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Trump Official Praises Autocratic Rule: 'Not a Single Hint of a Protester' in Saudi Arabia


Trump Official Praises Autocratic Rule: 'Not a Single Hint of a Protester' in Saudi Arabia

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Putting a fine point on the spin that President Donald Trump's trip to the Middle East has been a glowing, peace-dealing success, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross praised the fact that there were no protesters in Saudi Arabia—a nation where political dissonance is punisha


Sociopathic. Likely psychopathic. Just the sort of personality you want running our government. “Death to fascists”: Pete Seeger.


And the Jews in Germany During WWII didn’t openly protest and “hold up bad placards” against the concentrations camps either… Can the genius figure out why?


That’s good to know Mr Ross, if it impresses you so much, why don’t you move there?


Disturbing is the only word I can think of. I suppose Mr. Wilbur Ross would not have the same opinion if the Saudi’s were tying him down on the chopping block ready to decapitate him. Of course, he - of the elite - cannot fathom that. I’m sure he is being treated very courteously and with the highest level of respect by the same people who denigrate women and abuse human rights in the most vicious way. Ross is either a sociopath or so naïve and clueless that he doesn’t really understand the world and ,in reality, he probably doesn’t want to.


Obviously, after greed, other maladies afflict certain segments of America’s moneyed class.


Similarly: It looks like we have to decide (though thought that settled) whether OR NOT Russia is an ally to the U.S.
45 and friends behave as though Russia is our ally. Why do they not get any serious blowback for that?


Between not knowing and not caring…


Okay then! Seeing this, I actually had to laugh…then I felt slightly nauseous.

This man is literally unamerican! Actually and intrinsically unamerican! He would rather people not be in a democracy!

It isn’t funny that this very strange person is part of the Trump administration. I hope he declared those dates before he introduced some invasive pest into this country!

These people (Trump among them) do not really believe in American democracy which is why they see no problem with the Corporate Coup subverting it!


Wilbur Ross is a sick man who has risen into the ruling class of a sick culture.
This latest manifestation of ignorance and bald-faced power should come as no surprise in the long history of denial and domination through creating alternative facts just because someone says so. Despots, extremists and torturers become best of friends and are lauded lavishly. “It is in America’s best interests”, they say.
“Once again: the insanity of the whole absolves the particular insanities and turns crimes against humanity into a rational enterprise.” Herbert Marcuse


Despots, extremists and torturers?

Well yeah sure but still he did get a couple of bushels of free dates! Wasn’t that nice of the torturers? Very friendly!


Wilbur Ross, another asshat billionaire that hasn’t a clue about how 99.9% of the worlds people live.
Criminal behavior runs rampant in Trump administration.
That’s the best scenario, or maybe he is just a plain ole lying sack of billionaire garbage.


ladies and germs, I give you your ruling class.

Lucky us.


Imo, we will be lucky to survive these seditionists.
45 even called the Constitution “archaic.”


Unfortunately, the US fawning over this most utterly barbaric of states is a very bi-partisan affair going back to, and including, FDR.


yES, there was a story in the Washington Post yesterday about a wealthy Trump supporter who came to the inauguration and sexually assaulted a maid at the hotel. For his transgression, he got some kind of misdemeanor charge with a $50 fine (1/5th the maximum), a 10 dail jail sentence (suspended) and six months probation. Seems like we have two systems of justice in the US - one for the poor and one for the rich and powerful. Glenn Greenwald wrote about this in one of his books. I guess this is kind of like when the plantation owner would sexually assault a female slave - not much happened. We ought to ask Jeffrey Sessions about that. He is so much for the maximum sentences - why doesn’t he intervene in this case of this wealthy Trump supporter? The reason: they are all a bunch of hypocrites and they seem to have the same values as the plantation owner.


yes, all about oil and money. and now it’s also about US military sales.


Young Americans take a good long look at this crusted old relic of establishment indifference. If you want to put a face on why you can’t afford college, healthcare, a car or car insurance, a mortgage on even a modest home, here’s your poster boy. This is what wealth, privilege, and power looks like close up. Old, cynical, and dismissive.

As Sgt. Horvat remarked to Cpt. Miller near the climax of Saving Private Ryan: “Clearly, we have entered the surreal.”


This is the true history of the US - not the mythical one that so many of us believe in. We are now facing the reality which has always existed and the Trump administration is just the morphing of the past 250 years into the present.


Ross should be forced to observe a stoning, beheading, and amputation…all punishments that Wahhabi Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia exhorts. Guess he missed the documentary where a Saudi princess was beheaded with a scimitar in a public square…for committing adultery, allegedly. Here is a link to that BBC documentary (1980) and a reprise by PBS’ Frontline. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/princess/reflect/harvard.html

Beheadings, stonings, and amputations are conducted in a public square and all who live within a large radius are forced out of their homes to watch the atrocities…could be them, after all. (Pederasty is a common practice in SA albeit very clandestine. Several employees of Whittaker Corp who worked and lived in Riyadh related these horrors when they returned to the U. S.)

And they welcomed the predatory president with open arms! He brought $200 billion in armaments to them, after all. More than enough to level Yemen and decimate that populace.