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Trump 'Pandering to His Extremist Base' on Israeli Settlements, Says Bernie Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/18/trump-pandering-his-extremist-base-israeli-settlements-says-bernie-sanders

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Bernie is right, as usual. Trump has no love for Israel or the Israeli people. He is, indeed, pandering to an extremist base. Must be a lot of money in it for him.


Does he have a love for ANYONE besides those extremists and his own fat arse?!


Can’t wait for the “both sides do it” apologists for Israeli apartheid to come out from under their rocks to defend Pompeo and Trump on this one.



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Never saw any during my 30 years in NYC watching him. His are wasn’t so fat in those days:-)

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Nope. Tulsi seems to have lost her voice. Bernie Sanders wins this week. He spoke out about the coup in Bolivia and now he’s the first to criticize Israel. Tulsi is failing just as she was climbing.


Yes — Good for Sanders on this.


As always, Bernie is on the correct side of History, Humanity and Reality.

Bernie 2020


Indeed … Trump is not pandering to the US Jewish community but to the rabid evangel end of timers like Hagge. They will lead the sheep to slaughter on Trump’s behalf.


It’s hard for the Trump cult and Reich-wing media to smear Bernie as an anti-Semite, given that he’s a Jew.
However, they’re using the “self-hating Jew” trope, and claiming he’s “pandering to his anti-Semitic base” by asking the Zionists to end their brutal, murderous apartheid regime.


Trump is playing to his Christian base. It does not matter what else he does good or bad or absurd. The Christian base wants at least one and possibly two more Supreme Court Justices that will over turn Roe v Wade or at least not support it so states can eviscerate it. The Christian base also wants a unified state of Israel to set up Armageddon and the second coming. It is not rational but what religion is? As long as he plays to that solid 25-30% base his chances for reelection are good. The more progressives berate Trump for that behavior the more the Christian base supports him. I sugggest quieting the lambasting of Trump and spending that energy organizing.

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Tulsi never had a credible voice because she volunteered for the Empire’s war crimes mafia, brags about it, and is still a member.
She’s an identity politics wolf in sheep’s clothing, a friend of volunteer war criminals and Hindu fascist Modi, and not a progressive.

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I suggest condemning Trump more and more and recognizing that his base of faux Christians and other Confederates isn’t big enough to elect him as long as intelligent Americans vote en masse.
Organizing for more progressive votes is great too.
People can do several things at once.

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lol I’m not that against her, DavidCarson:D But she really is failing on Bolivia. She’s also failing on calling out Israel for murdering Gazans again. She also hasn’t said anything about the Hong Kong U.S.-supported colour-revolution-type-thing. When your focus is the atrocious foreign policy we have, the last few weeks should have given her many many things to say. But all we’re getting is silence.


So, are all of you in the comments anti-Semitic or just too idiotic to realize Israel targeted a Terrorist leader - A man who has committed vast amounts of murders, and was then met with 400 rockets ALL aimed at INNOCENT Israeli Civilians? (This was all this weekend - and this happens EVERY WEEK) Did you ever to think to realize perhaps the money Hamas spends on these rockets could be used for Infrastructure, schools, hospitals for the well-being of the Palestinians? I think you all fail to realize Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle east that is a FULL Democracy, and has PALESTINIAN ARAB representation in the GOVERNMENT? (Yup you heard me right!) Not only that, but Israel provides equal opportunities for ALL PEOPLE. There are Palestinian Teachers, Officers, Lawyers, Governmental Workers, etc… Name a single Muslim country that offers any of those roles for Jews and has examples? Saudi Arabia literally has roads ONLY FOR MUSLIMS! You would NEVER find any of that in Israel.

Please educate yourselves on these topics before spewing hate and ignorance!

What do you expect from a proud volunteer warmonger, Sharon?
I never could figure out why some people had the hots for her, other than some bikini photos online.
She’s NEVER been a progressive, and was raised in a Hindu cult.

There are plenty of terrorists in the Middle East.
If Israel wanted to get rid of the ones it controls, it would target the IDF, Mossad and other Zionist death squads.
If you want to see murderers, take a look at the Zionists.
They’ve made it an art. Here are the numbers on just one of Israel’s war crimes:
2014 Gaza war:

Palestinians killed: 2,139

Palestinian children killed: 490

Israeli soldiers killed: 64

Israeli civilians killed: 6

Israeli children killed: 1

Palestinians wounded: 11,000

Palestinian children wounded: 3,000

Gaza residents displaced: Up to 500,000

Homes destroyed in Gaza: 20,000

Oh, but those poor poor Israelis, right?!?


I would suggest you do the same. Israel struck the first blow (as it always does) and you ignore that.

The inclusion of Palestinian representation in the government is subject to them keeping quiet and not complaining. They kick out those that do speak up, then change the rules to make it harder for them to get elected in the future.

No, Apartheid is alive and growing in Israel. Israel is the #1 terrorist in the mid-east, using American tax dollars as lube while they screw the Palestinians. Take your hasbara to the next AIPAC meeting. They will eat it up.

Or perhaps try looking outside of the Zionist bubble. Read Haaretz if you want a more rounded view of the situation. It is a balanced Israeli news source. Or listen to the members of “Breaking the Silence” (Israeli soldiers who are admitting the atrocities they committed). Or B’Tselem (an Israeli NGO trying to expose the human rights violations).

Your comment shows the bias of a paid troll. Just my opinion… but you wouldn’t be the first.


I would recommend not spewing hate and ignorance when asking others to not spew hate and ignorance.