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Trump Offers Vague Condemnation Amid Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents

Trump Offers Vague Condemnation Amid Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump finally spoke on Tuesday about a recent rash of anti-Semitic threats and attacks in the U.S., telling one news outlet: "Anti-Semitism is horrible, and it's going to stop."

The vague statement was the president's only response thus far to the latest wave of anti-Semitic acts—including 11 new bomb threats against Jewish community centers, from New York to New Mexico, on Monday alone—and it wasn't enough for many observers.

Anyone who saw Don tell the obviously Jewish journalist to be quiet and sit down knows that this comment has as much integrity as has Don.

Regardless of Trump’s personal views on antisemitism, whatever they are, Trump the politicians is well aware that a good portion of his supporters are antisemitic. This is probably why he is waffling on this issue and not speaking out strongly against antisemitism as any US president should. When you run a campaign based on hate and fear you can’t turn around and be a politician preaching tolerance. Many of Trump’s supporters represent an ugly America that people have been trying to overcome for many decades. There is no leadership on tolerance from Trump. It has to come from other politicians as well as community leaders. We have a vacuum at the top. Others have to step in and do the job of the presidency when it comes to providing leadership on issues like fighting antisemitism.

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The GOP and Trump were all about fear and greed long before Trump became POTUS. Seeing how their successes have always been predicated on installing fear in others, they are not going to suddenly depart from their winning formula.

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T-dump has put himself in a corner: cater to his base and soft-pedal anti-semitism (remember the KKK and white supremacist anti-semites wholeheartedly came out in support of DJT) or continue to stock his cabinet, inner circle and administration with very powerful wealthy Jewish businessmen. A conundrum that reflects the chaos DJT fosters so he can feel all powerful.

T-dump is a White Supremacist and an Anti-Semite. He doesn’t look at his son-in-law or grandchildren as Jews, he looks at them as Rich, White, and Entitled family members.

What about Mnuchin, Cohen, Greenblatt, and Cohn all who have the emperor’s ear? At least until they cross him…

Dual citizenship is the topic that jumps out of the settlement Occupation in Palestine. Would it be unsettling to say that tens of thousands of the settler population are ‘American’ citizens? Propose a law in the USA that anybody holding high political Office in the USA must denounce any dual citizenship and hold only to be a citizen of the USA.

And probably resents his Jewish son-in-law for being married to attractive Ivanka.

Criticize Israel you are anti-semitic. Suggest dual nationals in office might have a conflict of interest - ditto . Suggest a financial conspiracy and mention the Rothchilds - you are anti semitic. Question the magic 6 million number and boom.

If anti semitism did not exist it would have to be invented since it is a useful tool to shut down discussion on some important issues

Meanwhile Milo makes an anti-Catholic comment on the Bill Maher show and everyone yawns. Anti-Islam, no problem either. Not saying anti-semitism should not be condemned but a little balance would be nice

Trump is very good at pretending to be what he is not. For example Putins best friend may be his worst enemy. Pretends to be sticking it to Jews by words of ommission or not seeming to care , perhaps to disguise the fact he is Bibis lap dog and his cabinet is full of pro Israel neocons.

Our entire Middle East policy to Balkanize it is an Israel plan developed 40 years ago. Oded Yinon released details of the plan in 1982 that was said to have been drawn up in the late 70’s being as it was a plan for the 80’s and beyond.

The war on terrorism was discussed in 1979 at the Jerusalem Conference organized by Bibi, coincidentally at the same time we began training and arming radical fighters from Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan, including OBL. That same year our Iranian puppet the Shah was allowed to be replaced in favor of the Ayatollah who was flown in from France with the military armed and trained by the US standing down? Then we continued arming Iran with Iran-Contras while we got our buddy Saddam to begin the Iraq-Iran war (yes, Saddam was our friend before he was our enemy) while giving him chemical weapons to use against the Kurds. And so much more as we all know, some of it even more unbelievable, yet believed.

Syria was actually a target going back to 1980, all part of the plan continuing today. For the most part it seems to be going well. Divide and Rule

But this and the money behind the operations funding the chaos must not be discussed

Like I said. Rich, White, and Entitled.

This is not government we are watching, this is an Organized Crime Family (Trump), using public office to assemble other criminals to rob and pillage this country’s and it’s people treasure, all done in the name of government.

That’s right. Did he even ask the FBI to investigate these crimes? I doubt it. His talk is cheap, and only his rich family matters.