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Trump Pick 'Fossil Fuel Industry Puppet' Scott Pruitt to Head EPA

5 hrs. ago…they know it’s not over.

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Perhaps the best strategy is to sacrifice our species for the benefit of the other species on the planet. I’m not sure humans can fulfill their fiduciary duty to living things responsibility.

The wording suggests that you believe that there is some uncertainty. I feel quite sure that there is no doubt that humans are unfit for any such fiduciary role. Looks to me like the patriarchal death cult has reached its end game with all the the power to enforce compliance with its agenda. Countering this is paramount and I am truly interested in learning about any and all openings that others see for changing this trajectory, which makes me eager to learn the basis for your uncertainty.

Sorry, I was just trying be diplomatic. The truth is we’re doomed. The question is, will any living things survive. My guess is yes, but our species won’t be part of that population. Or, if it is, it will be a rump state only – nothing like the mass of humanity that is torturing the planet today. I grieve for my children. I don’t have grandchildren, but might before it becomes obvious that to everyone that they are doomed. The science tells us we’re zipping past numerous tipping points already, with many more to come, while the morons in DC whistle past the graveyard. I wish I could be more reassuring, but honesty argues against it.


Anyone notice how most of the “never Hillary” contingent that dominated this comment section for the past year suddenly vanished on November 9?

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Yes. Clinton would have been sooo much worse!

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I have certainly noticed. Some constant posters have disappeared entirely. Tedblogget has pop up once or twice.

Good news!

Yeah, right?

Bet they were all trolls, right?

Even the ones you have interacted with on a wide range of topics for years, right?

Cuz that makes sense, right?

Or maybe they fell to various clever attacks and got auto suspended or worse?


Could it be?

Thinking back, have the comment contingent that vigorously opposed the site editors lesser-evilist Democrat avocation ever suddenly disappeared from here en mass around election time before?

Could it be that perhaps the staffers who decide whether or not folks get the boot are not entirely objective and fair about that, or are not allowed to be so?

Could that perhaps relate to site funding or the personal stance of the operators?

Could it be?




Never Hillary!



Talk about BAIT & SWITCH!

Will his base ever get it that they were had?

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bs! A timid corporate prez named a similar administrator for EPA head, Gina McCarthy; ask the residents of Flint whose water was made poisonous - Where was the EPA? Where was environmental enforcement from Obama’s Ken Salazar of the oil & gas industry in the Gulf?
Obama chose weak administrators or other sell-outs (including Obama himself) that defines his entire tenure - along with his collusion with oil/gas exploiters, environmental failure and total absence in animal & habitat protection!

Obama talked climate change issues but behind the scenes empowered oil & gas exploitation and his SOS Clinton pushed fracking around the world!

Trumps potential for really serious environmental rollbacks and degradation will be worse than Obama’s, but corporate Dems were in collusion and never really pushed or fought for stronger rules/laws or enforced those on the books - never fought for anything actually! Defending Obama on environmental and numerous other issues is myopic at best!


Maybe the political hack Democrats should get their act together and really support the people and workers they claim to support instead of pretending to support them while really working for the selfish, greedy financial establishment. The Democrats and the media are complicit in this GOP nightmare we are facing - all of whom only do the bidding of (or belong to) our real rulers, the corporate establishment.

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From the Silver Linings Department:

Under Obama, no one got excited about the environment because he was “The Environmental President” as he boosted fossil fuels, fracking, nuclear power, and pipelines while talking a good game. Even today he could still stop the Dakota Access Pipeline forever by declaring the land a national monument or returning the land seized by the Army back to the rightful owners. The end result has been worsening climate change as us frogs gradually get used to the decline.

There will be no honeymoon for Donald Trump. Everyone knows where he stands. Even the Carrier workers know now that the con is over and Trump has not even taken office yet!

So this will be a great opportunity for us peasants to revolt and actually do something about climate change. Yes we have no power. But we have never had power. No one would listen under Obama. Now people will listen. Now is the time to do something positive for our planet. And having Lex Luther as President will focus the attention on cleaning things up.

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One can only hope bystander…keep the faith brother or sister!

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I think your brain has a silver lining. No one got excited about the environment under obama? He did nothing about fossil fuels? Is that why republicans had the EPA in court for the past few years? Why Hillary was anathema in coal country because of the “war on coal” and Trump drew mobs with his promise to bring back coal mining?

Before the election all you guys could say was the parties were the same and Trump is actually more progressive than Clinton or Obama. This is how you update: The Silver Lining Theory.

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More deep, deep analysis from the Left. Who think the rest of the world needs to get its shit together. Maybe Hillary should have promised to reopen the coal mines and steel mills? Look, the Democrats ran a godawful campaign, but on policy and programs they were better. They didn’t lie about the economy, Trump did. So did some posters here.

Probably sooner than most of the posters here, who still spend the time attacking Obama and Clinton.

Who are you? New? Or just a new name after being escorted out by CD?


As someone who has been banned here a number of times in 2008-2009 for criticizing the presidential candidate Obama from the left, I am fully aware that Commondreams bans people whose opinions, no matter how civilly expressed, criticize, from the left, certain Democratic Party shibboleths. But in this case, banning the “never-Hillary” crypto-Trumpist** commenters (who were far from civil in their attacks on those here, and on notable public intellectuals like Chomsky, arguing for strategic voting against Trump) after the election is over and their damage has been done, does not make a lot of sense.

But also, no; I don’t think they were trolls - because many of them were long time commenters. I hope the reason that they don’t show their faces around here is partly shock. Many of them, like far too much of the dysfunctional US left, were adherents of conspiracy theories that “the elites” would absolutely rig the election to prevent Trump’s election. The other reason is, hopefully, shame.

** i.e. their “leftism” was hardly discernible from the right-wing conspiratorial extremism of Alan Jones or Breitbart

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