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Trump Offers “A Nation of Miracles.” Your Move, Democrats


Trump Offers “A Nation of Miracles.” Your Move, Democrats

Richard Eskow

The bad news for Democrats in President Trump’s first speech to a joint session of Congress is that he exceeded expectations. A Washington Post headline called the speech “surprisingly presidential.” it’s likely to solidify Trump’s hold on his base, and will probably gain him some additional ground.


NOthing has changed since yesterday except, as I saw one headline put it, djt has 'tried on normal.' Reading so obviously from the teleprompters, he simply deflates. I'm so glad I didn't actually watch. I missed nothing.


It is very depressing that after 30 years the majority of republicans believe that trickle down economics works and privatizing government functions saves us taxpayers money????

Dems have not been doing their jobs, only a few who get dished by the dem elitists of the dem party. They've let us know that status quo is their policies. That's not what the people want.

I resigned as a dem yesterday and am now an independent.

Dems won't make a move or really can't make a notable move as they gave away the keys to the car.


Expecting most of the current crop of Congressional Democrats to be proactive in fighting Dump is akin to them having a pair.


"Americans in the Republican base feel hopeless, so they vote for politicians like Trump. Americans in the Democratic base feel hopeless, too, so many of them don’t vote at all."

This is the most profound statement in the article,and it explains everything you need to know about why Democrats have continued to lose for decades and will probably keep losing.

Republicans provide a narrative. It may be false, but at least it's coherent and explanatory. "If you're life is crap, this is who to blame for it: The government, the feminists, the secular latte-drinking liberals; the terrorists; the Mexicans, the inner city gangs..."

What do Democrats provide in response? Anything from tepid calls for diversity and tolerance, to... exactly what the Republicans offer. There are no bold ideas, only carefully managed expectations. They are so dead-set against all-in populist ideas like universal health care, living wages, and quality universal education that they end up offering nothing at all and telling people "America is already great"... when it clearly needs an overhaul.


The only "miracle" will be if American democracy can survive 4 years of this authoritarian corporatist Donald Trump and the hard right agenda of the Rethuglicans. His "presidential" speech was bullshit. When will we learn that Trump is a pathological liar who has already started betraying the very people who voted for him? The fact that our media was fawning over his speech is a sign of how pathetic they have become. After all, Trump has openly accused them of being the "enemy" of the American people!


He did sound more presidential - which is actually more frightening than reassuring because it makes it easier for him to sell his snake oil solutions to very real problems.

Trump's strength lies in his ability to articulate uncomfortable truths the elites in both parties have largely ignored or refused to acknowledge - for instance the devastating regime change wars that have in fact made us less safe while destroying one functional nation after another at untold cost to human life and a tremendous drain on the US treasury, while our own infrastructure crumbles and a substantial portion of our population lives in poverty. He nailed that. But his cure? More "defense" spending, privatizing education and infrastructure, deregulating what little meaningful regulation our nation possesses, etc, etc.

The Big Con.


It has been said that when you offer voters the choice between a Republican and a Democrat posing as a Republican that they will usually pick the real one. What have we come to when people can be led by the nose to believe that a fake billionaire asshole like Trump who lives in a penthouse and "makes deals" for a living could ever really give a shit about the general welfare of the people? He really doesn't. The presidency was just another "deal" to this extreme narcissist and egomaniac who also happens to be an incompetent jerk who couldn't even be a successful businessman despite his bullshit image. For God's sake, he lost yuuuuge money running a casino! He is part of the U.S. systematically turning itself into a "reality" TV show and I, for one, am changing the channel.


"renewal of the American spirit"

Translation: Make America Great Again.

And also a hackneyed political phrase, but one which both GOP and Dems can applaud, thereby illustrating their undying patriotism. (elated I did not torture myself by watching).


