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Trump Picks 'Actual Torturer' Gina Haspel as Next CIA Director


Trump Picks 'Actual Torturer' Gina Haspel as Next CIA Director

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Human rights advocates are expressing outrage on Tuesday after President Donald Trump nominated deputy director Gina Haspel—"an actual torturer"—to be the next CIA director despite her leading role in running an agency black site where detainees were systematically and gruesomely abused.


Yep, this is like the 3rd strike of this morning’s news. One of the sanest, most educable heads in the cabinet … out. Spookmaster and toady … in. Torture mistress … promoted. Can we manage to have some real confirmation hearings?


Maybe, but I doubt it very much, our government will start to understand what happens when we don’t arrest, try, convict and punish evil doers. If I hear “oh, we must move forward” one more time my head will explode. Now we have people who should rightfully be in jail for really evil things, running our country. Obama really blew it by not going after these very ugly people and then there is Nancy saying impeachment is not on the table. Look where it got us Nancy, now go home and stay there, Please.


Just the next step in CIA control over the US –
From practicing torture once again at Abu Ghraib to actually using it for
the coming dictatorship/fascism.

No dictatorship can rise or hold power without a system of torture in place.


She’s a good successful modern woman! Maybe Katherine Bigelow can make a movie about her called, “Women Who Torture and the Men Who Love Them.” Sheryl Sandberg can write a book about “leaning in” at the CIA. So this is progress. How can you oppose “the first woman director of the CIA”? Come on, don’t be sexist!


Anyone who has the means to do so had better leave the USA now.


Good snark, right up there with “Hillary lost because of misogyny”----oops, there are still some posters here who actually assert that as fact. :rage:


She’s a sociopath. Are we sure Trump is only a narcissist?


Any bets on how many Dems will vote aye on her confirmation ???
Jaysus on a flaming damn stick, whut the actual phuck???


May 10, 1996…

Former CIA director William Colby probably collapsed from a heart attack or stroke while he was out canoeing and then fell into the water and died, the state medical examiner’s office said today.

But of Course it was a simple Heart Attack…

How to Eat Your Own and still Enjoy Life…Gina knows How…


Her background makes her eminently qualified to serve in the current administration of criminals.


Malignant narcissist and sociopathic criminal sexual predator.


Gina is no doubt a great addition to the Trump Crime Family!


At the end of the day they all serve the same masters.


Sounds like the perfect fit.


Too old and poor to leave unfortunately. Knowing what I know now if I could do it all over again I would have left this country long ago. I am ashamed at what we have become.


Bb-b-b-b-ut I thought that Trump was anti-torture and anti-deep-state! Hillary-killary-shillary was the torture and CIA deep-state queen!


This woman still needs to be confirmed in a Senate vote. If there ever will be a clear-cut “whose side are you on?” moment, this vote will be it. The whole world will be watching what kinds of questions get asked in the hearings, and how the 100 senators vote…


I cosign this with both my X chromosomes.


And yet again Obama’s fingerprints on war crimes.

Has a Nobel ever been revoked?