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Trump, Ocasio-Cortez, and Factcheck False Equivalence


Trump, Ocasio-Cortez, and Factcheck False Equivalence

Reed Richardson

In an era when the president of the United States is an inveterate, habitual, daily liar, about all things great and small, and especially about himself, factchecking sites can provide an invaluable—if increasingly overwhelmed—public service.


The liberals are attacking Ocasio-Correz (and for that matter Bernie Sanders) with a ferocity that far exceeds anything from the right-wing.


WaPo is just being compassionate: It recognizes that it can’t treat hyperwealthy, reality-challenged white guys as it treats everyone else. It’s a matter of re-affirmative action, giving those born on third base that little extra advantage the poor tykes need.


Bezos-owned WaPo: he is a huge stakeholder in contractors working with the DoD and The Alphabets’ numerous other cronies in the Permanent Government, I believe. He’s not a liberal, he’s a libertarian of the Austrian School, pretty much. ( He only likes tax subsidies, not taxes and has a thin false mustache, possibly )
A O-C was very critical of the recent NYC deal with Amazon, as well. She accurately described the gentrification of a working class neighborhood and the baloney of DeBlazio & Cuomo selling it as a " great deal for New York ", when it’s a wash at best. She’s getting her payback, here. Courtesy of the Truth Police (hah)
A O-C must scare The Washington Consensus. Good for her. Actually, very good for her.


I think the majority of Americans would consider Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be liberals.


Given the faux fest on the life and times of Bush the elder across the corpress, the irony doesn’t drip

It gushes.


Richardson sez: “… the mainstream press’s “objectivity” model will look for opportunities to match individual grades of dishonesty. Never mind that they will have to torture their own standards of truth and good faith to do it.”

When was the last sighting of “standards of truth and good faith” in “the mainstream press?”


You are so correct. In another article, one ideological purist commenter said that Bernie and Elizabeth Warren were sell outs. They are also attacking AOC as being a phony. Do they think that Jill Stein is a neoliberal sell out, too?
These people are happy that Trump has protected us from President Hillary. How does that make them different from right wingers?


I hope that most people are beginning to understand that the corporate MSM loves to showcase Ocasio-Cortez not because she is a good representative of the Left, but because she is not well-spoken and not very well-informed and so they can use her performances to discredit the Left generally and the policies she promotes specifically. She is a bit naive, and maybe a bit too enamored of the spotlight, and she is being used in a very dishonest and heartless manner. This is no accident.


I hope you’re wrong but fear you’re right. “AOC” may be going thru a period an old Army sgt I worked with decades ago called “smelling her own pee.” I want her to settle down, take in information slowly and carefully, deliberate with trusted advisors (not users), be constantly wary of potential manipulators, and try to reach sound decisions. She’s got all the right potential. To hell with the cynical and evil mass media.