As I've often noted, (e.g. in yesterday's " Can the Democrats Break Through These 7 Debilitating Myths?" http://commons.commondreams.org/t/can-the-democrats-break-through-these-7-debilitating-myths/38647 ,
it certainly appears to me that a majority of elected Democrats believe it as well. They'd deny this, of course, because it's so firmly associated with Reagan and Republicanism, but most of them use the same justifications (vague promises of "jobs") for supporting anti-democratic trade agreements that sell out jobs and livable wages, or granting corporate welfare (e.g. development subsidies for corporate relocations at the municipal & state levels), for inadequate regulations to protect consumers, environment or public health, etc.

In dropping off the dem rolls (as I did after HRC's nomination), you've joined what I suspect is a fairly large number. Sadly, it seems that the current leadership of that Party will refuse to acknowledge that they've struck the iceberg and will merrily keep the band playing while it sinks. Sad to see what damage has been done to democracy and the planetary biosphere within my own lifetime.


I should mention to, coincidentally, I read this post today:


This is simple---who supports real political reform---and I mean stopping the corruption---get corporate and special interest money out of politics----

If democrats really want to take power again they know how to do it. Could you imagine if Obama had brought single payer to America-----the democrats would rule! but NO they are greedy corporatists who like all the influence pedaling that they do---rather than work for the common people.

We hear all about this corruption at election time ----then the topic quietly goes away. This is the crux of the real problem yet media outlets refuse to address this fundamental issue.


Yes, single payer would have strengthened the party. Obama intentionally through single payer under the bus and weakened the party.. If he had fought and lost, even that could have made a difference. Instead, he revealed the truth of his neoliberalism in the ACA and the party continued its down turn.


"Trump has a gift for aspirational rhetoric..." Is this satire? What I heard was a long recitation of utterly predictable jingoism. The rhetoric recited by Trump was already worn out years ago, and no longer rings true even to many Republicans.


Universal health care (by any other name) is not possible in the US. It would make no sense to provide more than emergency room services to our truly poor, just to dump them back on the streets. Deprivation of adequate food and shelter take a very heavy toll in human health. Some 20 years into America's war on the poor, the overall life expectancy of our poor has already fallen below that of every developed nation.

The current middle class has to come to terms with the degree to which the US as been on a downhill slide since the 1980s, when we first began shutting down/shipping out our jobs and regulating corporate and financial powers. On one point alone, consider that the overall quality of life went from being rated at #1 when Reagan was first elected (far from perfect, but much better), down to #48 by the time Obama was elected.


Last week on NPR (mid-afternoon; not sure what show) I heard a physician who cares for homeless folks and is also a Hawaii state senator and is introducing legislation to have homelessness recognized as a medical condition for Medicaid coverage. Among other things, he noted that would allow him to prescribe housing, to be covered by Medicaid, for his patients. He cited studies that show how health improves with basic housing.

As to your "stats" on quality of life, I'd like to see a source for that.


Yes, it is so contradictory. I wonder why the Dems have not picked up on the value of an entente w Russia, as well as an outspoken acknowledgment that the wars have been a catastrophic waste. So far, Trump's legacy is that he has shattered both the Clinton and Bush dynasties. That alone is huge. If he could do the Russia and the war piece, it would be even bigger. But then you get the sabre rattling BS, not to mention the talk of upgrading nuclear capabilities. Madness.


I remember very well the moment he threw it under the bus. He was doing a town hall type of meeting on health care, and declared that single payer was a great idea, but that it was only the "suspenders", not the "pants" of significant health care reform. It was a moment very much like the WMD moment--one night we were watching Bush and "WMD" popped out of his mouth. Holy shit; we looked at each other and knew we were in for it from that moment forward.


Richard Eskow nails it again.

The best the Republican wing of the Democratic party can do is offer up a former Kentucky governor to mouth off platitudes about a balanced budget. Meanwhile, as they break ranks time and again to support extremist cabinet nominees- insulting one progressive constituency after another, their only 'strategy' seems to be to keep screaming about the Russians.