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Trump of Toad Hall


So you think fifty year old songs are going to save you? Not! After our thirties, baby boomers became useless as a generation.


I am a baby boomer. What does that have to do with it? Take the “I” out of your situation, and think about your community at large. Part of what is wrong with the dem party- wimpiness.


Well aware of that , and again thank you for your service. But , aside from those whom you have mentioned- we did/do not have any really “big” leaders the kind that transcend just a cause but the kind that one would have as a mentor. No, our generation sorely lacked in that department and still does. After our thirties or so- as a generation ( not just individuals) we became something else- and that is how Rayguns was elected. So , if you are okay enough to post here- you are surely okay enough to call or write your members of congress, your state reps, your county or town reps etc. If our generation lies down- the next generation does not have it to pull together.


A trump gambit. Take money from military to pay for the wall. Military asks for more money. So he the gets money for a wall, the military gets money, so somebody is getting shafted. I wonder who THAT might be? Us, the people, who through congress denied trump the money to start with, and end up paying anyway.


“Or it can even relate to the discovery that the person America elected indeed has always been a thoroughgoing crook of a businessman, unfit for office.”

“America” didn’t elect this baboon for president, the crooked electoral college system is responsible for placing him in the White House. Thankfully, the majority of Americans have more sense than to fall for such a charlatan.


The songs aren’t meant to ‘save’ as much as to ‘soothe’ worried souls. And frankly, I don’t have much faith in the smart phone generation. They’re too easily misled by capitalist miscreants, by their governmental associates ready to approve any project with neon dollar signs, and by actual moles within environmental organizations. We may have only few actual moles, but their effect on which causes to oppose (or support) is deceitfully misleading. On one big public works project in my city, Portland Oregon, we have 10 separate socially/environmentally conscientious groups entirely misled by smooth talking leaders who nervously won’t admit that self-driving car tech is a complete fraud.


I agree with the smarty phone generation- if it isn’t online- then it doesn’t exist. That is why we all need to work together- smarty phones included. I am sure the greatest generation worried about boomers as well.


Unfortunately he has a strange band of MAGA supporters- mostly white religious fanatics who justify themselves somehow for voting for a tax fraud, a cheat, liar, someone sued ( and lost ) to NYS. He won’t even show his high school transcripts.- probably didn;t even graduate.


That’s right- even if the dems in congress are wimps- WE the people do not need to be. Think about this- after Dump got elected people on the dem side actually cried! We cannot be crybabies- we need to stick together. Dems have had a problem with sticking together for about thirty years- which is pathetic. If they cannot do their jobs- they get fired. Don’t forget your local and state elections either- that is important!


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It’s 1906 all over a-gain!! Exclamation point twice…
Gabby Gabbards for PRESIDENT! 2020!!


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Mr45 must NEVER be trusted! NEVER! His lies proceed him. FEAR!! HIM!!
Celebrate his dismissal from office!! “YOU’RE FIRED Mr45!!” BEGONE!!