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Trump Picks Pro-Surveillance, Tea Party Hawk Mike Pompeo to Lead CIA

Trump Picks Pro-Surveillance, Tea Party Hawk Mike Pompeo to Lead CIA

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly chosen the hawkish Tea Party Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) to serve as head of the CIA.

Pompeo's selection was announced late Thursday along with a slew of other major appointments, including Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as Attorney General and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser.

Plug the name of any of the recent CIA directors in place of Pompeo and one can make many of the same conclusions as to that persons views on mass surveillance, torture and Iran.


Here an article on John Brennan who was appointed by Obama. He pretty well a Pompeo clone outside his views on Iran which are not markedly different. If people really wanted change it was coming from neither the Democrats or the Republicans. They are cut from the same cloth.


GO AWAY. Don’t you need to worry about your own country???

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Mike Pompeo wants the death penalty for Edward Snowden? What! For telling the truth!

Sounds like the trite but prescient Orwell is going to be alive and well in the Trumpism administration.


Edward, now that the fascists, like Mike Pompeo, have taken over your country you better stay in Russia!

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The CIA has orchestrated Coups in Countries all over this world. They kidnap people off streets in countries like italy and send them away to be tortured. They have assassinated peoples in Countries from Vietnam to Syria, and from Nicaraugua to France. They subvert elections , fund terrorists and spy on Governments and Industry from what they see as competitors. The US Government and the CIA then lectures the world on the types of Government each country should have. Indeed the head of the NED has called for regime change in Russia.

They certainly do not “worry about their own country”.

What bothers you is you just can not handle the truth of what your nation has become. You just do not want to read the truth so try to get people to shut up about it. It is pathetic really and borders on the delusional. It that “America the exceptional” crap taken to the extreme and you are one of its greatest champions. It really quite amusing so do continue in the same vein. I will continue to point out your hypocrisy , which apears to be a reflection of your Governments.


Your post is spot on! Being from Canada, perhaps you have a perspective that sees the truth better than many Americans. THE MAJORITY of Americans have been so brainwashed since grade school, with American exceptionalism and in denial of what their country has been doing in maintaining its world wide Empire that it is just too painful for many to see the truth. Kind of reminds me of the brainwashed " good Germans" in Nazi Germany that did not wake up until it was too late and their country was surrounded by the Russian army who committed horrible atrocities on the good German citizens.

What more corroboration do you need that your post is truthful than Amerika just elected Trump for POTUS!


Think how comforting it must be for him and others to think nothing really has changed with this election. The rest of us confront reality.


If only Yunzer could borrow some of your thoughtfulness. Excrement hurling is a nice touch.

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Credit (so to speak) where credit is due: Let’s remember that Mr. Pompeo is also one of Monsanto’s top Congressional lackeys.

His “achievements” include having introduced the DARK Act.


How many chunky white men does it take to change a nation? Guess we’re about to find out!


Two points.

  1. Americans voted just barely in favor of Clinton, not Trump. The elites (whoever the hell they are) counter manned the popular vote and installed a Trump candidate, trumping the will of the US voters by reflecting a razor thin victory in all the swing states (an event which is astronomically unlikely to ever happen.) Diebold and ES$S systems should be audited, except that they can’t and won’t be.

  2. Who do you want to run the world? China? With no EPA and slave labor? They are now the number one economy in the world and the number one polluter and slaver. If the highest laws in the land (the bill of rights) will be respected by the government in the USA, there is nothing wrong with American Exceptionalism. America always has been exceptional (last century) and despite miss-steps common to all empires, our only hope of peace and freedom in the world.

We got rid of the War-Clintons, now we must vocally oppose big government which ALWAYS turns bad since Wall Street has an infinite number of tools in their toolkit to pervert every single agency.

Big is always Bad. Let’s start by insisting Trump keep his campaign promise of cutting out all funding to NATO (a bee-hive just looking for a war.)

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Thanks for your reply. My acronym for NATO ( a bee-hive just looking for war ).

North Atlantic Terror Organization.

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And a sliver of good news just happened, I think.

General Mike Flynn was made National Security Director. He famously had dinner with Putin telling him to back off during the near nuke-war Hillary almost got us into. This was reportedly on RT network. He also was screaming bloody murder that Clinton should not be president.

He and Trump don’t want a war with Russia, which is potentially unsurvivable for all of us.

Hammering Clinton’s terrorists that she created in Syria alongside the Russians is preferable to world war. The crazy witch gave them both weapons and cash! The new Attorney General may investigate the corrupt Clinton Foundation! There’s more warmongering skeletons in there than you can shake a stick at.

