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Trump Order Aimed at Palestine Solidarity, Not Anti-Semitism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/05/trump-order-aimed-palestine-solidarity-not-anti-semitism


Informative reporting and thanks. The greatest incitements to anti-semitism are spawned by Israel’s racist attitudes and behaviors. Anti semitism will continue to flourish until Israel decides to claim the moral high ground by rolling back the settlements and restoring rights to the Palestinians. Because is has no support throughout the world, it must continue its despicable efforts to buy, threaten and control our even more despicable, spineless legislators and President.


Arabs are Semites ----------so when Israel bombs them I guess that people said to be Jewish, like Netanyahu ( who is Polish) I guess that Bibi et al are being anti-semitic? But then anyone can join the Jewish religion— a person doesn’t have to have DNA from an ancient time. Anyone can become Christian or Muslim too.

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With trump aligning himself with all of the thug, crook, liar, world leaders, are our voters going to recognize a coup when they see one, or vote for his corrupt ass?

Another point not mentioned is that Israel has never defined its borders. I think the '48 partition plan is the best they can expect under the circumstances. That is what they were “given” to ethnically cleanse.


Thank you mr Shupak for this clear and cogent article. No pulling punches or weasel words what are so common in articles daring to point out the obvious regarding the behaviour of Israel and of those in thrall to their self-serving narrative.

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