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Trump Offers Latest Xenophobic Speech as FBI Trainees 'Applaud Wildly at Dear Leader'

Trump Offers Latest Xenophobic Speech as FBI Trainees 'Applaud Wildly at Dear Leader'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The president said other nations put people "in a bin" and send "the worst of the worst" to the U.S.


I can only reply with some words from Plato:

“Ignorance is not merely the lack of knowledge, but the self-destructive turning away from truth in all areas of life. Persons develop a taste for ignorance, the predisposition to embrace erroneous beliefs based on presumption or mere authority. The ignorant person believes he knows what he actually doesn’t know. He becomes delusional. He is deranged.”


Note to The Donald, even in Alabama folks are waking up. Your red meat for your base is soaked in your hair dye and it doesn’t have an infinite shelf life, either.

Other nations are admitting that the United States of America has put the “worst of the worst” in the White House.


when i see the words of plato applied here, pointing to ignorance and therefore placing that label upon the new fbi agents, it makes me wonder about the information i just received after creating an account on this website. The message welcomes and then goes on to say that the criticism of ideas is fine, but not the criticism of people. So Mr. Rimbaudsfist has employed his deep knowledge of philosophy (the love of wisdom) using a broad brush to paint the pres, and all of the graduates of the fbi academy as ignorant.

Let me start by asking; when the obama admin put in place a travel band that included the exact same countries that the the current admin’s original travel ban, was there the same condemnation? Or when the obama admin.was caught spying in american citizens? The reason for the skepticism on many when it comes to the fbi is because, in case you didn’t know is that a senior agent, the lead agent on the “russia trump collusion” was discovered to have sent text message to his mistress at the fbi (a real professional) showing an extreme disdain, a hate for the president. This agent, a senior DOJ official and the deputy attorney general had a meeting in the deputy’s office at the doj where they reviewed their options were trump to win the election, and “insurance policy”. Here are 3 senior officers of law enforcement talking about subverting the will of the american voters. I don’t think i would find this info on this website, would i?? And if this is where i gathered my information…to become informed and did not know about these facts then would i be …ignorant??

The forum is referring to individuals such as you. I can’t call YOU a name or insult you online. Political free speech is one of our more cherished rights, and Common dreams does not seek to restrict that . Calm down, it’s okay to call a group of ignorant academy graduates Brown Shirt wannabes.


Wild applause from future FBI agents…


Plato must have had a time-travel machine, with which he visited a Trump rally.


I use to think the guy was on drugs, but I have come to believe that he says whatever meanders through that fecal ladened brain of his. My stalworth Republican neighbors have gone from: “That’s my kind of guy” to: “I don’t know anymore.”

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You bring up some interesting points. I’m no fan of Obama, Clinton, Trump, or the FBI, but I am fair. Laying the spying gig at only Obama’s feet certainly is not. Ever hear the names, Bush I, Bush II, Chaney, Clinton. All have subverted the constitution, and the will of the voters. I also would not believe this FBI story without links that I could investigate myself. Maybe true, maybe not. With the events leading up to the 2016 election, it doesn’t seem likely.
I will say if you’re here to support trump, you’re probably in the wrong place.


Welcome to the forum Trump supporter. Good luck getting anyone to buy your fake views.


Nothing pokes quite like your beak.


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Well, when it comes down to it, we are indeed allies :slight_smile:

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To add to your point, it appears that even FOX viewers are losing there affinity for Trump:

We can hope.

Let us put the Russia issue aside. Let us put the FBI trainees “ignorance” issue aside. In fact, let us put ALL issues that Trump is accused of aside. because that only clouds the REAL issue: In the past several months, since Trump took office, have you observed how he behaves, how he talks and how he treats other people? If you are objective and truthful, you have to agree that this man has severe psychological issues. he’s unhinged, deranged, vindictive, egotistical, megalomaniacal, totally out of touch with reality and HE’S THE ONE who would do anything to make money (as evidenced by his entire past), NOT Senator Gillibrand.

Given all of the above, ANYONE who supports and/or defends Trump is either severely biased, willfully blind, totally gullible or YES, ignorant. And THAT is the real issue here. Let us not cloud it with Russia, Obama, FBI or anything else.

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You are correct. Any criticism of Obama (I voted for him, once) after he was elected was met with a barrage of insults and protests by the D party faithful. The public is used to this, the Ds hate the Rs, the Rs hate the Ds. They expect it. This is why nothing ever changes, it has become the norm.

Obama was a patsy for the right. He bailed out the bankers, he put cuts to SS on the table, he deported more people than any other president, he increased the drone killings and began extrajudicial killings unopposed. Inequality increased exponentially under Obama and seniors became much, much poorer. But don’t utter a word. The Rs certainly would not and if anyone else did they were run outta town. This is why most people think all this Trump-hate is the norm. It was the same with Bush the younger.

Charles Barkley: ‘Black people have voted for Democrats their whole life, they’re still poor


Good points Lynn.

More evidence that the Duopoly isn’t representative of the masses.

That is, unless the masses have grown as Hateful as our s/elected officials.

Even then, this doesn’t bode well for future generations.

Perhaps a Nuclear Holocaust will cleanse the Earth of Humanity, and create a suitable environment for our Extraterrestrial visitors who might treat each other better, than we do.

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With the rise of Elite/corporate-fascism, we have also seen a rise in police brutality.
Our police are not there to protect citizens, they are there to protect the interests of
Elites/corporations. Elites benefit when human rights are ignored by our police and
when citizens are brutalized and shut down.

We’ve been watching this for decades now, as well, where the right to free assembly
and peaceful protest pretty much no longer exists.

Obama was no “patsy” …

Obama was put in place to once again betray the American voters.
The GOP was finished after the 2008 election, but Obama immediately
betrayed the liberal voters who put him in office in appointing Rahm
Emmanuel as #1 in the White House. Emmanuel immediately began to
push right wing candidates and to hamper the campaigns of liberal of
elected officials in the party.

Obama then resurrected the GOP from the ashes – and engaged in the
Joe Lieberman fantasy – by the way, Joe Liberman was Chair of the DLC
which was funded by Koch Bros./John Birch Society who took possession
of the Dem Party along with other large corporations more than 30 years ago.

Koch recruited Bill Clinton to co-found the DLC – the corporate wing of the
party. John Birch family has been trying to overturn democracy in the US
for more than 100 years.

Obama is part of all of this – and in fact is likely connected to CIA.

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May I add: Prosecuted more whistle blowers than ever before, put banksters in charge of our economy, failed to help victims of the sub-prime scam, knocked out public option at the start, placed anti-democratic operatives and rules in place at the DNC.

I can continue, but I feel a wave of nausea coming on.