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Trump Officially Unveils Policy to Expand Sale of Killer Drones


Trump Officially Unveils Policy to Expand Sale of Killer Drones

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump administration on Thursday officially unveiled its new policy aimed at upping foreign sales of military drones, with President Donald Trump hailing the plan as one that will allow weapons deals to be finalized more quickly.


It’s a drone sale! Come one come all and get your killer drones here today! We finance!




Hmmm…what could possibly go wrong?


Thank you Mr. Trump!
The murdering defense companies and war profiteers!


Even though the article does mention this fact, it bears reiteration…this is not just about drones.

The Trump policy allows DIRECT sales of US weapons to “allies”, not having to even be appropriated through Congress.

True, it is already bad, but like everything Trump, it just got a whole lot worse.

Wonder if the Pentagon will have their own online sales portal to make things even simpler. Specials and free shipping!

More evidence that the Deep State hates Trump. They hate him I tell ya!


“the risk is that countries may be more willing to use military force when they can do so without risking their own people,”

And the risk to the citizens of those countries, is that the government of their own country might utilize the drones to kill them as well.


And, of course, that makes a legal precedent for droning our own dissenters.
*We seem to making a fairly smooth transition from 1930s Germany to 1940s, the major difference being a huge increase in military and surveillance hardware, which makes the US Fourth Reich’s job easier, and a lot deadlier.


Not only will “we” sell them drones, “we” will lend them the money to buy them. It’s an old story.