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Trump on the Brink? Impeachment Support Grows Amid Speculation He'll Resign

Trump on the Brink? Impeachment Support Grows Amid Speculation He'll Resign

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The walls appear to be closing in on President Donald Trump this week—following his outrageous equivocation on white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia—as public support for impeachment grows, predictions of resignation surface, and his political isolation intensifies.

Well…Nixon had a rather orderly resignation. I don’t think a Trump resignation, although welcome, is going to be anything other than chaos.

As for those still “holding Trump’s horses”, they are as culpable as he is because they have compromised themselves in the name of political and personal power. From Pence on down “deplorable” may be too kind of a characterization. Trump’s family and their actions were an early warning sign that too few chose to heed.


Apparently the Deep State (consisting of the MIC, mainstream media and establishment politicians of both parties) have given up trying to impeach the President based on Russian collusion. They’ve given up trying to alter the electoral college. They lost the election. They failed in preventing him from being the nominee, and they will fail again misrepresenting his remarks over Charlottesville. Trump never defended white supremacists or neo-Nazis. He never defended violent demonstrations. He defended those people who peacefully demonstrated against the removal of historic landmarks. Many agree with him that it is better to preserve our historical monuments and learn from them, rather than distort and whitewash our history.

This too shall pass.


I hope Trump resigns but I don’t think he will. My experience with people suffering from NPD is that they won’t resign because that would be admitting they either did something wrong or weren’t wanted and that goes completely against the narrative they need to tell themselves. Nixon resigned under the threat of impending impeachment. Perhaps Trump would do the same but Nixon was facing a Democratic controlled house which was going to impeach him and Trump has a Republican controlled house that has already shown a reluctance to impeach even the most odious of charlatans.


Instead of a rudderless, directionless White House, we now stand to get one headed by Pence (and subsequently Ryan), which will much more focused - on the destruction of the American middle class.
Tell me, why I am not euphoric at that prospect.
Next month we will be 1/3rd of the way to our next chance to make a difference, by electing truly progressives into Congress. Let us make the most of it
Suggestion: Click on https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/s4p?source=bnc


Impeachment? Screw that. Squeeze his fascist ass so that he gives up everyone connected to him–in particular Pence–before resigning so it guarantees jail time for all of the treasonous bastards. Absent that approach he could be back at his money laundering business relatively unscathed, like all the crooks let off the hook by that other traitor to those who elected him, BHO.


…and then there is that. But another factor may be: Will Trump able to withstand the constant stream of rejection by the media, - now even Fox questions him -, members of “his” party and now even the inner circle which he has selected himself. Also the ongoing paternalism by Steve Bannon must be hard for him to stomach (interesting relationship between these two).
No matter how much narcissistic denial, all this has to be grating at him.


Every bit like a high priest and an inbred idiot monarch.


You can’t equivocate when it comes to calling out neo-Nazi’s. Yes like other Americans they have the right to free speech but they are all despicable whether they are peacefully demonstrating or fighting. They see Hitler as a good guy. That is the same monster who was responsible for murdering six million Jews and millions of others. Trump is the president of the United States. He is not some poor drunk mouthing off in a bar. His words about this situation are unacceptable. If he can’t call out the people in the neo-Nazi’s, KKK, etc in the strongest language he should resign and not spend another day defiling the White House.


40 % - that’s it - even given that poll is before Charlottesville !!!

That’s depressing - unfortunately not unexpected - the pattern since Plymouth Rock is crystal.

I think America needs a third party - and fragmentation state by state, each going its own way in the interim.


Bravo Mr.Trump i applaud your decision to consider resignation. Please save yourself from further embarrassment of an impeachment process. You have caused.America and the world a great deal of shame in a span of just a few months.

You are a damn fool to think Trump is anti deep state, he is a member of the elite 0.1% and could never get there without deep state blessing. Besides what action has he taken to prove he is a maverick, all his divisions have helped the wall street banks, the oil and gas cartels, the MIC and the job exporting corporate fascists. All his divisions have been anti worker, anti environment, anti women and LGBT humans.
He attempted to take away health insurance from further 23 million people, privatize social security, public schools, the military and give the infrastructure jobs to his social club corporate wolf buddies…


I agree that a Trump resignation, if it happens, will be chaotic to say the least! Trump is such an egomaniac that he would start a war or declare martial law if he thought it would save his racist, hide! .


Lest any think this be the end of something… NEVER has the necessity of being engaged been more important. Those who benefit from chaos have had their appetites whetted and will undoubtedly work like mad men to hold ground and make inroads into greater deceit, usury, alienation through the precedents Trump has sought to set.

  • class division
  • financialization based “austerity”

It is essential to make oneself VERY familiar with the methodologies that have been crushing European nations such as Greece, Italy, Spain and in South/Central America etc.

PRIVATIZATION must be stopped!
For any who might not be familiar with it : Catastroika

…add Debtocracy to that


He’ll resign in disgrace and be perp walked into the big house for bank fraud. So let it be written, so let it be done.


Unfortunately, not surprising. So…are we prepared for the aftermath from these folks when Trump et al go down?


I don’t think trump will resign, he will never admit that he got in over his head or that he has done anything wrong. The few times that a republican has not voted the way trump wants them to, they are instantly called a traitor and a loser. For trump to resign, he would have to accept the fact that he too would be called a loser, that’s something he would never do.
Resigning would be the easy way out, I would rather have congress tell him “Your Fired”
Resigning or being impeached, I don’t see things getting any better under Pence.


Seeing as there were exactly zero people “peacefully demonstrat[ing] against the removal of historic landmarks” the emptiness of his false equivalence is laid bare. They all came armed. They attacked the peaceful protestors who encircled the statue. They severely beat one protestor, killed another and seriously injured some nineteen or twenty more.

The vast majority of the counter protestors were unarmed. The antifa came to fight. They are a century old global coalition who have fought fascists all over the globe. But I have yet to see any reports or video showing that they killed or severely beat or injured anyone. None.

Trump’s false equivalency is just that.


As disgusting as Trump is, he is a mess.
I have a greater fear of the organized, religious fanaticism of Mike Pence.


Sorry, I did not see anything “peaceful” of the demonstrators. Shouting horrible words, carrying clubs, guns, pipes, shields, wearing helmets does not strike me as “peaceful”. trump just is a liar AGAIN.