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Trump Pick 'Fossil Fuel Industry Puppet' Scott Pruitt to Head EPA

Trump Pick 'Fossil Fuel Industry Puppet' Scott Pruitt to Head EPA

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Portending threats to efforts aimed at reining in climate change, President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Oklahoma Attorney General and fossil fuel industry ally Scott Pruitt to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), his transition team said Wednesday.

EPA renamed Energy Producers Agency.

That Trump still making Wall Street shake in their boots!


The more things “change” the more they stay the same - like Obama appointing the odious fossil fuel industry puppet, Ken Salazar for Interior Sec. Through Salazar’s service to the oil conglomerate not mandating safety “Acoustic Switches” on deep water drilling in The Gulf brought us the Deep water Horizon catastrophe and the forever pollution of The Gulf - including the decimation of their fisheries industry.
Always astonishing to me how some people can drink the Kool-Aid lies and vote against their own interests time after time…



Back to square one, with too little time to ever recover. Profit reigns. To hell with the planet.


They say “given enough rope, they will hang themselves” - that saying seems all too relevant vis a vis the Trump regime forming before our eyes, tying the noose as we watch. America, is this sellout garbage what you wanted or expected from the SB carny showman pathological liar?

In Trumps & his cabinet from Hell case, the rope and the political hanging can’t come a moment too bloody soon…Wake up America!


This bodes ill for Standing Rock water protectors. Just got this email from the Injustice Boycott:

Dear Friends,

This week I received this email about Standing Rock from someone I verified works inside of the energy industry. Please read it and understand that this fight is not over. It’s not even close. I have redacted only the information that would give away their identity. This is why leaders in Standing Rock asked us to keep Standing Rock as a part of the Injustice Boycott.

See below.

Hi Shaun,

I need this email to be off the record, but I wanted to give you a few insights regarding Standing Rock.


My colleagues and I have a very cynical view of the industry we XXXXXXXXXXX, are well aware of its missteps and can be critical within a certain context, but Standing Rock is horrific even for an industry known for setting the bar low.

Now is not the time to lay down and take the Army Corps of Engineers decision yesterday as a full victory. I’d like to go further and plead that you use your incredible reach through your articles, social media activism and the Boycott to ask people to push even harder than they have before.

The CEO of Energy Transfer (the company leading the pipeline’s construction) is known even among of industry of generally unlikeable people to be a blood-sucking asshole. His company routinely finds any loophole it can and minimizes the social engagement necessary to get pipelines approved. (People in southwest Texas around Marfa-Big Bend have been speaking out against another pipeline, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, and Energy Transfer’s handling of it).

Equity analysts who cover Energy Transfer and other companies like them — who are therefore viewing Standing Rock not as a human rights issue, but as an opportunity to make/lose money — uniformly came out today saying that the DAPL delay is basically a show that will end with Trump taking office and the pipeline could well go forward as initially planned. The decision gets things to stand down ahead of what was likely to be an historic and contentious Dec. 5, a day when media coverage was finally on this story nationwide (although still pretty bad/misinformed).

Energy Transfer and partner Sunoco Logistics said in a press release following the decision that they are “fully committed to ensuring this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL REROUTING in and around Lake Oahu. Northing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.”

The industry is tone deaf, to put it mildly, but in my 10 years XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX industry, my view is that this is not a bluff. They will NOT back down on this unless they are unequivocally forced to. They will fight with every tool they have and have a willing supporter in Trump.

So not only is the fight for the pipeline not over, it likely just got HARDER, because attention and funds could fade. Everyone needs to be on their guard until literally every nut and bolt are removed from the site. Be wary!

Energy Transfer is a debt-riddled company with a lot riding on this easement.

For one (and these details came from their public, third quarter earnings call), the pipeline had secured $2.5 billion in financing. $1.1 billion has been drawn, but the condition for receiving the remaining $1.4 billion was approval of the easement.

For another, Energy Transfer and Sunoco Logistics agreed to sell a minority stake in the pipeline to two other pipeline companies — Unbridle and Marathon Petroleum — in August for $2 billion cash. The easement’s approval was a condition for that deal going through.

In late November, Sunoco Logistics and Energy Transfer Partners agreed a merger. I don’t know whether that deal is also contingent upon the pipeline going through as-is. That transaction was valued at roughly $20 billion.


All eco-warriors must, obviously, be on high alert and ready for action.

Another email from the Injustice Boycott:

I just jumped through several hoops to verify the authenticity of this email on Standing Rock. It’s authentic and its sender does indeed work for this law firm. See below.

Dear Shaun,

I’ve written to you before about my admiration for your work and I have continued to admire it since I last wrote to you.

I’m writing to you now because I work at a very large law firm that I found out today is representing Energy Transfer Partners in the litigation that the Sioux Tribe has pursued. I stumbled across some of the emails through our firm’s file-sharing system and to sum up what I saw, ETP is counting on the future president’s administration to have this pipeline happen. The words “come Inauguration Day” were definitely used. They also claimed that the water protectors were using this pipeline for political gain and called them “horrible people”. I nearly gagged in my office. To say the least, my desire to leave this firm has increased exponentially.

