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Trump Pick 'Fossil Fuel Industry Puppet' Scott Pruitt to Head EPA

It’s Matt Heins - just click on the avatar…

Now, I wonder what happened to the black-noise-white dog guy - who before he became a crypto-Trumpist, was famous as CD’s own self-styled Simon Wiesenthal - rooting out anti-Semitic sock-puppetry!

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You’ve lost your marbles or have been replaced.

You interact happily with an obvious troll who helped to destroy the sad remnants of this forum.

You lump a very heterogeneous group of several dozen people into one false grouping and then you slander them.

You refuse to acknowledge that criticisms of both Clinton herself and “lesser-evil” voting in general have any points of merit and instead happily deride those who argued this while you know perfectly well they cannot answer you.

And worst of all, you pretend ludicrously that the over-opinionated regulars who have all been disappeared recently are simply in hiding, staying silent because of “shame”!

Shame for what?!?

For expressing opinions?!?

For voting their conscience?!?

For urging others to do so as well?!?

Oh what crimes!!!

Oh what evil they have done!!!

And you lower yourself to this for what good end?

Framing the post-election narrative for yourself and a handful of others?

Or rather, attempting to do so, since, as this election proves, basically no one believes this BS anymore, and most people refuse to even comply unenthusiastically?

That’s just so friggen sad dude.

The Yunzer I discoursed with on many a topic never seemed like the kind of guy who would attack fellow revolutionaries over a fear-based capitulation to the rule of a war criminal corporate-imperialist like Clinton- or so I thought at least.

This year has shown a lot of harsh truths, both in the microcosm of this site and in the macrocosm of national and geopolitics. Sorry to see that one of those harsh truths reflects so poorly on you - if that really is you.

So many are gone, and you are here, but really, you are even more disappeared than they.


/gives one (1) troll pellet


Why doesn’t it faze you for a second that your new buddy is too stupid to do that simple little thing?


Think that’s an accident that that name is there?


No, just an observation of the detritus that is our political system.

You mean like the active Russian steel mill, Novolipetsk Steel (formerly Beta Steel) in Indiana right next to US Steel that has been there since 2008, or their two plants in Pennsylvania?

For the most part neither of them discussed real issues - they simply attacked each other (or the media did it for them and in the process made lots of money) or they made vague or convoluted references to pieces of issues, soundbites that sounded good - unless one listened.

Plunk your Magic Twanger, Froggy!