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Trump on Free Speech and Freedom of the Press


Trump on Free Speech and Freedom of the Press

Jennifer Lynch

No one can know for sure what the incoming Trump administration will do, but President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized and threatened the media in the United States. In lieu of attempting the impossible and predicting the future, we’ve gathered all of Trump’s stated positions on free speech and freedom of the press. If you are aware of any additional statements that we have not included, please email kate@eff.org with a link to your source material, and we will consider it for inclusion.


The cost of litigation is one of the tools that the rich and powerful use to ensure that the little guy does not get a fair shake.

Large corporations routinely enforce trademarks or worthless patents against small companies with no other goal than to get their way because they know that the little guy cannot compete financially.
That is why we do not have "Yogi Whip" salad dressing (a product made from Yogurt). The "Miracle Whip" people drove them out of business with excessive legal costs claiming that consumers would confuse the names.

Apparently "Miracle Whip" did not pursue a battle against the "Buggy Whip" manufacturers even though those two products were identical in taste.

Donald Trump says he wants to reform the libel laws. He probably just wants to put an end to the abuses he himself has taken advantage of.


Extremists on both the left and right have been trying undermine the credibility of the mainstream press for years. This is a way of getting support but it is based on lies. There is a lot wrong with the press but many journalists do a good job and a free press is essential for democracy. We can expect Trump to attack the press to get support from his political base who completely distrust the press. If we want to maintain a democracy it is critical that the press be supported even if certain parts of the press such as cable news often seem to do more harm than good. There have been too many mergers of media corporations but that should not stop people from supporting the press.


"This is a way of getting support but it is based on lies"

How is legitimate criticism of the press for being too much stenography, not enough journalism "getting support based on lies?" The mainstream (corporate) press has lost credibility because it has become clear to people they often times don't deserve to be considered credible. Thanks to the Daily Show, the Young Turks, etc. we have intelligent minds criticizing the mainstream (corporate) press for peddling BS to the masses in their effort to entertain, sell advertisements and manufacture consent for their masters, our establishment plutocrats.

I shouldn't need to cite for you the examples of the (corporate) press running with the establishment right and establishment left mainstream political narratives of the day solely to further the establishment agenda. Nor should I have to explain to you how they have replaced neutrality for objectivity.

People should support freedom of the press, but they should support independent media (not corporate media), such as this site, and many of the other honest, independent journalists out there offering critical analysis instead of hyped up horse race fear-baiting establishment apologism.


Please, PLEASE read: "Manufacturing Consent- The Political Economy of the Mass Media" by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky.

The totally bogus "critique" (to use entirely too kind a word) of the press by Trump has absolutely nothing; NOTHING to do with the documented, scientific critique of the corporate media from the left. The recommended reading above will make this clear.

But hey, I bet you were one of those NPR-loving urban-liberal bourgies who was absolutely convinced that the US had to invade Iraq to stop "Saddam's WMD's" Right?


What the hell is the "establishment left"?

NPR, PBS, and the Democratic Party is not leftist and any way, shape or form.


The Democratic Party and their allied plutocrats in business and the press. You say corporate left, I say establishment left.

Your point is well received, however. I should disassociate "Democratic Party" from "left." I mean they are, in all reality center right (at best).


I'm thinking there should be constraints on the press if that means they can't knowingly publish mean, nasty and untrue items without presenting the other side's position. My son was on trial for murder several years ago and every time the local newspaper published his picture it was in his jailhouse orange jumpsuit. The other man was presented as a choirboy, good little man (when he was everything but). No doubt the newspaper influenced the jury, and my son is locked up for the rest of his life. Even when I confronted one of the reporter's articles, pointing out a serious mistake in her quote of a witness' testimony, she put it off on her editor and no retraction or correction was printed. Then there is the definition of public figure where the constraints are next to nothing, and the term itself is open to interpretation. Freedom of the press shouldn't mean anything and everything that will sell papers is protected. Also the statute of limitations is one year, and it should be longer because a person going through a trauma can't and shouldn't have to think about filing a libel suit during such a short time.


Your comment underscores your intentional advocacy for corporate governance. Asserting equivalency of the corporate captured MSM to a "free press" shows just how far you are willing to go in your corporate governance apologetics.

Did I just apologize for Trump's attack on the press? Of course not. Is the corporate MSM press going to advance the ultra corporate governance Trump Administration? Of course it will. NPR will be a prime example of how deep corporate control of MSM has become as will be evidenced by their annoying talking heads advancing that Trump brand of corporate governance.