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'Trump Not Welcome Here': Protests as President Arrives in California


'Trump Not Welcome Here': Protests as President Arrives in California

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump arrived in California on Tuesday for the first time since taking office to examine border wall "prototypes" and attend a $35,000-per-person fundraiser, protests organized throughout the state delivered a clear and simple message: "Trump is not welcome here."

"I don't stand with the border wall and what it represents, which is hatred and bigotry."


I would guess the Pacific Coast Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will be a lot more hospitable to Trump when he arrives in California.


Los Angeles grocers sold out of eggs and tomatoes.
One can only hope.


boot trump & sessions out, they’re both illegal aliens in Calif.


I feel very angry that Trump comes to my state and criticizes Governor Brown. I have a lot of problems with Governor Brown, but it is just not okay for Trump to come here and say he’s doing a terrible job. Trump is doing a terrible job of pretending to be a president. Get out of my state, Mr. Trump. I do not want to breathe the same air as you.


I’d protest for California’s reasons and because Trump is WACKO.

At least Ronald Reagan didn’t want a “space force” to do battle beyond Earth’s environs. Maybe we should put Trump in a rocket and send him into space where he can lead the fight, though with what and whom is not clear. His imaginings are bent and grotesque.


I cannot help wonder if Californians are thinking increasingly of negotiating an exit out of the US as this administration has especially targeted that state - tax changes that hurt CA, unwanted off-shore oil drilling, unwanted border wall, suing CA for defending immigrants, proposing eliminating long distance and high speed passenger trains, demonizing California’s Governor, Oakland Mayor…
We have some of the same concerns in New England.


I will second that motion as a native Californian born and raised here. I think Trump is the very worst president in my lifetime. I wish we had a fence to keep Trump out! Governor Brown would make a much better president than Trump. How about a cage wrestling match between Trump and the Californian Sasquatch? Trump will need a new profession after he is impeached out of office. If anyone wants to impeach Trump I’ll furnish the rotten peaches.


We live in a time where many races live in most countries. Intermarriage and global job opportunities make reversal of this ongoing process impossible. The world is everyone’s oyster. The idea of a, “wall” whether manifested into an expensive actual structure or not will ultimately prove merely an impediment to potential progress for the isolationist country. And, oh yes, perhaps if Mr. Trump is visiting California he should bring a sturdy umbrella.


If Trump is here in California to bombast at us, we need umbrellas for the BS storm.

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Trump’s visit reveals a California GOP on life support ….
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