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Trump of Toad Hall


Trump of Toad Hall

Michael Winship

If you believe in Old Testament-style omens, please note that a plague of poisonous toads has infested the Florida town of Palm Beach Gardens, about 15 miles from Mar-a-Lago. And they’re on the move.

I am not making this up.



The Mueller investigation and the Russian connection is now a dead horse. The sooner Winship and other Democratic party apologists stop kicking it, the sooner they can start pushing the party to offer voters something of substance in 2020 and, maybe, just maybe, avoid the mistakes the party made in 2016. Okay, yeah, crazy me, that’s a real long shot, but move on, Michael. Plenty of other mud to stir with Trump and the Republicans.

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Hi Jneastre: Oh I hope so, but when I read he part about " We know there was Russian collusion…" We do?
I read what Bill Bimey said and I believe him. The date stamps on the information showed that the information came from within the U.S. Not from anywhere overseas, as the transfer rate was much too fast for that.
The democrats are acting like idiots and they really should look closer at all the players that worked with the Hillary, because. she seemed to have emails in all sorts of weird
places . Cambridge and that supposed ex British spy. So I think the write has mistaken Toad Hall for Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, " from the children’s book, “The Wind in the Willows.”



I’m wondering why the special prosecutor investigation ended shortly after the proposed White House Budget was released? Let’s not talk about cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps? Let’s not talk about a Budget proposal that was supposed to be released after a conservative landslide? A Budget so horrendously cruel, yet its adherents cannot fathom its unfairness?
Who is it behind the pig Mr45 proudly displaying inconsiderate budget priorities?



“[Trump] is not only the carrier but also a symptom of the greater disease that infects the republic.”

And so are all the people who’ve been hyping Russiagate the last two years like Winship, filled with their hatred of Russia and wanting a new cold war.



Jimmy Dore. Rachel Maddow Reacts To Collapse Of Russiagate

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The billionaires believe the have a “divine” right to everything so they are trying to get rid of the rest of us.

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They can;t get rid of us. We work the mines. etc.

I had a good chuckle with “The toads are on the move.”



We’ll see- their plan is to have a dictatorship, close all public schools, lower wages, get rid of benefits, dirty the environment, send women to prison for using birth control, and using the elevated fetus fetish to tie this up in a nice bow. They are psycho and we cannot afford to have a sleeper like Biden running in 2020.

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I suppose they want to do all of that and more. We are the toads as it were, that will boil slowly as we watch each of those things come one at a time, perhaps with a little cooling off time between them.



If we just stand around and watch then that will happen. Our generation is burnt out, and sleep walks most of the time. Beyond our twenties we as a generation failed to live up to our goals. We dove in head first to become what we said we wouldn’t.



Million year old garden, we’ve got 2 get ourselves back 2 theGaaardennnn.
Tulsi Gabby Gabbard 2020 Presidential Candidate nomination.
Let the garden island predicate presidential decree.


There are a few good ones left of us but not many. We as a generation are preoccupied with medicare, social security, and how much money do we have in the bank, I calls it as I see it. Your quote about watching as we boil slowly about sums it up- watching indeed.



Living in the past- eh? Maybe it’s time our generation realized that we are going to die some day soon.



Those of us who aren’t burnt out may have other irons in the fire. Or demand a quiet retirement as wall comes tumbling down.

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Other irons? Quiet retirement? Well, have fun with that. Guess you do not care what happens to those who are younger than you. Like I said, our generation beyond its twenties and thirties accomplished very little. There were some exceptions, but as a whole beyond something personal nada. I dare you to name ( beyond folksingers and rock and rollers ) people who actually were leaders in our generation. I can’t think of a one. Please do not say Dr. King- he came from the greatest generation.



There are plenty of devoted leaders and pioneers. My army buddies out there may disagree, but after King and the Kennedy’s we had women’s rights activists starting with Jane Fonda who tirelessly campaigned for an end to war. John Lennon was strong but limited.Our black American leaders were somewhat successful. Ralph Nader is a hero to some. I’m missing a bunch, but your point is well taken. The biggy’s are more obscure.

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In 1975 a Tree Museum charged a dollar and a half just to see them.
2012-19 Honolulu is planting a million trees free to not only see them.
They paved paradise, put up HART devise, a boutique and a swinging hot spot. Ooh it only goes to show, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. They paved paradise, put up a parking lot. Du du du du dooo…




I don’t have any idea how old you are or what your situation may be. If you are within 15 years of your statistical life span and have all of your affairs in order so as not to burden your heirs and assigns unduly either financially or with houses with negative value and such, count yourself lucky–or brilliant if you prefer. By all means give it all you’ve got for as long as you’ve got it.

My parents left me with two surprisingly decrepit houses, three big yard sales, a visit from the Salvation Army, and six pickup loads of just junk. Fortunately they left me with enough funds to pay for what I couldn’t do of that and a little more. I am now trying not to do the same to my wife’s two sons, one of whom is in a fair position to deal with it.

My wife has a niece whose father told her that her future including her college education and a used Cadillac was assured, but left her at age 13 with three houses, at least one of which had to be bulldozed, little money, and a Cadillac that had not run for 20 years.

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