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Trump Openly Admits He Wants to Fill RBG Vacancy Before Election Day So His Justice Can Help Fight Mail-In Ballots

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/trump-openly-admits-he-wants-fill-rbg-vacancy-election-day-so-his-justice-can-help

if the recent history hadn’t shown that the Democrats role over and play dead when confronted with Republican election fraud, voter suppression , and other legally questionable practices like reducing the number of voting sites in Democratic districts ----for the last 50 years----refused to fight the criminal overreach of SCOTUS when they ILLEGALLY stopped the ballots from being counted (voting and counting the ballots is a State responsibility under the Constitution–and the SCOTUS has NO jurisdiction in this) allowing an UNELECTED candidate to be given the election in what can only be described as the nations 1st judicial coup , combined with their constant pandering to the Republicans --even now in this crisis the Democratic -so called “leadership” --while taking possible tactics off the table --has already started their cave to Republicans with their --we’ll get them “next year” “just you wait” and other cowardly statements of surrender(watched them do it on national TV this weekend)–I DO NOT hold any hope that somehow they will find the courage to mount a fight and will leave us to the mercy of the Republicans again–JUST LIKE they have done for the last 50 years–we are in a world of hurt and the Democrats REMAIN MIA

combined with the campaign that promises to essentially do nothing to improve the quality of our lives–no M4A-no student debt relief-no criminal justice or police reform(I will increase the money to the cops-Joe)–no regulation money machine buying our elections–and possible the most pathetic proposal (incremental approaches to an existential crisis is akin to throwing a doughnut to a drowning person ) to deal with the real monster in the room–the collapse of our planetary climate systems(I will Not ban fracking Joe) --the Democrats are continuing to leave us at the mercy of the Republican agenda–and because they offer nothing to relieve the many stresses facing us–the “I am not Trump” campaign is so pathetic that I am left to wonder if they haven’t already sold out and are just phoning it in


Tired yet? Good. General Strike! Shut it all down then prepare for total, rolling, non cooperation.


Once again: Where’s Pelosi? You know her—the number one trump enabler on the planet. The self-promoting, self-serving elitist, enemy of the people, steadfast opponent of universal healthcare, demonstrated opponent of progressives and their ideals. Supposedly worth over $150 million, out soliciting campaign funds. Talks up a storm about arrows in her quiver to thwart trump. The premier abject phony. Pelosi will do nothing to stop trump. A treasonous liar selling out the country.


And yet the “progressives” of San Francisco will vote to “re-elect” Pelosi.


The same useless approach they took in 2016.


Once again, the only thing that trump has been honest about since becoming president is that he would be dishonest. And he has fulfilled that promise every day of his presidency.
Most folks fail to realize that politicians rarely lie. You just need to listen carefully to what they say, and how they say it. For example, trump never said he wouldn’t cut social security or Medicare. What he said was that he would make them better, his version of better of course being different than your version as he feels that better means privatization. In contrast, listen to Joe Biden. He has said that he will “save” social security and Medicare. What does that mean? That means that come 2024, under a Biden presidency, social security and Medicare will still be there. In what form however, we don’t know, as he merely says he will save them, not make them better.


Very well said. As I wrote on another post these would be the same Democrats, including their alleged progressive leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who refused to do battle against the Republicans when Trump insists that a vote to replace RBG be taken before the November election. No threat of a government shutdown as well as no call for people to take to the streets in protest against Trump’s desire to nominate a conservative justice before the election. In addition Sen. Dianne Feinstein is against the idea of a legislative filibuster while Biden is now on record saying that the Democrats should not try to expand the Supreme Court. The Democrats are an opposition party in name only. And nothing of substance will ever change in this less than egalitarian country as long as third party candidates are not allowed to challenge both corporate and militant political parties.


Indeed and that is a tactic which the Democrats, as expected, have never bothered to address as a way to combat Trump’s desire to nominate a conservative judge before the election.

Wow. This site has been taken over by pouting surrender monkeys.


The Republicans wipe their ass with the Constitution, then hand it to the Democrats, who eat it and complain about the taste.

I’m done with the lot. The presidency, congress and now the courts have been completely debased and rendered useless to the people. The fascists, the white-supremacists and the Republicans have long wanted all-out civil war, and now it appears that they are going to get it. Who can any longer give even lip service to ‘rule of law’ or non-violence?


It’s a replay of 2016. They would rather have Trump win (and he probably will) rather than go with a progressive candidate.
Also, although I can’t stand Trump and believe that he is a moron, you have to admire the way he steamrolls over everyone to get what he wants done. What a damn shame that he is incapable of using that ruthlessness for doing good.


Notice how recently many of them have joined.


Many of the comments on articles about Trump’s illegal, outlandish, anti-constitutional, authoritarian acts are solely about how bad Democrats are, which is puzzling and disempowering.
It’s true that Pelosi and many of the other corporate Dems are partially in bed with the GOP and aren’t a worthwhile opposition to Trump…or even enable him. Many conservative Dems have been voting for Trump’s right-wing judges in the Senate.
On the other hand, the progressives in the Democratic Party, and Biden, have been hardcore in their criticism of Trump.
Slagging the Democrats for not being a good enough opposition party, while never focusing on the utter depravity of Trump and the GOP and how to stop them, is like blaming the German Resistance for not successfully getting rid of Hitler.
Many people look at these comments and see covert pro-Trump deflections and memes.


And yet the Progressives of Common Dreams will re elect Trump by staying home .


Justice Ginsberg will lie in state at the Supreme Court, where we are told her coffin will be accompanied by a small army of her clerks. Trump is scheduled to visit; they should prevent him from approaching anywhere near to it.


What has Trump done that’s illegal?

Everything you need to know about the Democrats could be learned in 2009-10.
With the White House and huge majorities in Congress, they accomplished RomneyCare.


Where is Claus von Stauffenberg now that we really need him?


Make that “Progressives”.