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Appreciate some good news for a change!

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Does this mean Pompeo will haul out those “mini-nukes” they have wanted to use on the bunkers with Netanyahu jumping for joy? They knew neither Obama nor Clinton would go for bombs instead of the treaty signed by many nations. Maybe explains the daily chant of either Benghazi or e-mails while ignoring Trump’s many crimes and court cases due quickly. Or the FBI going public for Trump. Putin will be delighted to see his “useful idiot” using nukes even if “mini” and no doubt promised to never cause human harm. Maybe they will show it as “shock and awe2” and Trump can stuff into a pilot suit with the Mission Accomplished banner overhead.

There is much that is wrong with American exceptionalism as it that credo that has led the world where it is today. It stokes conflict and promotes it as evidenced by the legacy of its interence in Countries the world over,

The Monroe Doctrine was “American Exceptionalism” and turned Latin America into little more then a Colony of the USA which then plundered that region for its wealth , contributing to poverrty and environmental destruction. (See the Chevron Legacy in Ecuador). That exceptionalism remains today as the USA fuels instability in Countries where the Government deemed not to be one suited to US interests. The USA is NOT “the only hope for peace in the world” as Empire never is. In fact since the Close of WW2 the USA has been involved in more wars then any other nation and has observed by Martin Luther King, was the greates purveyour of violence in the world. It quite Orwellian to describe this as “peace”.

When you speak to “who should be running the world” you admit to an underlying authoritarian streak. It does not follow that if the USA does not run things then China must. If China replaces the USA and “runs the world” what has happened is more of the same one bully using force and violence is replaced by another.

No one country should “run the wold” anymore then one political party or person should “run a country”. Empire is Empire be it the Roman, the Mongol the british ar the American and none of them were benevolent and none lead to a better place.

[quote=“SuspiraDeProfundis, post:2, topic:33208”]
If people really wanted change it was coming from neither the Democrats or the Republicans. They are cut from the same cloth.
[/quote] Do you really think that Trump’s clowns are cut from the exact same cloth as Hillary’s appointees would have been? Only the willfully blind will think there are no diffferences between Tea Party Republicans and Democrats!

In my studies of world history,

There has rarely been a time in human history when one group did not rule the known world. This Utopian fantasy of one just world government can just never be. The more centralized and totalitarian the huge government, the more certainty of abuse and tyranny there will be.

The Founding Fathers all knew at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia, that Democracy was a dirty word in a large country, and that it could only thrive and not be corrupted in small local applications, such as was evident in small Greek City States or Small Swiss Cantons.

The EU, the one world government UN, the unseen boardroom of SPECTER (Jame Bond’s “Dr. No”) in which the forces of globalization and war and terrorism disrupt everyones lives into living hells, never work out.

The only hope for the world is 1776 local democracy (before the 1787 coup by the elites against citizen rights, which failed since the Anti-Federalists wouldn’t keep their TPP secret, and leaked their nefarious plan of an authoritarian government to the press.)

The United States did NOT create poverty in South America. The Remnants of the Holy Roman Empire, reincarnated through the Spanish Empire, did that. The Poorest countries in South America and even Asia are still the Catholic Countries, which the USA had nothing to do with and did not inherit until the 1898 Spanish-American war.

Almost all Catholic countries in the world are poor. The US was predominately Protestant and fought against “Popery” in colonial documentation, the idea that a prince should sit on a golden throne in Rome. This was a major theme in the American Revolution, especially with it’s catalyst: the Reverend Samuel Adams.

Lastly, Mike Pompeo is BUSH family, since I’m sure none of you know that Mercer family is the Bush family. So world power is never surrendered lightly.


Oh there have been plenty of times when one group did not rule the world.

Come now. Did the Roman Empire rule China and the Americas? Empire is a symptonm of Militarism and centralized power. The way to the furture is to decentralize power and build a world of equals. Look inside the USA itself. Would it be better if Texas or New York state ruled over all?

Now the problem with your post is you contradict yourself in the body of the text as compared to the first opening statement.

It might appear that way. But, no. I advocate a 1776 return to the Articles of Confederation, whereby almost all power is reserved to the states under a weak central government as we had prior to 1789, when the present strong-central government was activated. But actually, each state is now too powerful, and power should be transferred to the county or even street level. Direct democracy is what I believe will save the Empire from itself.

If history is any guide…

By the way, China was not part of the known world for a large part of the Roman Empire, which is why I phrased it that way. They referred to it as “The Silk people” and thought that the silk grew on trees in China. But Rome did indeed control the entire Med which was the known world at the time in Europe.