I know that it’s your job as a journalist to verify the facts, but I just need you to take my word on this. I’m not asking you to write about this, but to let any contacts you know who are at Standing Rock that the fight isn’t over and that they really need to gear up once Trump is officially the president. I don’t have any contacts over there and don’t know anyone who does. If you don’t believe me, I understand. You don’t know me and have no reason to trust me. Just please, reaffirm anyone you know at Standing Rock that they need to be prepared to keep fighting.


The EPA has been hamstrung, underfunded, and filled with industry insiders (all, especially the most predatory polluters in oil/gas/mining industries) since the days of St Raygun, whose first and foremost action as prez. was to undermine the EPA and appoint a career recipient of oil/mining corporate funds, Anne Gorusch Burford. To whit:

“A number of scandals occurred at the Environmental Protection Agency under the Reagan administration. Over twenty high-level EPA employees were removed from office during Reagan’s first three years as president. Additionally, several Agency officials resigned amidst a variety of charges, ranging from being unduly influenced by industry groups to rewarding or punishing employees based on their political beliefs. Sewergate, the most prominent EPA scandal during this period, involved the targeted release of Superfund grants to enhance the election prospects of local officials aligned with the Republican Party.”

"Rita Lavelle, ® an administrator at the EPA, misused Superfund monies and was convicted of perjury. She served three months in prison, was fined $10,000 and given five years probation.

Anne Gorsuch Burford, ® the controversial head of the EPA. Burford, citing “Executive Privilege,” refused to turn over Superfund records to Congress. She was found in Contempt, whereupon she resigned."

The torch has been passed to anti-environmental greed-meisters with each new prez (regardless of party) ever since. Absolutely nothing has changed, so very sad to say. Propagandized public relations press releases are regularly distributed by the EPA to make it look like they are doing what their agency was created (by Nixon, no less) to do. Trump and Pruitt will certainly do all in their power to pad their (and their industrialist pals) pockets at the expense of our environment and all life. They dare not entirely do away with the Agency (executive order or presidential memorandum) as the public WILL NOT ALLOW IT and their heads would be placed on the political guillotine.


How will the establishment ever recover.


After reading your post and reflecting on our ecological crisis it strikes me that that those who voted for the Vulgarian, particularly the working class, are saying not only that you can rape, grope, sexually assault my wife daughter, sister, mother but you can rape Mother Earth herself, our common Life support. Clearly, no person of conscience has the luxury of inaction in resisting, fighting for Mother Earth.

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You might want to read up on the EPA under Obama. There are a host of climate regulations that the republicans and energy companies are targeting under Trump.

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Well at least we won’t have Clinton.

Exactly. Glad we dodged that bullet! If Clinton had been elected, Russia would be putting nukes on the border of Europe by now!


I have to say that Lisa Jackson and the current administrator, Gina McCarthy have been/are forces to contend with in their positions at the EPA. Both took/take the job seriously. Both were appointed by Obama. Jackson resigned in 2013 as a protest to Obama’s stand at the time in favor of the Keystone Pipeline, which she was adamantly opposed to. Jackson oversaw the cleanup after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which has turned out to be desultory at best with the destruction to marine life and habitats remaining to this day. Reparations to fishermen, shrimpers, etc. have been dismal at best with very few compensated to this day. Problem is, violations go on as result of a paucity of regulatory oversight by the EPA due to drastic personnel reductions and increasing environmental accidents (pipeline leaks, illegal toxin dumping into rivers and streams, etc.) that are caught after-the-fact. Operations by the EPA have been more reactive than proactive, after the damage has been done, sad to say.


Don’t they live on this planet also or did they forget?

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“Over the last three years, I’ve directed my administration to open up millions of acres for gas and oil exploration across 23 different states. We’re opening up more than 75 percent of our potential oil resources offshore. We’ve quad­rupled the number of operating rigs to a record high. We’ve added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth, and then some. . . . In fact, the problem . . . is that we’re actually producing so much oil and gas . . . that we don’t have enough pipeline capacity to transport all of it where it needs to go.” - Barack Obama


What Obama did has nothing to do with Trump’s appointment of Pruitt to the EPA. Sure, the Obama administration was very hypocritical on climate change but at least his admin attempted to regulate CO2 and air pollution, which Trump’s crooks will not even attempt to do.

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What Obama did has nothing to do with Trump’s appointment of Pruitt to the EPA.

Obama chose good people to lead the EPA, for example, Gina McCarthy. This is a major change. Things will not stay the same at all. Trump ran on change and this fits in with is campaign. Trump will be far more friendly to big business than Obama.


One might say that the good news on the climate change front is a sobering clarity of intention from the Trumpster. No pretense about moderation here.