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Trump Picks Another Non-Scientist for Science Post and Makes 'A Disastrous Choice' for Drug Czar


Trump Picks Another Non-Scientist for Science Post and Makes 'A Disastrous Choice' for Drug Czar

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump's newly-announced nominee to head the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an elected official with no science credentials.


“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe it or not.” — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Well, at least the findings of science remain true until they’re refined and improved – or disproven, as the case may be.  At least use of the scientific method by honest & open-minded individuals sooner or later – unlike the propaganda spewed by trolls – yields useful information.  Unfortunately for us, Tweetle-Dumb can’t handle the truth, and so he cannot abide honest, open-minded individuals anywhere in his administration.

Not much hope there, either.  Only a very few of them understand science, and most of 'em – like Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass – are D.I.N.O.s.


The fraud goes on and on and on…
All but one of Don’s Cabinet nominees were approved and, as we know, are busy “deconstructing the administrative state.”
Given that, is there much hope that these two frauds will be rejected?
Democratic politicians, hello?


Perhaps knowledge of science is irrelevant to Don, and thus his choice(s).
As if he gives a rat’s arse about any of it, other than to either (1) profit from it or (2) dismantle it.


Science deniers, Climate deniers.

Boy do I wish a tornado would pick up an oil tanker and drop it on these non-believers.


The key in understanding science-denialism among US capitalists can be found in the Ayn Randian notion (borrowed from Nietzsche’s final lunatic years) that human ambition to wealth and power must override anything a wimpy, weak (and “parasite” as Rand or Greenspan woud say) scientist may assert. This frighteningly savage regressive notion asserts that objective reality must never come in the way of an ambitious individual’s lust for power.

To say that we are headed to a new dark age would be an understatement. This nihilistic philosophy of capitalism is much worse than the superstition and religion that drove the last dark age…


Except that the ability of a tornado to pick up an oil tanker is not supported by science! Only a nuclear bomb super volcano, or asteroid impact can do that…


The spiteful prick just keeps on driving nails into the progressives coffin lid. He is my worst nightmare.


Yes. But it is something that some of us fully anticipated and were trying to explain to the “never-Hillary-Trump-won’t-be-so-bad” types here on Commondreams last year at this time…


In case you did not notice, the Democrats are the minority in the Senate. They are already, in most cases, voting overwhelmingly, and often unanimously, against Trump’s nominees. So what, exactly, are you expecting the Democrats to do short of an armed coup d’etat or something?


And in other news, Trump nominated David G. Zatezalo - former CEO of Rhino Resources and opponent of MSHA’s mine safety and health programs, to head MSHA. He will be my new boss. To put a coal boss as head of MSHA is unprecedented. And you all can stuff the attacks on the democrats becasue their near unanimous vote aginst the nomination won’t stop it.


Point taken.
Last hope is that Republican pol’s will put country over party. So far, they’re voting to type.


In 1931 a tornado in Minnesota lifted an 83 ton train 80 feet into the air, then dropped it in a ditch.

How’s that for science Yunzer?


83 tons? An small oil tanker, completely empty, weighs tens of thousands of tons. Loaded, 100-200k tons.


No. Republicans will always put extremist capitalist Ayn Randian ideology over “country”. Haven’t you figured that out by now? And while not at all anti-capitalist, Democrats are not the same - they are willing to put some regulations over capitalism - usually insufficient, by far better than nothing at all.


The clowns Trump nominated are from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Trump states, for sure, because Ohbummer was too busy kissing Wall St. tushes for eight years. The same places Clinton policies would of done little, to relieve the chronic decline of blue-collar jobs, which is the Neo-liberal dogma of Corporate Dimocrats. Clinton folks who still run everything ( right into the ditch, pretty much ) inside their little cliques of privilege. They have no street cred; they are mostly gutless jerks.
Progressives/Left Center voters are as sick and tired of hearing about Reagan Democrats ( the white nationalist, racist, salt-of-earth types, especially ) as we are of Houston’s and Texan Elites blather on the TEEVEE about their city of wonderful oppurtunity and diversity. It is a city now more resembling a 55 gallon drum of unregulated and unregistered toxic wastes. With no one really minding the detritus of the oil and gas business, evidently. Or, urban and regional planning, either.
Quit bringing Hillary into the conversation as she gets ready to dump her latest book into an already polluted political arena. She and her Wall St. partners, mostly back scratching Harvard and Yale elites in white-collar crime, aren’t the answer either. They’re about as empathetic to the bottom 75% of Americans as Trump is to climate scientists. The real hoax in 2016 was that there was ever a real choice offered to the electorate. There wasn’t a choice and as Truman warned us, " if you campaign like a Republican, govern like a Republican and talk like a Republican; the people will pick a Republican, every damn time ".
Which the 55% who bothered to vote, did.


One politician accomplishes some things and the next destroys them and institutes new ones. Have the people any say about any of It? Why do we keep dicking around within a system we can’t change? A system designed to keep us at each others throats fighting over crumbs while the Ruling Crass laugh all the way to the bank.

Grassroots Direct Democracy


Job number one in November 2016 was preventing Trump’s election - that meant voting for Clinton in certain close states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. We would be in a far, far better position to fight for workplace justice, unions, the environment, and anti racism if Clinton and a Democrat majority congress was in place right now.

Your political-economic analysis is nonsense. Do you live in Pennsylvania? Do you live in Ohio? This notion that people voted for Trump out of a desire for worker empowerment is utter fantastical lunacy - they voted for Trump out of hartred of people of color and idiotic Mister Block-style hatred of the regulations that protect their own asses and their worker rights. Get a grip of reality and talk to some ordinary middle-class white USAns


You can’t read, either. Reagan Democrats are the white Trump voters I mentioned. Dumb-assing my original ( comments ) is thin political soup, pal.
Your broken record regurgitation of Clintonistas’ talking points ( whining ) wears out West Coast ears very quickly. Move on and get behind someone other than Booker, Patrick, Harris and other running lackey dogs for Wall St. & The Corporatocracy. OhBummer shit in that nest nine years ago.


I am looking for the point of no return from scientists. They will come out with a scathing criticism of Trump for his dogmatic anti climate change denier views. With no scientific argument with any credibility at all. He just wants the highest profits for corporations. Who cares if we permanently damage the Planet Earth? Let’s get specific, if you have no science background yourself but you are a dogmatic climate change denier, you should never be elected president because that is just plain BACKWARD thinking. Go to Real Clear Politics to the page summarizing all of the polls right now and tell me that Trump isn’t in trouble with all of the polls show stronger non support than support for the first time since he was elected.