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Trump on "Direct Collision Course" With G20 Over Climate

Trump on "Direct Collision Course" With G20 Over Climate

Andy Rowell

So the G20 summit is starting in Hamburg in Germany, after a day of angry protests which saw dozens arrested.

As the talks commence, the new international “Climate Pariah”, Donald Trump, is going to come under intense pressure from the G20 to reconsider pulling out of the Paris Climate agreement.

The depiction is accurate. Trump is literally “shitting” on the world with his climate stance.

Pollution in its many malignant and pernicious forms is our real enemy and co2 not one of them
Co2 is our friend… and does not contribute to climate change in any significant way.
And no one has ever offered the slightest proof that such a tiny amount of inert gas could affect our weather or our climate in any significant way.