive crypts in many cases. But they don’t want anyone to know it. They even hide their middle names. Both David and Charles have had the middle name “de Ganahl” who was the Grandmother of both the Koch Brothers and the Crazy General Walker. Gen Walker had strong motive to kill JFK (who fired him) and RFK (who committed him to a mental hospital) and Gov Connelly who beat him in the Texas Governor’s race.

Getting shot in his kitchen by JFK’s assassin was his alibi.

You talk about a freaking Rabbit Hole! I feel just like Alice tumbling down into Wonderland. Nothing makes any sense, until you really think about it.


Heh, “Bannonality.”