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'Trump Not Welcome': Swiss Activists Drop 60-Meter Mountaintop Banner


'Trump Not Welcome': Swiss Activists Drop 60-Meter Mountaintop Banner

Jon Queally, staff writer
Though the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in the posh city of Davos, Switzerland is too heavily guarded and insulated for much up-close-and-personal protest, Swiss activists took advantage of the nation's mountainous landscape on Thursday as they dropped a 60-meter long banner expressing their contempt for U.S. President Donald Trump as he arrived at the gathering of global elites: "TRUMP NOT WELCOME."


Could it be that the dominant /domineering system in the world “externalizes” so much that - pffile - 6 lies a day? whats that compared to genocide, ecocide and narcissism of the corporate ‘bodies’ perpetrating in ways corporate media is PAID not to see. The sheer scale of the killing machine of the US military makes it the default ‘externalizer’ extrordinaire.

I have never owned an apple product and never will, but my hands still are not clean - we can only START to boycott and educate; boycott and educate - repeat ad infinitum. Research and support buy local as much as possible…


More useless negative cult-of-personality hypocrisy. If the sign had said “U.S. not welcome,” that already would have made more sense, though the Swiss, with their sheltering of the billions of dollars of tyrants, mafiosi, human traffickers, war criminals, financial criminals and the like, need to clean up their own capitalist act before they can preach to anyone.

It’s as if the world capitalist class and their neocon and neolib warriors all think, like the deluded Dems at home, that if they could just get rid of Agent Orange everything will return to salad-days hunky-doryness.

Foutaises, as the French would say.


Davos, the worlds problems could disappear with just one piano size meteor.
We could only hope and pray there is a God that hates evil.


Good for the Swiss activists. It is doubtful, though, that it would make any impression on Trump even if he could see the sign. Fascists in general don’t give a rat’s ass about people with freedom and peace loving agendas…


From the Real News:


Let’s see if the Swiss people block him from getting off the plane.
That would certainly get the message across.


However any pushback is appreciated


Gee, and all of the other greedy Fat-Cat owners of Multi-NaZional Korporations and Corrupt Governments around the world (including “ours”) who are gathered today in Davos DON’T stand for at least some of those same policies??   Gimme A Break!!

IMHO, it would benefit all of the rest of humanity if Kim Jon Un (aka “Little Rocket Man”) were to successfully test his nation’s ICBM nuclear capability by dropping one on Davos while Tweetle-Dumb and the rest of those pigs are still there.


The stray meteor suggestion would likely be a better choice to hope for. At least it couldn’t be used as an excuse to invade and occupy a country for the next 50 years, wasting lives, squandering resources and consuming our future.


This is Awesome.

Seeing the look on Trump’s face when he sees this: Priceless


You know the Swiss do have acivil patrol armed no less


Your point???


Oh it is sort of s joke but even I don’t get it ? but in fact a stray meteor would cause too much collateral damage anyway. An invading army well that would also besides the Swiss might not like it so I like the choice just above yours.

actually I like the banner and the headline because this is all just theory and not action


The meteor that flashed over Michigan a few days ago apparently was reduced to only a few small pieces that were claimed to have been located by a meteor hunter/expert. Except for the flash of light and sonic boom there was no known widespread damage. So there’s always the chance of a meteor just large enough to selectively take out only the parasitic greedsters at Davos.


Deluded Dems? You make this statement bang in the middle of an incompetent, chaotic Republican WH/House/Senate administration? That’s a head scratcher for sure. The Dems on their worst day would be more competent than this bunch of clowns (eg; Steve Miller, Steve Miller Senior, aka Trump, Kellyanne, Sarah, et al).


Ah, you mean that other half of the most corrupt political class in the world? No comment. I’ll leave you to your delusions.


The Democrats are like “Bad Sex” from a boyfriend who gets off then hands his girlfriend a cigarette and says, “Thanks Babe, you were really great.”