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Trump Picks 'Mad Dog' Mattis for Defense Secretary


Trump Picks 'Mad Dog' Mattis for Defense Secretary

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Marine Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis, who once bragged about how much he enjoyed killing people, for Secretary of Defense.

"It's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them," Mattis said about Afghan men, when asked in 2005 about the people of Afghanistan. (Mattis led the Marines in the 2001 American invasion of Afghanistan.)


Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that many people were claiming that Hillary Clinton was more dangerous than Donald Trump because she is a warmonger and he isn't. Maybe it is time to revisit that frequently made claim, which seem largely to come from people supporting Jill Stein.


Hillary already is a War Criminal. Trump isn’t up to his neck in blood yet like Hillary.


Trump picks another War Monger. Who thinks Iran is the biggest problem in the Mid East. Unlike the US, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Who really are the greatest purveyors of terrorism in the Mid East today.

Trump clearly has his sights on attacking Iran. Not for the best interest of the United States. But for the best interest of Israel.


Although military officers are often seen as strong, tough men and women, they are above all accustomed to following orders. General Mattis, for example, followed the orders of Bush to kill Iraqis, and those of Obama to kill Afghans. No government wants any other kind of military commander. However, when such a person holds a high governmental position requiring independent judgment, he can be easily manipulated into reverting to his usual mode of following orders. This is nowhere more evident than in Colin Powell's playing along with Bush/Cheney's bogus case for invading Iraq. Soldiers do not resign in protest, and Powell never made such a protest, as Secretary of State Cyrus Vance did under Carter. Mattis should be rejected by the Senate.


Trump is, of himself, nothing, nothing at all. He is just a show and will do what he is told, ahem, advised to do. Here is a good overview with Abby Martin and Paul Jay.



Mad Dog Mattis: " it is a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them."

General Mad Dog Mattis sounds insane to me! To make a statement that he enjoys murdering people in a foreign country for the fun of it!

This guy belongs in an insane asylum!. And one has to wonder how much of a stretch it would be for the mad dog to enjoy murdering American citizens that have been demonized as terrorists. After all, Obama has already done that with his drone program.


As you know, I have many times called out Clinton for war crimes, but the fallacious argument that "Trump hasn't killed anyone yet" is just a tad tired at this point.


I think the word is psychopath.


It might be a tad tired but it's true.


It is a fallacious argument.

Trump has not been in a position of power to direct State violence, thus it is a fallacious argument.

This argument was made over and over again by people on the left distracting from criticism of Trump's positions clearly indicative of a war criminal in waiting.

Not much longer to wait.

I mean this appointment comports with such a rational assessment of that likelihood, as does Trump having Petraeus on the short list for Secretary of State.

And back in September taking on James Woolsey as advisor on foreign policy and the Trump military buildup.

I mean, the guy who over and over again said to torture more not less, worse torture, and to make it legal wasn't indicative of a war criminal mentality?


Good call!


“You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn't wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain't got no manhood left anyway. So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.”

Just putting it in context.


The Trump Cabinet (as well as "advisers" and trump himself) is taking-shape as an asylum of the insane (Mattis), sociopaths, racists, male chauvinists, corporate/banker/wall Street shills, neo-fascists, and environmental rapists/exploiters! WTF America? Buyers remorse yet? Not to in any way defend HRC and her brand of pathology, but Jeeze-Louise!
All people of good conscience from all demographic groups had better get their heads out of (the sand) and come together to demand some semblance of sanity and truthfulness...............Bloody Frelling Hell!
It seems we will likely be lucky to actually survive, and/or live as anything but wage and interest slaves to Vulture Capitalism and the whims of an uneducated, clearly disturbed, idiot extremist of the most dangerous sort, thanks in large part to Dem establishment arrogance, corruption and collusion..............a reality they still don't "get", but had better, and damn quick!


He is going to the insane asylum...it's called Washington, DC


Says the guy who never married or had a family to soften him. More context.


Oh well, i guess someone has to do what he does so some of us can enjoy a family and be soft.


Nope, I don't accept that anyone has to make a lifetime out of being a killer of other human beings, or that the nickname "Mad Dog" is something to be proud of.


One of the biggest problems of having to many military people directly involved in the government is that it makes the government vulnerable to being overthrown. Not so good for Trump.


No they don't. Violence has never been a solution. One person knew a long time ago, Love your enemy. ...and then you will have no enemies. Try Love for once instead of violence. Feed the people of North Korea, sit down and listen to ISIS. When you begin to trust in the human nature in all of us, ideas will be exchanged and human values will prevail.